Brookdale Niskayuna - Niskayuna, NY

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Met with [Removed]. She was great. Rooms here were much larger for same or little more money. One bedroom with living room was much nicer for only $350 more. Multipule floors with the staircase is one downfall. Union street in Schnectady. Little further than going to 155 Colonie.

We Had Nice Tour Of This Community

This really nice community, and my tour of it was a pleasant one. Everyone was kind to family, and I. The community was neat, and everything was tidy. The staff we met was polite, and helpful. All our questions were answered. Everything went well, but I did find a better fit for my aunt, and her needs.

Care for mom

We like the care from this community. The staff are caring and making sure that my mom is happy. We like knowing that she likes the meals and the good variety. They are offering alot of activies for her to participate. We like that she is able to have someone to assist her for some personal care of getting her hair done. This is a clean and beautiful community that she enjoys.

Options for care

We liked talking to the staff about the care that is available. We liked knowing that they have a nice menu and they would be offered healthy meals. Activities would be offered for them to participate. We would recommend that other families consider a tour of this community for the care of a loved one.

Nice place

Our loved one has only been here a short time, but so far Brookdale Niskayuna has made a positive impression! The facility is clean and well kept, and the staff is friendly and professional. Our loved one is being well cared for!

Terrible place

This place is the worst. I read the glowing comments above and realize they must be written by people who work at this faculty. This is not a fabulous place. The aides are not nice and helpful. These are lies. Do not be fooled by the positive comments. If you are a completely independent person who needs no help then great for you because no one will ever be there to help you. Did you know that the sides are not allowed to help people up when they fall. Ask for town records on the amount of time ambulances had to be called to get people up who fell waiting for help. When sicknesses go around 3 or 4 times a year they do not even have a cleaning service come in to disinfect. If you love your family members do not let them live here.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We hope you will call our Resident & Family Connections team so we can learn some more details regarding your experience. We have passed your feedback to our regional operations team for review.


We were really impressed with them when we went for the tour. It was very clean, it looked more like a house than a facility. There was room for reading and that kind of thing. My father was concerned because he felt like their should have been some sort of orientation or some info about who to contact and he said he just kind of had to feel his way through the process, which at the time was not easy. I asked for physical therapy and it took them a while to get that started too. Overall though, I think it's a good value.

Family of Brookdale Niskayuna Resident

My 94 year old father has been at Brookdale Niskayuna for almost 3 years. We are very happy with the level of care he receives and the quality of life he continues to enjoy while a resident there.
First and foremost, my father and I feel that he is safe and well cared for. It is a great relief to know that caring, professional staff are available to provide assistance 24/7 should it be required. Brookdale's medication management and coordination of transportation to doctor visits are services that simplify both of our lives.
The facility shuttle is another great service my father uses frequently. It allows him to retain a level of independence he would not have otherwise. The conscientious shuttle driver always ensures that Howard is safe and secure in getting to and from his destination.
As for quality of life, my father enjoys his independent apartment living with the convenience of prepared meals in the dining room, laundry, cleaning, and other services. He partakes in many of the on- and off-site social activities and especially enjoys destination trips to places like Lake George.
Lastly, all of the administration, nursing, aides and other staff are professional, helpful, and friendly to my father and to me. Brookdale has become my father’s home, one in which he feels like a valued member of the community, cared for and content

financing issues

I think the staff at Wynwood of Niskavuna need to be more on the same page with regard to financing issues. It has been very confusing for me so I'm not too happy with that part. However that is my only issue at this time. Overall the facility is a good place.

Dad's home

Shortly after my mom passed away, my dad’s health deteriorated to the point that he required assistance with the activities of daily living. He was in-and-out of rehabilitation facilities for a while but we soon realized that he did not require a full service nursing home but instead needed only a few services, and more importantly, a place to live that he could consider his own.
Brookdale (formerly Wynwood) is a perfect fit for dad. First, he has a beautiful apartment, all to himself, that is a true “home”. Also, Brookdale offers their services on an “a la carte” basis, allowing us to add or remove services as dad’s condition and needs fluctuate.
Dad is very happy at Brookdale. He has made many friends there (with residents and staff alike) and participates in as many social events and outings as he can!
For me, it’s comforting to have peace of mind that dad is happy and well cared for… thank you Brookdale.

Resident named Gloria

I moved into Brookdale Niskayuna a few months ago because my vision was getting worse and I couldnt live alone any longer. Everyone here has made me feel welcome and the staff are all wonderful. We had a ribbon cutting event recently for the name change and I got to speak and tell everyone how wonderful the staff is and I truly was speaking from the heart. Another great thing about living here is I know alot of people who already live here since I have been in the Schenectady area a long time. It was really nice to move into a place where I already had friends. The activities are nice because there is alot to chose from and I have even joined a group of people who meet to play Dominoes. Also, my church is across the street so what else more could I ask for?

Would highly recommend

My dad is a current resident and has been there for 3 1/2 years. Before I moved him into Wynwood, I toured a bunch of other communities and we ended up chosing Wynwood because they offer higher levels of care than other communities and because the staff had been there a long time. Within two days of him moving in all the staff knew his name and engaged him in activities. His apartment in well maintained and the building is beautiful. I cannot say enough about the staff there - they are always willing to help. The director Heather is wonderful and she has been there for 20 years and makes herself available to families. The food is great and I have had dinner with my dad multiple times and the dining services staff is always friendly and have worked there for a long time. All the nurses are nice. I am honestly surprised at the comments below becasue we have never had any problems. I have been there when my dad has pushed his pendant and its never taken more than a few minutes for a staff member to come. I would highly recomend Wynwood to anyone who wants to move in a place where the staff is warm and the food is good

Overall, It's fine..

I kind of feel like it was a little discombobulated. I was never given a handbook. When my father first moved in the screens in his room were broken. I had no idea who to call about that. You have to ask multiple times before they follow up. It just seems like things are confused. My father was never really given a tour on where things are. He just fell the other day. He asked the nurse if she would rebandage his arm. I had to do it myself and I did a better job at it. Other than that, he loves the food. Overall, its fine. Maybe now it will be better since I have the handbook.

They are really trying to make my mother feel welcome.

My father lived here for 2 months and his health declined significantly. I was promised that there would be 24 hour care and that he could press a button and help would come. This never happened. All of the promises told to us by Jennifer were lies. As soon as I moved my father in the staff were no where to be found. Everyone was always in a "meeting" and these meetings lasted for hours. My poor father would press the button and would wait almost an hour for the aides to come to his room. The workers were not nice at all. I am not sure they understood my father or me when we spoke to them. One time after complaining a hundred times, the aides would come and press my fathers button as they are supposed to do when they come to you room. As soon as they pressed his button they would leave and then come back 30 minutes later. They were always rude. We were paying for 2 showers a week but my father had one shower in 2 weeks. Sometimes they told him they would come back but never did. Don't be fooled by appearances. This place looked lovely on the day of our tour but turned out to be the opposite upon arrival.

Worst place ever

Wynwood was the biggest disappointment! My dad lived there are the care could not have been worse. The aides never came when he called them and when and if they did come it was after he waited an hour. These aides were the most unfriendly women I have ever met. They were always rushing and trying to make my dad move quicker. They had no patience and spoke mean to my dad. I complained about them but nothing changed. I heard from another resident that there were only a few on staff for the 4 floors.
I wish I had learned more about this place before I let my dad go there. We moved dad out as soon as we got an opening at another place.

Beware! Wynwood may look pretty on the outside but it is ugly on the inside. My parents planned to live there forever but had to leave after only 2 weeks because it was so terrible. The aides(and I am not sure these women have any qualifications) are the mean and rough with residents including my mother. They do not understand English and do not come to help when you press your button for help. They are supposed to come within 15 minutes but that never happened with my parents. They had to wait 40 minutes to an hour every time they needed help. There are 3 or 4 aides only for the whole building!! One night 911 had to be called because a few patients needed immediate help and there weren't enough aides to help everyone. [removed] Do not send anyone who you love to this place. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't reports of [removed] filed with the town.

Wynwood will nickel and dime you to death. They are not effective in reacting to calls from the residents, and it is difficult to receive a return call from management. We were paying $8100 per month, and when we relocated to Wynwood the cost was $3100.


My mother was a resident of Wynwood for two months, and during that time she did not adjust well. I am a not a local caregiver, but was reassured by the people I met during the tour that they would care for mom's specific needs. One Sunday afternoon mom was quite distressed, and the best the front desk person could do was to send a caregiver up to her apartment. She promised she'd call me back. I never received a call back. There is NO email communication with families, and when I asked for a copy of my mom's medications, they were handwritten out. I think Wynwood would be a good place for a very strong, flexible, independent resident. My mom was not any of these, and I was disappointed that there was not more communication with me when mom was clearly on a downward spiral. One more thing. I strongly recommend changing to the physician who visits Wynwood each week. That made all the difference in getting mom back on track.

Not as good as it claims to be.

In the past year or so Wynwood was taken over by Brookdale Senior Living, a national corporate entity, and I understand from residents that the quality of life has deteriorated since then. Brookdale is spending plenty of money on cosmetics, while reducing staff or staff hours. As a result, residents do not receive the timely and complete care that they pay for. Staff complain regularly too as they are not able to provide the level of care they used to. Although the staff are generally responsive there are far too few of them per shift to provide the level of care that is needed for the number of residents at the facility.

When care is needed between assisted living and full nursing home

My mother has been living at the Wynwood Niskayuna for almost a month. She has a studio apartment as all residences are individual except for married couples. The apartment is a good size for one person. Our overall impression is of a clean appearing and clean smelling facility. The staff is friendly. Aides are neat and appear trained to help the residents with activities of daily living as needed. The dining room is always clean and the residents have menu choices for all meals. My only comment is I have had to be watchful to be sure my mother was receiving the level of care we had contracted for. Since my mother doesn't remember specifics of her day, I have noted some discrepancies.. For example, she was to have two aides assist her in transferring from bed to chair, chair to toilet, etc. I had noted on several occasions only one aide. This has just been resolved. Like anywhere, the resident needs an advocate to speak for them if they cannot do this for themselves.

Initially the communication could have been better.

They have some activities, maybe could offer them a little more often. The rooms were a good size. Initially the communication wasn't all that great there were a couple of things that prevented us from getting us in when we wanted to. There were some things that would have made it easier for her they could have given us a heads up about how long certain things take to get done. I dealt with like three of four different people and one person could have told me that you will need to speak with this person or that instead of just a hit or miss.

Everything seems to be going quite good.

Everything seems to be going quite good. I am not overly pleased that they have announced a rate increase after two months. My parents seem to be very happy there. Mom said the food is excellent, dad says it's terrible he can't chew it. They seem to go to excercise every day, and dad goes to play penny poker. There should be something in the contract that says they will honor the rate for six months or a year or something. The movers they recommended were quite good. When we were setting up we accidentally pushed the button for emergencies and they were there in like two seconds, before we even knew we pushed it, so they have a good response time to an emergency alarm.

It's been great.

It's been great. There is a lot to do. The one thing that my mother tells me is that the food is could be a little better.

Grand Daughter's Review

I want to thank you for all your help. I live out of state and was given your name from A Place for Mom. My mother is my grandmother's caregiver. They are very happy with Wynwood. Grandma is doing well and adjusting to her new home.

Thank you!

Extra Charges

It was clean and nice, but everything extra was added onto the bill a la carte. The price would keep going up as she needed more things, and I didn't like that. We chose a community that had an all inclusive pricing structure.

Needs more activities

I think that it's a lovely place, its so lovely that it enocurages family and friends to visit. A lot of people don't want to go into places that aren't well maintained or pretty and they do go out of their way to make sure its lovely and I know my mom and other residents appreciate how up to date and well decorated it is. I do think it is a little bit on the expensive side for what they offer, specifically the upfront charge you have to pay for various activities. There really aren't a lot of activities, it is a one time charge, but it doesn't seem like there's anything other than bingo. They don't really encourage friendships and I think they need something more social or a middle school choir or something that they can go and look at. I would like to see something that is for the peopel who are there and is something they all can enjoy.

Very nice place. But not a high enou...

Very nice place. But not a high enough staff-to-resident ratio for the cost of additional care.

From the Community

Brookdale Niskayuna is an assistive living residence that is purposefully designed to meet the needs of the frail elderly in a comfortable, home-like environment. Daily life enrichment programs enhance self-esteem and maximize dignity and quality of life. Services offered at Wynwood include assistance with personal care, laundry, housekeeping, medication assistance and life enrichment programs.

Special Features
- Intimate setting provides access for individuals with limited mobility