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I went on a tour at this community

I went on a tour here the staff was very nice and very informed. We were looking for the assisted living here fo my father-in-law. It was dated but was clean and spacious. I recommend families tour several places before making a choice.

Geared more towards medical care

What really drew me to this community was the fact they are more geared towards the medical aspect of things. My Father, unfortunately, has some medical problems including diabetes and I really wanted to find a place that would best suit the care he needs. Everything is so well maintained here. It's very well kept and clean. There is no odor like you would expect there to be. The staff is very attentive and responsive to any issues that arise. They are also very nice and friendly to my Father. They do offer activities including arts/crafts, occasional field trips, exercise, and yoga. There is a calander of activities and every day they have a different activity. I highly recommend this community.

Problem with leadership

I brought my Father to this facility because it was recommended to me and I needed to move him in quickly. Everyone is nice here and the care is top notch. The food is really good and the dining room is restaurant style seating. The only thing I have a problem with is the management isn’t taking leadership of the staff. No one takes responsibility with doing the small things. The dining tables don’t have the right menus, the creamer and sugar are never filled, and my dad still doesn’t have his name on his door 2 months later. It’s like the small things don’t matter to them. They only have 1 maintenance guy and I told the staff that the bathroom to the general public is broken and it still isn’t fixed. We also told him a few times that the door going from my dad’s room to the courtyard is broken and won’t lock. It finally just got fixed a few nights ago. The other thing I do not like is I was told by the head nurse, “We don’t do open wounds.” Anytime something happens they send my Father to the hospital. He recently had a fall and my dad is trying to not ask for more pain medication because he doesn’t want to get sent to the hospital again. I like this community and I would recommend it for the right person.

Lack of care

My mom lived in the memory care section for almost 10 months. The first couple of months went well, but things went down hill quickly. They stopped bathing her, brushing her teeth and her room began to smell like urine. I asked many times for someone to take care of these basic needs, but nothing changed. The staff left my mom in a wooden chair in the living room all day, every day. This wore a bald spot on her head and left an indentation as well.
During the last 7 months she fell 8 times. Nothing was done after any fall to prevent another one. The last fall left the entire side of her faced bruised. [Removed], who is suppose to be In charge of care plans never made an effort to implement any changes to prevent her falls. His attitude was unprofessional, offensive and aggressive. I told [Removed], the executive director that I didn't feel safe leaving my mom there any longer, but she still wouldn't waive the 30 day move out notice.[Removed] had no empathy for my mom.
I would not recommend this location to anyone. I ended up finding a much higher quality home that ended up costing over $1,000 less per month.

A great tour!

The Brookdale Medical Center Kingsley was a very nice place and everyone was so nice and friendly. The tour guide gave us a lot of helpful information while we were there. What we did not like, was the fact that the place was much smaller than we wanted.

I Received A Nice Tour

I enjoyed speaking to friendly staff and taking the time to show us the community. They responded well to my questions and gave very good information about all that is featured. It was brought to my attention they include Assisted Living and I was looking for something more directed to Memory Care.

A work in progress!

The community is kept decently clean. Our loved one's room is only vacuumed and the toilet has yet to be cleaned. Upon arrival the quality and variety of food was great but the menu has changed. It may be that they lost their chef but it needs to be addressed. The activities director does a great job trying to get our loved one involved in the variety of activities available. The community is listening to our concerns and is trying to address them.

Very nice place!

Our experience with Brookdale Kingsley has been a very positive one, overall! The staff has been incredibly helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process, and they've really made my parents feel welcome. The facility is clean and well kept, and my parents really seem to enjoy it here. My one complaint would be that I really think the carpet in their apartment should have been replaced instead of just cleaned before they moved in, but otherwise things have been great.

Great place for long term care

Everyone has been fantastic, could not have asked for better service or hospitality. The place is clean and the staff has been great at dealing with the issues we had .

Could use more staff

They seem to need more staff to better meet the needs of the residents. This is especially evident late in the evenings and on weekends. Also, more staff to help with maintenance, which appears non-existent on evenings and on weekends.

Response time could be quicker.

They are responsive to situations we bring to their attention, but I could stand for the response time to be a little quicker. The staff that they do have are nice, but they don't seem to have a lot. They do have a decent amount of activities. Sometimes they do not come and get the residents when they do want to do the activities and I think that has something with them being short staffed.

Brookdale Kingsley Medical Center

Our family picked Brookdale Kingsley Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, for an assisted living Type B facility for my mother-in-law. We toured the facility and were impressed with the residents, the facility itself, and above all the staff and administration. We were especially grateful for the amount of medical care they would be able to provide. We were thrilled when a space became available before my mother-in-law was released from the hospital. We were never able to move into the facility though because she passed away while in a rehabilitation/nursing home during recovery.

Very nice place, a few issues with management aside

Other than a few problems with the management we are very pleased with how things have turned out at Brookdale! The aide staff is very friendly and caring, and Mom really loves the place so far! They renovated her apartment before she moved in got everything looking very nice. The only real issue has been some communication problems with the management. There were some minor issues with her appliances, as well as a problem with the first months bill, and it has been difficult trying to get in touch with the appropriate person. But overall Mom really loves it here!

not for u

Brookdale really wants little old people who were quiet and have no problems. My family member was not like that and only lasted 24 hours before they returned him to the hospital. This facility is not appropriate for younger (50ish) brain injured individuals. They also tryied to collect another months rent even though they said he couldn't return.

The staff are caring and pleasant to talk to display very professional attitude. The facility is clean

The tour at Brookdale at Kingsley was very informative and the place seems to be what we are looking for. The Staff seems knowledgeable and the physical plant looks to be in good shape. The fact that they offer different levels of care and the prices seemed to be very competitive, but are actually higher than what we were quoted at another of their sister facilities. Level of care cost the same the room charge is different (same square footage).

They are doing pretty good.

They are doing pretty good. The staff is friendly and attentive and it's very clean. The food looks to be pretty good, and it seems like they have a good variety. We are pretty happy with it.

A great establishment

My memory with the Brookdale Medical Center, will be forever in my mind, as I recently lost my mother who was a well known resident at Brookdale. My thoughts are that Brookdale Memory Center was a place that I knew was a perfect fit for my mother overall. The staff was very good with the residents and made them feel as if they were part of a larger family. They were very friendly to newcomers and tried to get them to mingle right away. When my mother fell ill, the staff had informed me right away and she was moved to hospice but the staff stayed with her throughout the remainder of her stay and that was very helpful. My mom had Alzheimer and my main reasoning to her living there was my attraction to the activities they offered to individuals like her. They were very appropriate for those individuals that are affected by Alzheimer's. The activities allowed them to engaged in daily activities that were fun.

They seem to be doing a pretty good job.

They seem to be doing a pretty good job. The staff is nice, and the place is clean. The response time to the bell can be a little slow. She says the food is pretty good, I don't get complaints about the food.

I don't think she was assessed correctly.

This didn't work out for our situation. I don't think she was assessed correctly. They don't offer enough care to provide what she needed. She was falling, and they weren't able to bathe her, only suggest that she bathe. I had to hire sitters upon their recommendation, which cost a lot of extra money. There have been problems with the billing, and I was being double charged for some services, since I was paying the home care, and being charged by they community. There were things that they originally told me they could do that they could not. It's like a really nice apartment complex with meals and cleaning, but not much help, especially during certain hours. We looked at the Alzheimer's section, and that was pretty scary to me, and didn't really smell very good. If you are 60-70, and mostly independent then it would be very nice, but if you need much care, then it's probably not the right place, and maybe the assessment could be a little more thorough.

lousy place to live

i lived there for 6 weeks recently, before they changed ownership again. this place is just a good investment for investors that care only about making money. i will give the place a zero score on all categories.

not handicap friendly. not enough handicap parking. doors not handicap friendly.

anyone can go in and out at night. not safe. doors left unlocked.

no maintenance around during weekends. something goes wrong, have to wait till monday. false fire alarms often. doors shut automatically between wings and makes manuevering difficult. have to wait till monday to get it fixed.

food gets old quick. same thing over and over.

poor response to emergency. a person could die before they get to you.

i have seen people die there on a weekly basis. could be due to poor attention by staff?

too expensive. for about $4,000 you just basically get to live and eat there. there activities are not that great. if you want assistance for things the price goes up quickly. i was paying $4,000 and had to do everything for myself. not all staff is friendly and appear like they do not care.

to me this is like an overpriced nursing home.

i would not go back or recommend it to anyone. i now live alone and am better off.

Very friendly and accommodating staff!

We're very pleased with how things have gone with Brookdale Medical Center Kingsley. They've been extremely accommodating throughout the whole process. They sent someone out to my parents to assess them, and they've worked hard with us to find solutions that would allow my parents to stay together despite their different levels of care. The staff have all been very friendly, and extremely responsive!

Overall I don't think we could have found anywhere better.

They are doing okay. Overall I don't think we could have found anywhere better. I think everywhere has things that could be improved or done a little better, but for the most part they are pretty good. The food is okay, but I don't think it's as spicy or as salty as some people would like it to be. There are no real concerns with it though.

Great place for my mother. Extremely friendly staff and Ms. Bendele was very helpful and took time to explain a lot of things.

It's been great!

It's been great! I don't have any concerns, and I would give them a top score.

Overall I am pretty happy, and you couldn't ask for better people.

The food is good, but it's a lot of sandwiches. They aren't able to accommodate special diet requests. The recreation needs some work, she is sometimes forgotten and they don't always come and pick her up. Sometimes they don't have enough help, they always seem to be busy, but the people that are there, are excellent they are very attentive. The people are good, you couldn't ask for better people, overall I am pretty happy. It's mostly the recreation, some of it just isn't stimulating enough for my loved one.

An incredible location. Ver...

An incredible location. Very clean, very nice. The only drawback for me is the price, which isn't as high as others I have looked at, but it is just outside of my mother's budget.

Love KP

The review below in relations to old Nurses Manny and Jessica are laughable at best. The care my Mother is provided by staff and the new Nurses at KP has renewed my faith in humanity. My Mom has been a resident for 5 years and we have seen many changes and can honestly say Ken and Carmen are AMAZING! The Community Relations director is very proffessional and loves the residents and always has a smile on her face. The food is great and my Mom really loves Nicole the activity Dir. I am willing to bet the negative review before was written from a disgruntled emplyee and that is a shame.

The food is great.

They’re very good about being clean. The worst beef I have with them is the response time when I press the buzzer. The food is great. The laundry service is great. I’ve had a lot of trouble with bathing service.

Horrible Care, Horrible Nurses

This place is the worst assisted Living in San Antonio. Do not entrust your loved ones to the people working there. The staff do not care about anything or anyone. Especially the Community Relations Director, She is a [removed] and is only there to make her money. Her commission is all that matters to her and she is ugly and rude to the residents... The current nurses are unreliable and incompetant, since the old nurses (Manny and Jessica) left it has not been the same..

Poor care

I would not trust Emeritus with my mother's health, safety and well being. Staff are generally young and untrained and in some instances irresponsible and incompetent. I have entered the facility, on many occasions, and not been able to find any staff member.

I would reccommend them. Things have been going fairly well

They are a nice place. I think they have gone through some different help and their caretakers are not always consistent with their schedules, they don't stick to thier own schedules. This is a smaller community. I would reccommend them. Things have been going fairly well. We are content with them.

A Place for Dad

Thank you so much for your help this last week. Paul Hamilton was there for us when we needed guidance.
In our case, we were looking for 'A Place for Dad'.
We feel that Emeritus at Kingsley Place Medical Center was the best facility for our needs. This is a beautiful, clean smaller facility run by professional and friendly staff. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Like the staff and facilit...

Like the staff and facility. will be visiting again.


Nice tour. Looks good on surface. Felt good choice for family member. Not so sure now. Hard to get info. Visited Sunday evening no one on floor. Several residents calling for help. I finally went to kitchen to get someone to help. Seemed short on staff members.

Policy and Prodecures

Upon admittance to Emeritus Kingsley Place, there was no visual evaluation other than a sit down across the desk and verbal questions. My mothers weight and blood pressure was never taken as a point of record. Again only verbal questions. After moving in I discovered her ankles were swollen and inquired about her meds with the RSD. She stated the faxed copy from previous Horizon Bay was small print and difficult to read. The MR was rewritten by an LVN at KP an then sent to Omnicare to set up a med schedule and apparently whatever wasn't legible was left off the list. I asked to review the medications and list and discover my mother had gone without her Aldactone, HBP medication, Lexapro, Primidone and a few other OTC things that were not as urgent. I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment at that point. Common sense should have caused a phone call to Horizon Bay when they were unable to read the MR. I have had problems with my other missing her meds completely if she leaves the facility and is not there in the lunch room or here room during distribution time. Her rides are arranged through the front desk so communication should be made to see if meds need to be sent with her but unfortunately that had only happened one time. As for front door locking procedures, it took me a month of complaining followed by emails which seem to have finally resolved that issue. Laundry policy seems to be another problem. I have to always ask for it to be done and was told that if it were to overflow they would do it an extra time. Well instead I must request to get it done once a week. It was skipped completely Thanksgiving Friday which is her day. They took it this past Thursday night Dec 5 to make sure it would be there for Friday and as of 7:00 pm she hadn't gotten it back yet. My mom had been sleeping in her clothes for 2 days and I finally brought her one of my nightgowns. When she came to KP she had 8 night clothes. She took a fall on Thanksgiving and had a cut on her forehead requiring stitches. They couldn't wait to get her and my boys out of there. No one ever called me to see how she was and the only treatment required was a new bandage changed 3 times a day. No meds. They said they couldn't do it. Only Home Heslth Care could come in and do it. I went over and did it once and I believe it was done once there. However it wasore than 24 hours before the LVN's read the instructions from the doctor. I am now at the point of corresponding through email with the staff because it seems more effective. Also most front office staff is long gone by 4:30-5:00 so it is easier to get information to them via email. I feel like the quality of care was misconstrued when I vhen I visited the facility. I was under the impression they could do everything there but ventilators and being a Type B would be a more intense care and so far it has proven to be just the opposite. It takes 2-3 times longer to get a response when you call for help. Meaning 7-20 minutes. No one except Nicole is concerned with trying to get people involved in special events. Everyone should pitch in to try to get people out to listen to music. My mom missed it the last time because she didn't have the new calendar yet. The only way she gets her mail is if I go get it because she is unable to go to the box on her own. She doesn't like to ask for help because she doesn't want them to take it out on her and take longer to respond when she pushes her button. She was asked if she could eat her breakfast in her room because the RA was running behind and it would help her out. So mom did it but missed seeing her friends. RA's should not be allowed to do that. I apologize for rambling on but there have many issues. Some I have not even mentioned. I do want to give a big thank you to Nicole for always going the extra mile trying to help the residents and their family. I'm not sure what what the answer would be whetherore personnel needs to be hired or whether there needs to be accountability for actions and possibly policy changes. I'm certain no one would want their loved ones treated under these conditions and I pray for improvements. I especially pray for those residents who do not have a relative or advocate living nearby to look after them.

Doing Well

My friend is doing very well overall, but he needs to be checked on more often. He has his own apartment, but he says that it takes a long time to attend to him. There are no cooking appliances available in his room. All the cooking is done in the main kitchen, but he really likes the food.

Nice Place

My daughter is there, and as far as I know, it is quite satisfactory. She has never said anything to the contrary. It is close enough that I can go everyday. They layout is fine, nothing striking. Overall I believe that we are very pleased.

Very disappointed and frustrated with this place

What a scam this place is! It seems that elder care is the business to go into if you are only interested in taking the resident's money and offering little to no personal caring or activities to keep your clients happy. Oh, yes, they talk a good line and promise so much, but the reality is MUCH different!

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.
Brookdale Medical Center Kingsley is situated amidst a complex of medical facilities, and is part of the greater Brookdale Senior Living Solutions community. Brookdale Medical Center specifically houses residents that are in need of assisted living or memory care accommodations. The memory care staff provide specialized care that is catered to the unique needs associated with an Alzheimer's or dementia diagnosis. Brookdale Medical Center has 79 apartments, is secure and cozy, provides home cooked meals, and has an emergency response system.