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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Recommend Gibson Creek by Bonaventure

I have spent time in the Gibson Creek community and the staff are always professional and courteous. I have spoken to several residents at this community and the majority of them seem very happy and they all seem to be well cared for. That is something I appreciated. I would absolutely recommend this community.

Don't pick anything Bonaventure!

The food is horrible, usually served cold and the vast majority of it is pre-processed/frozen. Salads are made with greens that should have been thrown out long ago, meat portions are horrifically small, even for seniors. Staff training is not something they pride themselves on. Staff turnover is the highest I have ever seen. Housekeeping is also atrocious. Read the other reviews for this place before considering it... Yelp, google, glassdoor. Look for Bonaventure reviews online. Very bad reputation.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

We are sorry about your experience, however we want to assure that there have been several changes to how things operate over the past 6 months including menu options. We would like to invite anyone interested in taking a tour of our community to come in and have a meal on us. If you have any additional questions you can email gmansfield (at) livebsl dot com

Nice, but Not a Good Fit For Us

I toured Gibson Creek while looking at living options for my mother. Overall, I thought that the community was nice, but we were being shown independent cottages there. I decided that that wasn’t right for her. I really wanted my mother to be in a one building setting so she could be closer to the care she needs, so we chose another community for her.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you so much! We are very pleased you enjoyed your recent tour of our Gibson Creek community. We hope your mom is happy and you are more than welcome to reach out anytime with any additional thoughts or questions: Gashby (at)

A comfortable tour for care.

We toured this community for care. The staff were nice and informed me of what was available at the time. We would of like the cottages, but at the time they had a waiting list. They offer good activities for the residents to participate. We would recommend this community for a good value.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you so much! We are very pleased you enjoyed your recent tour of our Gibson Creek community.

Mom's Happy Care

This is a good community with great care. My mom does like the care from the staff. The meals are good and she is liking the variety. We are pleased to know that she is happy. They do have activities that are offered to the residents. We would recommend the care and the good value to other families for loved ones care.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

Thank you for your Feedback. We are happy that you are happy. We appreciate that based on your mother's experience, you would recommend us. Please feel free to send any additional feedback to [removed]

A Fine Community

I enjoyed see all that this community has. The care and staff were good. The activities and environment was fine. After getting the price to live here it was too expensive. I could not see myself here at that price.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

Thank you for your honest feedback. It is appreciated. We love hearing that you enjoyed what our community has to offer, however we are sorry to hear that the price was a deciding factor for you to not move in. We strive to price ourselves competitively based on the value of what we offer our residents. Please feel free to provide any additional feedback to [removed]

I would not recommend this community.

The care is not the greatest. They have a younger staff of marginal caregivers. They do not offer call buttons the residents can wear they use pull cords. The food is decent if you are in the dining room. If you pay extra and have the food brought to your room it is usually cold. The community is clean. The maintenance could be a little better. I feel mom is safe here it is just not a top notch place.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

We appreciate and value your feedback. At Bonaventure we are always looking fore ways to improve. Please feel free to send any additional feedback to [removed]

It's A Very Nice Place

The community is very nice and up kept. The staff did care for my mom but they could have been a little more helpful like helping her walk around. For the most part my mom was clean but I did notice the staff were not doing their best at picking up after Mom. The food seemed decent and my mom had choices to pick from. My mom felt she was out of place and it did not fit her needs so I would recommend this community if it fits the right person.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

Your honest feedback is truly appreciated. Please feel free to send any additional comments to [removed]

Great People

The first month for my mother here was great. This is a lovely community. The community is very clean and well-kept. The staff here is very kind and helpful to my mother and her needs. The community does offer nice activities for the residents, and my mother loves the food. I would suggest this community for anyone to take a look at.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

Thank you for your honest feedback and positive review. Bonaventure focuses on offering different activities and menu options for our residents to choose from. We are happy that you and your mother are happy. Please feel free to send us any additional feedback to [removed]


Gibson creek was a nightmare. Document everything as they will "not remember" or staff attrition will conveniently disrupt any continuity for requests made prior to the transition. Just watch closely, should you decide to move your loved one here - particularly if they have higher level needs. Buyer beware is the best way to sum it up....

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

Sonya, We are sorry to hear that you had a poor experience at our Gibson Creek community. We want to ensure you, and everyone else that there have been many changes over the last few years for the better. There will always be some sort of transition in the senior living industry with a communities employees. We want to make sure we always have the best staff in place for our residents.

horrible place

Gibson Creek Retirement Cottage & Assisted Living was a horrible place. The ownership company and it's operations officer is worst [removed] When I moved her I moved her into a one bedroom unit and I was setting her up with medicaid but medicaid wont pay if they are in a one bedroom. The manager said it was fine and the family would just pay the difference between a studio and a one bedroom. Well, that turned out not to be the case and they had to move her into a studio. [removed] Her call light was under blankets to where she couldn't even get to it. The staff didn't even know she was in building when I called to check on her. They charged us for things they weren't provided. It was just a terrible experience. I would not recommend this facility.

Seemed nice overall, rooms too small for us

We toured this community while looking into senior living options for a loved one. I toured quite a few in the area and Gibson Creek was one of the ones I really liked. The staff here seemed very friendly and kind to the residents, and I liked that the community was all on one floor. However, the rooms were just too small for Mom's taste, she wouldn't have been comfortable.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

We appreciate your honest feedback of our Gibson Creek Community! Please feel free to send any additional feedback to [removed]

It is fine but it's short of staff

The main issue I have is that they are short of staff. The facility itself is nice and clean. Overall it has been fine. It's working out because the facility is very close to where I live. That is why we chose this facility. It has been fine but the staff could use some improvement. They are friendly and kind but could use more employees. Other than that it is okay.

Good Community

The facility is a great atmosphere. The director and staff are always smiling and in a good mood. If my loved one or we needed something that we was concerned with then they would be right their to try and figure something out. It's facility is kept really tidy and clean which is good. The price isnt that expensive.

Great care

My husband was a patient at Gibson Creek prior to his death.

The care he received was very very good, and the support they gave the family was fantastic.

The Staff is cheerful and compassionate and went out of their way to help in any way possible.

I highly recommend this facility.

Amazing staff!

My father was at Gibson Creek until his recent passing. The on-site administration and staff were nothing short of fantastic. Dad had no desire to go to assisted living, but he was welcomed and cared for by that staff in amazing ways, and adjusted to the move within a week. The staff was friendly, caring, and went above and beyond the call in every instance. Both the staff and other residents were genuinely happy, friendly and welcoming.

I have seen other reviews on here about the corporate administration. I would give corporate 1 star. The facility was clearly understaffed. But, the staff was so good my dad never noticed. But, I would give the on-site folks 5 stars. They were amazing.

Our Gibson Creek Experience - a nightmare...

My parents moved into Gibson Creek late last summer. The care there was barely sufficient on a good day, extraordinarily terrible on a bad one. I should have known - they had recently sent an RN from another Bonaventure facility in a corporate attempt to "clean the place up" as we were told. Unfortunately, we didn't know that until after they moved in. She stayed for three months and then left.

Our initial service plan review occurred 8 days AFTER they moved in (should have been done prior to move in). My dad was being given medications that my family did not approve or know about. My dad actually asked my sister (who is a nurse and was doling out his medications in their apartment) if he should take hers or "theirs" and that someone was giving him pills at meal times. THAT is how we found out Gibson Creek had decided to administer his medication. Luckily he was on 99% vitamins so it wasn't a health risk at that time. BUT we should have moved him at that point - it never got better.

They waited 45 minutes for the call lights to be answered at times and sometimes no one would show up at all. There were several occurrences where my parents needed to be ready to go to an appointment and the front desk was notified well in advance of the time (prior to actual day). These requests never went smoothly. He was getting pressure sores and they were supposed to turn him every two hours – which did not happen consistently either. The final straw was around 11am one morning when my dad (who is urine and bowel incontinent) hadn’t been checked or cleaned up since bedtime the night before (approx. 8pm). That is unacceptable.

On the day my parents moved out, we asked that my dad be ready for medical transport early that morning as the movers themselves were arriving at 9. True to form, no staff member ever showed up that morning and my dad was still in bed when transport arrived to pick him up.

The majority of the care-givers are great, but the facility was so understaffed that they didn't get to give the care they would have under normal circumstances. My biggest complaint is the administration. There were around five office managers in the four months we were there - as well as an influx of care givers and other staff. It was impossible to develop a relationship with anyone in the office – these are people who you should be able to trust with your parent’s well-being. We gave notice five weeks ago - I calculated out pro-rated numbers based on their lease termination policy and over five weeks later they are saying I still owe them hundreds of dollars but CANNOT show me any itemization whatsoever. This book keeping and policy handling is in line with the other administrative nightmares that occurred while we were there. There is just too much to type. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING.

When your parents are in their last few years (or in my case months) of their lives, we all want to be sure we are making the right decisions and providing the best possible environment for them - even if it does cost over $5500 per month. As a child and support system for them, by far the biggest mistake I ever made was moving them to Gibson Creek. The second was letting them stay...

Beware of Bonaventure owned assisted living facilities!

Be very careful before agreeing to move your loved one into any Bonaventure facility. Get everything the administration promises in writing! If you don't, they will deny having said what you know they said.

The care staff at Gibson Creek are awesome, kind & loving people. Unfortunately, there aren't enough caregivers to go around.

If you are thinking of placing a loved one at Gibson Creek, be prepared to be on site at least every other day & call your loved one each day to confirm that they received their medications & any other care that is expected, such as a shower on their shower day.

The worst thing about Gibson Creek is the corporate administration at Bonaventure. They have made it perfectly clear that our loved one is nothing more than a number with dollar signs attached.

When the time came to move our loved one into a smaller apartment, the Chief Operations Officer for Bonaventure demanded that the move take place the following day & without taking into consideration whether or not the building staff would have the ability to make the move a safe transition for our loved one.

On that day, the staff was stretched very thin. They had a 3 hour special Mother's Day luncheon for the residents & their families, which included tours of the building. The Bonaventure, Chief Operations Officer, the Chief Financial Officer & the Regional Director of Operations all participated in the decision to make the move that day. They all knew that none of our family could be there during that day. When I arrived that evening after work, I found our loved one & her belongings had been dumped into the room in such a haphazard way that she was in an unsafe environment.

The only place she had to sit was the seat of her walker. They hadn't left enough space for her to move her walker into a position that would have allowed her to get into her chair. There were empty boxes, a broom & a lamp with it's electrical cord in the walk-way. All sever trip hazards for a nearly blind person. The worst thing was they had left the emergency call button laying on the floor under a pile of her clothes. After making the room safe for her, I went in search of caregivers to ask them to keep an eye on her & to help me move some of the bigger furniture out of her way. The caregivers didn't even know that she was still in the building or that anyone was in that room. If I hadn't been able to get there that evening & if she would have fallen, she would not have been able to call for help & no staff would have known to check in on her.

They didn't even give her enough respect to have window coverings to provide privacy or closet doors for 2 days.

How would you have felt, if you had entrusted the care of your 97 year old, nearly blind & deaf, 92 pound grandmother to a corporation who would abandon her to fend for herself in those conditions with no means of calling out for help?

I have had a really bad experience with them, and continued frustration.

I have had a really bad experience with them, and continued frustration. For anybody who is going to use a Bonaventure property, make sure you have everything in writing and be prepared to be on site at least every other day and make sure your loved one is getting the care they need. They are understaffed, the chief operations manager make tyrants look like saints and seems to treat the building staff accordingly. We had to change rooms, and they knew that I wouldn't be available the day it needed to happen. When I arrived later that day, I found that all of her belongings had been put in the room and she was in an unsafe environment. There were empty boxes and electrical cords in the walkway. She had nowhere to sit, because she couldn't get her walker to her one chair. The emergency button cord was on the floor, underneath some of her belongings, and the staff on duty didn't even know she was still living in the building. If I had not been able to get there that evening, they would not have even know if she had fallen, and she would have had no emergency cord and no phone, and no one would have even known to look for her. She is 97 almost blind and deaf and left in that unsafe situation. The activities don't really apply to us. Getting medication on time is a challenge, getting showers is a challenge. They are understaffed and the caregivers are stretched really thin. The caregivers are awesome kind loving people. They are really good about smiling and nodding like a bobble heads.

One amazing community in my opinion

I have an aunt that lives at Gibson Creek and everytime I have been there the place looks good and clean. It smell like pop corn. All the residents have fun. I see multiple residents playing wii bowling. The staff always have smiles on their faces and are always pleseant even when family members are rude. I would refer any one to come and stay at Gibson Creek their rates are with range and not over priced like some of these other places are that I have toured. I love the fact that my aunt is livig in a warm home like enviroment and I don't have to worry that she is being mistreated.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience, John! We are honored to have your aunt as a member of our community.

Pretty horrific

Where do I even start? We have been complaining about this facility ever since we moved my grandmother in. (Shame on us for not relocating her somewhere else).

The facility is not clean
They nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING!!! ( Apparently toilet paper is not included in room and board!)
They are understaffed
They do not provide one on one attention to the residents
There is zero value
I could go on and on but I basically want anyone interested in this facility to make sure they investigate it inside and out. In addition to paying the +$5000/month for my grandmother to stay there, we have a nurse who comes in to bathe her twice a week since Gibson Creek has clearly demonstrated they cannot be depended on.

Clearly, it's time for us to move my grandmother to a place she deserves to be. One where she will be respected and engaged instead of being left to rot in her room or parked in front of a TV for hours upon hours.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

At Gibson Creek we take pride in the care we provide to all of our residents who have chosen Gibson Creek as their home. We regret that your experience with Gibson Creek has not lived up to your expectations, but it is important to note when a new resident joins our family at Gibson Creek, both the resident and all family members are encouraged to be a part of developing a service plan to meet a resident’s individual needs, which includes all associated costs detailed and agreed upon before billing begins. The average cost for a resident to live at Gibson Creek is far less than this review would lead someone to believe. We welcome anyone considering senior living in West Salem to stop by and visit with our Executive Director, Katie Cunial, as she would be more than happy to provide a personal tour and share our Resident Recommendation Rate of 96.4%.

No good at all

The staff is very young and inexperienced. The training the staff has is extremely poor. I had lots of issues with everything from the director to medication to communication. They are not what they market at all. When we wanted to stay the last couple of days of our mother’s life they charge us $50 each and would only take cash. That just did not seem like a very professional deal. They tell you one thing and then switch it out and tell you another, but then do not follow through with either. I would not recommend this community to anyone.

From the Community

Located in West Salem, Oregon, Gibson Creek Retirement and Assisted Living Community is near a variety of shopping, banking and public transportation services. Gibson Creek is adjacent to protected wetlands and provides great views for bird watchers. There are walking paths surrounding the building. Call for your personal tour and reserve your apartment today! Experience the finest at Gibson Creek Retirement and Assisted Living Community!