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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • Hospice Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews

Well-kept, pleasant surroundings, but confusing layout for dementia patient. Several residents complained of being cold in the dining room.

NOT for MY mom!

This community was nice and clean. The staff answered my questions and I was told I could come eat with my mom and then LEAVE..... That made my decision right there I didn't feel safe with that being said so we chose a better community.

Stricley Memory Care

This community is very nice however it is solely memory care they have no assisted living and mom isn't there yet but we do recognize that she is moving in that direction. The community was nice and the staff was nice but we knew that at the present time this was not the place for mom she is still functioning at a assisted living level

Not the Right One

My parent was not happy with what they saw in the community. I let them be apart of the decision making. The room that was shown did not feel like the right one. We also saw that the residents here are more further along with their dementia and alzheimer . My parent know they would not be happy here.

Improvements on Enviroment

We toured this community for care. The community needs some new updated in the community. The staff were nice and were able to answer the questions that I had. The menu was appealing. They offered activities for those who want to join in. We would suggest that other families take a tour of this community for the care of a loved one.

More then a tour

We toured this community for the care for my mom. The environment was not what we were looking for at the time. The staff were nice and seems caring. The menu was appealing. and the activities seem to be good for the residents who could participate. We would suggest other families tour this community for the care needed for a loved one.

I Like The Motivation

My sister is doing fine at this community. I like the way the community looks and I picked them because they accept Medicaid. The staff keep her up and going so she is not in bed all time. I am happy that they keep them active. It is a clean community with staff who are great at what they do.

Good place, for this journey

Wife chose this spot, on her own (a most unusual occurrence) after we looked at several places, when she felt it was becoming too much for me to take care of her. (Talk about loving someone!!)
She has been here 2 1/2 years, now. They have encouraged her to participate in all the activities, which she/we did, as long as she was able.
At first, we would sometimes be out on our own, coming back as late as 10 PM. No problems.
Staff has always been pleasant and helpful. I have eaten here often, and the food is uniformly good.
Staff will always answer questions or find answers, though, with their work-load, it may sometimes take a while. Always willing to discuss medical stuff.
Sometimes need to be prompted, to move to the next level of care. :-)

Very Expensive!

Word of warning here, make sure you know up front what you are expected to pay and make sure you have it in writing that they tell you when the cost increases for extra care. The $5705 is the base price and each level of care is an add on as well as the $2500 Community Fee which is required. The invoice we received after 2 weeks was 3 times what they quoted us. The caregivers here are great, especially [Removed], the RN. She went above and beyond the call of duty to get the best care for my mom. That said, my mom was very unhappy here. Whether it was her mental state at the time or being on the border of Assisted Living verses Memory Care, we're not sure but we moved her to Assisted Living and she loves it!

Atmosphere Too Different

When I came to visit the community I noticed as you walked right through the door you are open to the activities. The staff helped me see what they offer and had a small visit with the chef talking about diet needs. It was just a different atmosphere and the one unit community that was not fitting our needs.

Settling in pretty nicely!

We decided to move Mom from Redwood to Brookdale where things seem to be going pretty well so far. Mom is a whole lot happier there and prefers to be out participating in activities which she never did before. The staff have been very accommodating and I have confidence in them that it will only get better. Mom is a picky eater so I'm not really sure how she likes the food. We have certainly found the perfect fit for Mom and am very happy that we did!

Best place for my mom!

Looking for a secure place for my mom was made easier with A Place for Mom's help from Cindy.
I wasn't sure what to expect and was really surprised to discover that Brookdale -Salem (Clare Bridge -Salem) felt like home. Patients are free to explore their surroundings including going outdoors all in a secure location. I found the place cleaned, well maintained, the food smelled great, the staff do activities with them every day and there are plenty of staff for those that need additional assistance.
When you walk into the building it looks like Main St USA............this makes you feel like you're walking outside! They have single rooms and shared rooms. Due to my mom being high functioning we went with a single room at the base rate of $4900, shared rooms are $3012. Residents are assessed for their personal needs so the monthly fee goes up. Very fair.......some places just lumps every patient into 4 groups so you may end up paying for more than the resident needs.
I'm very happy with my selection of Brookdale / Clare Bridge - Salem!
My mom is doing great and she seems very happy and less stressed out!

Poorly thought out activities

The physical layout is very nice. The meals are very adequate. The activities seem to be very poorly thought out and not appropriate for the residents (at least not for my Mother.) I have requested more well-suited activities, but have gotten no response.

Friendly, accommodating staff

We're very pleased with how things have turned out at Brookdale Salem. The facility itself is clean and well kept, and the staff is friendly and professional. I really appreciate the amount of effort and attention the staff put into the care of each resident as an individual. They keep a close eye on everyone, and when it is needed they'll spend a lot of extra time with a person to help them through a rough patch.

happy with the care

I am really happy with the care at Brookdale Salem Memory. The activities are wonderful. They had an awesome fundraiser recently. There was so much laughter and the residents really got into it. The staff is so truthful and helpful. They let me ask a lot of questions even though I know they are very busy. They make my husband feel so at home here. The staff really go out of their way to make everyone feel important. The only thing that needs improving is it's almost too secure here when I am trying to get in the front door. I know this is necessary and isn't anything they are doing wrong but sometimes I have to call the main number to be let in. Overall I am so happy with the decision I made to have my husband here!

That's the best place out of all three that we have tried.

That's the best place out of all three that we have tried. It looks really good, they are taking good care of our loved one. There are no issues whatsoever. They have done a tremendous job. They keep him on his medication. Nobody ever calls to say they can't handle him. Best of all he seems to be happy.

Great job, Clare Bridge

My brother is receiving excellent care at Clare Bridge of Salem. The staff is responsive to his needs. When questions arise I have been given timely and accurate responses in a pleasant and caring manner. The activities are varied and just what my brother needs to be involved in a daily routine. I have made some special requests for my brother's care and Clare Bridge has been accommodating and helpful.

Lots of Activities

They have taken him despite his anger issues. We put him in there because we needed a place right away. It is big and very nice. There are lots of things out - light switches and PVC pipes and door latches to mess with. There is a room that looks like Disneyland called Town Square. Everyone comes out and they play piano and sing. They feed them a lot of food, and it is good. They don't have enough staff to help people eat, though, but that has been what it's like everywhere we've been. Some people get fed and others don't. It takes a long time to serve the food and my dad doesn't like to sit still that long. The building and the employee conduct are really good. The people are really helpful. They call immediately when something comes up. They have had no problems redirecting him, which is difficult. He is hard to heal with. It's quite a drive but way more positive of an experience.

Pros: Beautiful facility wi...

Pros: Beautiful facility with open feeling and flexible common spaces. Having RN and beauty salon, etc on site is great. Plenty of activity options. Individualized care. High price. Cons: Aggressive sales pitch. Kelli told me that that Beaverton Clare Bridge doesn't take Medicaid? Other [removed] Higher and lower functioning residents are all part of the same community.

More Staffing then other communities

We chose Clare Bridge because they were able to offer the appropriate level of care we needed for our loved one. We were at a different location and they just couldn’t provide what we needed. They offer more staff on duty during the night and weekend then other communities could offer. Our loved one is a fall risk especially when the community is at minimal staff. Clare Bridge really helped make us feel like they could provide that staff. We are very pleased and would recommend it to anyone.

Fantastic and Amazing!!!!

We put my mother-in-law into “Clare Bridge” for memory care and they are AMAZING! Mom is doing FANTASTIC! We had her in a different place and “Clare Bridge” is so much better. You can tell that they understand the needs of the residence and truly go out of their way to make it a special place for the residence. They treat them with respect, not like they are children so my mother-in-law is able to get the help she needs but still retain a sense of her independence and dignity. My mother-in-law is about as happy as she can be at this point. We haven’t had any issues and everyone is very helpful. We made a good choice.

From the Community

At Brookdale Salem we know that memory losses due to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are progressive and residents' needs are continually changing. We provide balance in our residents' capabilities, personalities and preferences to create daily routines that enhance their spirits and increase their sense of purpose. We believe the amount of satisfaction our residents receive from the tasks that fill their days goes a long way to maintaining their sense of purpose and overall satisfaction with life. An Integral part of this is our promise to encourage each resident to find Daily Moments of Success. To help our residents achieve these moments, our associates receive the tools and training needed in such key areas as specialized dining and the ongoing monitoring of healthcare and behavioral needs, to name a few.

Clare Bridge of Salem provides Alzheimer’s and dementia care residents with the lifestyle, housing and services they need in comfortable surroundings combined with the amenities, programs and care they need to help stimulate recognition, recall and wellness in a safe environment. Through years of caring for individuals with dementia we have learned how to create optimal surroundings and approaches to care. Familiar environments that our residents have enjoyed throughout their lives are recreated to help them feel reassured and comfortable. Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs are built to embrace, not restrict our residents' desire to wander and to provide a sense of belonging.