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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Homecare Onsite

Customer Reviews

Bottom line: Brookdale does NOT offer assisted living care.

My mother moved into Brookdale (BD) about 2 years ago. It was a tough move on her, but she rallied after 30 days. Over the past two years, we have seen very little compassion. My siblings and I decided on the move because they said they "care." We now know it was cheap talk. My mother has steadily declined in terms of memory, and BD's care has steadily declined. BD promised compassion and person-specific care. From the beginning they promised to help with meds; they promised to clean her apartment weekly (I wish I could post pictures of the bathroom so you can see that this is not a service they actually provide); they promised companionship. They didn't provide companionship; instead they provided, "What they needed to do to protect their liability." If they are worried about liability, they could easily install door sensors to the outside. We have mostly seen a process that does not provide comfort to our elders. Plus, the place smells horribly and they do NOT clean the apartments. They may go in and say they cleaned, but they don't. This is a cost-minimizing entity. They should take out the bathtubs in the tiny bathrooms, and replace with large open shower spaces for walkers, especially for patients in assisted living. The nursing staff, particularly the head, is incompetent and does not care, especially if a patient requires more than (s)he is willing to provide. If the patient is not in her room when she needs meds, she goes without. Our elders deserve to feel comfortable and important, and not discarded. We have decided to move my mother. We asked nursing to make sure they gathered up meds for us to pick-up, and it didn't even dawn on nursing to give her back her medicine until we asked. We had to ask several times before we got her meds. Honestly, with those in memory decline, BD just wants to lock them down and make their jobs easier. Bottom line, they do NOT assist or provide compassion.

This facility is big on community and personality but small on common area space. You need to feel really comfortable being in close quarters with others all day. The grounds were lovely, offering a great opportunity to get out and experience nature on a regular basis, something the facility we ended up choosing doesn't have at all (and I hope they will correct.) Drawbacks here were also that, while a wheelchair could technically get into an Assisted Living apartment, maneuvering would be difficult as the units were not designed to be fully handicap-accessible (it was originally all Independent Living.) The other drawback was the need to evacuate for a direct hit - sheltering in place is not an option as it is with facilities built to the new standards. We toured the Memory Care unit and found it cramped, dark, and odorous on the day we visited. However, it is within the main facility so could be very good for one spouse with mobility issues to visit the memory care spouse. They do have what sounds like a pleasant daily routine with the residents, taking them out for nature walks, etc. every day and generally avoiding keeping them cooped up in the space. The staff of the main facility were VERY friendly, as were the residents! The residents were by far the most outgoing, friendly people we met anywhere. I loved "Happy Hour Bingo!" The ladies were having a grand time with their wine and bingo game. I also loved that the beach and a great waterfront state park were just a couple of miles away. Ultimately another facility was closer to family, but this was definitely in our top three.

Very nice tour. The staff was great, the facility very nice. It was also very helpful to talk to several people that lived there. They all said they enjoyed it.

The nursing staff is fine, may of the aides are lazy, uneducated and don't care about the patients. Once the person goes from Independent Living to Assisted Living, this is not the place to be living.

This was one of many Brookdale properties. By far the best one. The place was clean and the residents were all out and about . The one bedroom in Assisted living had a full size fridge and a screened in patio. Assisted living drawbacks: laundry was extra charge. Definitely considering this one.

I was impressed with this facility and [name removed]!
Independent Living is definitely an option I would consider here!

Great place. Friendly staff. Lots of trees surrounding the building. Peaceful. Quiet. Spacious apartments. Lots of comforts. My dad is going to move in.

This place is amazing! I was impressed with the privacy of the semi private rooms and the size of the private rooms. And this was in their memory care facility. All the people staying there were smiling, talking to each other or active in an activity. I will place my love one here.

Short Stay Only There A Month

While my daughter was on vacation we stayed here for about a month and enjoyed our time here. There were a couple of minor things that needed to be adjusted but overall it was very lovely. We really liked the food while we were here. We did some of the activities to keep busy. The staff was nice and friendly.

Loves Living Here

We are so thankful we found this community for my friend it is wonderful, she loves living here. She is doing most of the activities and enjoying the evening entertainment. The residents and the staff are just so nice and friendly. The environment is just happy and upbeat. The food is extremely good. They keep the community looking and smelling clean. One of the best communities we toured we couldn't be happier.

My mom's care

We are happy with the care at this community is very nice. The staff is caring and attentive. The menu could use some improvements.The community is very clean and maintained. She likes the activities that are available for her to participate. We would recommend the care and the value of this community to other families.

Small Rooms!

While I toured the Brookdale, I noticed that the rooms and apartments were very small. I didn't care for them at all they were dark and not as bright as others I toured. Also, I went into the dining room to try the food and it took 35 minutes to get a sandwich. It was not the place for me.

A Great Place with Great Options

My mother-in-law has not yet entered Brookdale but has signed a lease and we were very impressed and happy with the personable, warm and caring people we encountered on our tour. The move in team were on point and accommodating. So far we are so pleased! My mother-in-law really liked the many great activities offered.

Would Make A Move Here Myself

I would recommend this community. My tour went very well. The community looks great, everything was very nice and clean. The staff was very friendly and kind. My questions were answered, and they were informative as well. This is a lovely community with kind people. Everything went well, and I would even love to move here.

Wonderful Community, But Wait List To Move In

This is a great community, and I really enjoyed my tour. The community looked beautiful, everything was very nice and clean from what we saw. The staff was very kind and friendly. I would had been very happy with my mother living here. Unfortunately they did not have any rooms available at the time, and there was a wait list to move it. It was a great tour, this is a lovely community.

Mom is thrilled since moving into Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens!!!!

My mother and I have both gotten our independence back since she moved into this community. The community is clean and well maintained. We love the food there and the staff are fabulous. They offer a wide variety of activities such as exercise classes, entertainment and group. I would recommend this community. The only thing is the apartments are a little small.

No complaints

I have no complaints

Five stars all around, feels like a luxury hotel!

Both myself and my husband moved to Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens. We are enjoying every minute! We are healthy and this was a choice we made for ourselves, we didn't want to wait and down the road need someone else to make this kind of choice for us. Everyone here is nice, friendly, we say hello to everyone and talk to everyone. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. They take care of everything. They make sure it is clean and keep it clean. We haven't had any problems. The food is good, some not so much, but they have other options, it is healthy food. They have all kinds of activities, something going on all the time. I give it five stars all around, it feels like a luxury hotel!

Brookdale, Palm Beach Gardens

Overall a nice experience for my parent. Very nice looking accommodations with gym, bar/meeting area, library, pool etc. Special cocktail offerings, music events, dancing, transportation. The restaurant area is very nice looking.

The apartments are nice looking and modern.

However, some issues:

Food is very average. One step above Frozen Dinner quality. Restaurant staff and management are excellent, however.

Dryers in laundry room take forever to dry clothes. Many residents have complained without response.

Sometimes events that are on the calendar don't happen. Here's one example: morning exercise class (particularly Saturdays). The residents show up and no instructor appears. Residents go to front desk to ask what is going on and front desk personnel are not helpful. Sometimes morning coffee is not available when it should be. These little things can be tough for elderly people.

False fire alarms go off often. This is tough on elderly people.

Very nice

Very nice place, plenty of activities, residents were engaged with activities.

The assessment process leaves something to be desired.

It was a short stay for us. It turns out this wasn't a good fit for my loved one. The assessment process leaves something to be desired. It would have been nice if they had been able to recognize that before the move.

Pretty Good

They do not communicate has much as they should with me to let me know what is going on with my loved one, but other than that it has been a pretty good experience. We just got into it, so it is new, but it's pretty good.

visually very beautiful

At Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens the cleanliness and friendliness is very good. It is visually very beautiful. My mother-in-laws apartment is spacious and nice. I have heard that the clothes dryers don't work very well. But any time we have an issue they take care of it very quickly. She does also complain that it is really cold downstairs. It does seem silly that the residents have to bundle up to go to dinner. You would think being a senior living facility they would know that the residents are cold already and accommodate that. That is the compliant really. Otherwise we have been very happy.

Skip Claire bridge at Brookdale palm beach gardens

Initially I thought prosperity oaks/ Claire bridge area for alzeimers was good, but boy was I wrong! As it became Brookdale, no one cared, if staff was missing. With dementia care staff ratio should be higher, instead due to lots of absence, and lack of follow up on managements part, [removed]. They had decent staff initially
But on a day someone didn't show up, nothing was done to compensate staff being out. Worse yet, I only found out after my mother was [removed] their night staff at Brookdale was not only poor to begin with, they actually went to sleep when they were supposed to be checking in on elderly patients with dementia whose needs are greater at night.
Anyone looking for assisted living for dementia care should think again! What good does it do that the unit is locked down and you can't escape, but your loved one can be seriously hurt at night because staff who are supposed to be checking are asleep!! Worse yet I complained to management about my observations and they totally ignored me. If your loved one has dementia/ alzeimers don't send them there! They charge a high admission fee and made the lobby look beautiful, but the poor residents in Claire bridge are not being looked after the way they should be!

room for improvement

The place could definitely be cleaner. They clean around but not under the beds and they do not get the places in between. I am not getting some of the service that I am paying for. I have a very sore throat which my doctor said was due to the atmosphere and some of the chemicals they use to clean and such, so I have been having to come home to sleep at night. Prosperity Oaks is now Brookedale and things have slowly improved since then and I hope they will continually get better.

It's very nice, the food is good.

It's very nice, the food is good. They are on the ball and get things done. It's clean and the staff is good. I would give it at least a four. She isn't happy though, she hates it. I don't think there is anything the community could do differently to fix that though.

great place, excellent staff

I think they could stand to improve both the quality and quantity of the activities. It would be good if they had activities that were more engaging, and more of them.

That is the main area for improvement that I can think of. Other than that everything with Prosperity Oaks has been a very positive experience. It's a nice place and the staff there is exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Great value.

They have changed over to BROOKDALE and completely remodeled the building. It looks beautiful. My mother really enjoys the community and they have great activities each day. I am very happy although I would use an outside care service as I dont believe they are as good as they could be on the independent living care side of it.

Nice Place

Very Nice Place. Friendly and Professional Staff. Lots of activities. Definitely worth a visit if you're looking for Independent, Assisted, or Memory care.

Seems like a nice place, but problems with follow-through

Overall I think Prosperity Oaks is a nice place, but there are some things that I am unhappy with. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and the staff are friendly and seem to take good care of the people who live here. However, during the sales process they made a few promises that they have not, and apparently are not intending, to make good on regarding modifications to her room.

Would not recommend Prosperity Oaks

Our mother was a resident at Prosperity Oaks in the assisted living section for a year when we moved her due to the Quality of care she received. She loved the variety of activities they had there but the administrative staff made numerous promises but did not follow through with them. We felt that she was not treated with respect.


I will begin by saying that I removed my mother from the memory care unit of Prosperity Oaks after only 8 months.
I will use the rating system provided and start with

Cleanliness: My mother seemed clean but her place needed work. A giant brown spot on a yellow bedspread (they gave me some spot remover to clean it myself) Dust on unused furniture, no toilet paper in 2 bathrooms.

Friendliness: Most people there were actually quite friendly which led me to believe my mother was in good hands. I found out later, this was not the case.

Value: They started tacking on a $400 monthly charge for an "as needed" medication and informed me that I would be charged whether she needed it or not which she rarely did. They refused to justify it or produce medical docs to substantiate it. I was told by a lawyer that they can pretty much do whatever they want and that I should just pay it because it would be cheaper than fighting it.

Care services: I found it extremely difficult to reach anyone other than voicemail or get a call back. I got no updates or inquires about anything, communication was discouraged, it improved only slightly after I had to file official complaints. My mother missed two doctor appointments that I only found out from being billed for it. I had scheduled her hair to be done once weekly and I was told it was being done but when I visited (I live out of state) it was long, straight and white rather than short, curled and red. She also had a beard growing. They don't allow visitors to have the combination to the memory care unit, which is unusual, so you need to be let in and out which was never easy or prompt.

Activities: I was told there were lots of activities when she moved in but every time I visited or got reports from visitors, she was watching TV in a little room with the rest. No activity fees were reflected on my bill until the end.

When I reluctantly paid my last bill, I wrote a note that what I hope for everyone involved in this level of care or supporting it, when they come to this point of dependency which we all will at some point, that they receive exactly the same level of care and respect that they have given physically, emotionally and financially. No more, no less.
The end.

Very Good overall so far

memory Care- Claire Bridge

Excellent dedicated director, and Activities director.
Thoughtful, friendly and kind staff. Mom has only been there a month, but looks better and seems to be getting very good care. All aides have benn very helpful and kind to her.

Residents are Gold!

My mother lives at Prosperity Oaks and has been there about 1 1/2 years. The staff really takes care of the residents and I have never seen so many people having fun in an assisted living. My mother has made great friends since moving there. It was a difficult choice to move my mother into assisted living and I am so thankful to have found Prosperity Oaks. It is a really special community and they treat the residents like gold. I highly recommend Prosperity Oaks.

I would not recommend Prosperity Oaks...

I would not recommend Prosperity Oaks to anyone. My mother was there for oneyear. She is is a motorized scooter. We were told when we saw the place that she could take her scooter on the bus when it went shopping. This was not the case. The rooms at Prosperity Oaks are not handicap accessible. They have taken an apartment complex and made it into assisted living- so doorways in the apartment are skinny and it has a galley kitchen. Also, Prosperity Oaks started a large remodeling project which made dust go everywhere, and it was hard for people to breathe.

Our family is happy with Prosperity Oaks!

Our family is very happy so far even though our father has only lived there for a short time. He enjoys the food and the activities. The staff has been very friendly for the most part, and the facilities are quite clean. Most of the requests we've made to maintenance to prepare his apartment have been taken care of quickly. It's in a great location - near many stores, restaurants and other services. The entire property is undergoing renovation, so there will be disruption for the near future, but in the end, the residents will have a very nice place to live.

Very impressed when I visit...

Very impressed when I visited in November. This would be my number one choice

Consistent problems with staff, accommodations, cleanliness.

Keep looking if you are considering this facility. The executive staff never responds to concerns regarding safety, cleanliness or employee issues. They smile and nod at you and nothing ever happens. Roaches in the kitchens, mold in the apartments, dirty carpets, stained and marked up walls... it is just the start. Employees park in the visitor spots, they push ahead of residents on the elevators and are plain rude. The value is certainly there for this facility, but beware... as most often in life, you get what you pay for!

It's always looked really nice.

It's always looked really nice. I tried the food and it was a four, perhaps not quite as good as I expected, but still very good. Maybe if they would pair some people up for activities, that would create a natural conversation flow, so that the residents can more closely connect with their neighbors right near them. She is not getting to know some of the people that live right near her. I liked the philosophy of the Brookdale communities with activities and things. We were just very impressed with the whole feel of the place, the nice grounds, the beautiful building and facilities and the friendliness as well.

Very Big, Lots of protocol....

Very Big, Lots of protocol.activities is the strong point. Sanitation? competent supervision is a question.

Do not go here!!!

Prosperity Oaks has major management problems. They are completely disorganized and the staff seems to have very low morale. Many are just plain rude.
The food cart is suppose to arrive on our floor at 7:30 am. Sometimes it is 8 am.
There are suppose to be menues for the next meal. Many times there are none.
You don't get what you order. This morning, for example, we were suppose to have sauage links and waffels. We got a sauage pattie and 4 small Potato pancakes.
The hall carpets are filithy. We were told when we moved in they were going to completely remodel. Nothing has been done.

Sometimes on the message board by the dining area they list the days activities on that floor. Many times it is 3 or 4 days old. And many times what is listed doesn't happen!

I could go on but let's just say this place is the pits. We are in assisted living and moved in in September. A week after we moved in another couple moved in. They left last week and we are leaving next week, November26th. Of course we both lost our $3,000 move in fee.

I can have someone from Elder Care come to our apartment 8 am till 2 pm 5 days a week for LESS than this costs.

Look real hard and don't believe all you are told.

Good Food but Issues with Food Service

According to the calender it seems like they have a lot going on. My parents haven't been there very long so they don't take advantage of the activities yet. The library facility is very nice and there always seem to be folks in the lobby doing various things like cards.

I found the food to be very good for institutional food. There seems to be some ongoing issues with the management and the service in the dining area. It seems like a starter job for a lot of them in food service. It just doesn't seem to run as smoothly as it should for a facility of that nature. There needs to be better organization and traffic flow.

My dad is happy here

My rating is based on my dad's experience, he is not making use of all that Prosperity Oaks has to offer so that is why, for him, I am rating them lower on Value and Care Services. They have a pool and shuffle board that he'll never use, and they have plenty of activities to do. Activities are scheduled every hour like poker or bingo, but he does not want to participate. Prosperity Oaks is close to family and I really like the facility. It is convenient for us and he likes it there. The staff could be more attentive to residents and their needs. They offer cleaning services but rely on the residents to contact them when needed rather than the cleaning crew checking with the resident.

It was OK, not wonderful. I have a f...

It was OK, not wonderful. I have a few friends who have had their parents there, with mixed reviews. It is a very popular community in this area, probably because it has a little bit of everything, a great location, and is huge. I think it may be too big for my mom....reminds me of a big apartment bldg in NYC.

From the Community

"Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens is the most active community in the area.” Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens is located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, on the southwest corner of PGA Boulevard and Prosperity Farms Road. Our community is less than a mile from The Gardens mall, and is convenient to great restaurants and only a short drive from the Gold Coast’s fabulous beaches. Prosperity Oaks is tucked away on 27 beautiful acres and includes a walking trail that takes full advantage of the lovely setting along a duck-filled pond.

We have everything you need to accommodate your lifestyle—beautiful apartment homes with private, screened-in porches, chef-prepared meals, scheduled transportation, housekeeping and linen services. Our campus includes a library, arts and crafts center, beauty salon, fitness center, convenience store and a lounge with a dance floor. You can enjoy our resident programs, which include a variety of social, educational, fitness and cultural activities that include water aerobics, meditation, outings around town and live entertainment three times each week. We take into account what each resident enjoys and incorporate that into our calendar. Our dining program offers three meals a day, including an expanded continental breakfast, a la carte lunch and several-course dinners with various choices each day.

And, for residents who require assistance with the activities of daily living, Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens also offers assisted living and health care services. Our staff is always willing to think outside the scope of their own responsibilities to assist residents in any way possible. Residents with Alzheimer’s or related memory challenges reside in a supportive environment with familiar surroundings. Families can have full confidence that loved ones will receive the care thy need in a caring, secure environment. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.

Call today and discover what life is like at Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens.