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Customer Reviews

Perfect, can't afford her income to low even with the State supplement.

Great care for my mother

My wonderful mother has been with Brookdale Assisted Living for almost 2 years. I am very pleased. They have caught every illness that needed the ER and Hospital Stay.
The staff saved her live when she choked on food. If they had not acted so quickly she would have died. It was in the dining room and she had already stopped breathing. They were able to get the obstructed food out of her airway and get her breathing again. A trip to the ER, but I owe Brookdale employees her life. The are friendly to us. They work hard. I owe them. I am pleased.

This is my first choice, [Removed] was excellent in providing all the information and support in the process. Very good facility.

Thank you for making a difficult time easy.

This was extremely helpful in finding a place for our father. When trying to find the place its a very stressful time. They made it easy and less stressful. Brookdale in High Point is very nice! Very clean, the staff is extremely nice to both our father and us. Its nice to be greeted when they see you. The food is very good. He loves it. He also loves that he can get a piece of fruit during the day. I honestly do not have one bad thing to say. Very nice!

Needs improvement on food!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and I have to say there needs to be a few improvements made. When we had first moved in there seemed to be a delay in response time from the staff on how fast they come to my moms room when she pulls her buzzer for help. Another complaints my mom has is the meals. I have eaten a few times there with her and have to agree with her. There is no flavor or variety as well as poor quality in the food they serve. I have had to bring my mom her own meals since she will not eat what they have and that is frustrating. I am hoping some improvements are made soon.

Genuinely compassionate staff!

My mother is doing as well as expected at Brookdale High Point. She still asks to go home but I think with time she will adjust. There are some issues with staffing on the weekends and evenings. It takes awhile for them to respond. The staff they do have seems to care a lot about the residents and they are very good to my mother. I think they could just use more help. She is getting involved in activities. They took them out to eat ice cream last week and they had a bible quiz the other day.Saturday night they had musicians come in with instruments and play music for the residents. So far i'm impressed with the care they have provided my mother and it has allowed me to focus more on my life.

All is Well

My mother is here for her 2nd respite stay experience. This time around things are going a little better. The staff is kind, and very helpful. Her condition isn't doing best, but I know she is in good hands.

Would not recommend

Our experience with Brookdale High Point has unfortunately not been a very good one. When we toured it seemed very nice, but after moving our loved one in things really took a turn for the worse. They haven't done many of the things they said they would when we toured the place. We've had a lot of issues getting the laundry or bathing service we're paying for, and the response time for the call button service is very slow. It just doesn't seem very well run, you'll often hear employees arguing about who has to handle what tasks in the hallway. I would not recommend it, based on our experience.


Team was very accommodating during the interview process to see if this a good fit for my mom. Most of the staff was nice and seemed to want to care for my mom. That was the first month. Things changed dramatically after that. She was not monitored every few hours as was told in the interview process. Meds were increased by 400% from what she had been prescribed prior to arrival. Billing is very vague- requested an itemized bill which I never received. Asked for list of additional fees I might incur and was not provided that list but began receiving bills for additional charges with no definition of these fees. When you called the billing office for explanation they said you had to call the local facility- called the local facility and they said call the billing office. Facility is understaffed. Clothes and personal belonging not my mom's were found in her room often. Feces was found in her clothes in her laundry basket and on her towels in the bathroom.

They are very friendly and have welcomed my Mother with open arms

The communication is a big thing that they need to work on. The residents need to have a schedule on what they are doing (activities, showers, etc.)
They are very friendly and have welcomed my Mother with open arms.

mother is very happy there

I have been really pleased with High Point Place. The staff are friendly. The facility is nice and clean. They have plenty of activities. I have no complaints about this facility. My mother is very happy there.


One area they could improve would be to more clearly disclose what it is you are paying for with the billing. For tax purposes that would be very helpful.

The staff is just wonderful. They are truly concerned with the residents well being, always seeking the best outcome for them in each situation.

very good

Brookdale Skeet Club (formerly High Point Place) was very good to my father when he was there. He was only there for about a week for respite care, and he found the staff very friendly and helpful. The food was good, and the place was very clean and well kept. They seemed to have good activities, but he did not participate at all (that's just him). It was a good place and based on our short experience I would recommend them.

Best Choice for My Mom

My mom arrived and had not seen this Memory Care before. She was shown around and was kept busy while the family toured and decided to try this with her. So glad we did, She has adapted so well and enjoys all of the activities. Has had her hair done, I haven't seen it yet, but I am sure it looks good.

I would recommend this facility to anyone who may be a little anxious about leaving a parent or feeling guilty. I live long distance from my mom and see her about once a week, she is doing fine.

The only thing that is lacking is the way they process payments. It takes a long time. Although I opted not to go with direct deposit.

Great place

It's a great place, we're entirely satisfied.

Bathrooms too small. Older facility.

Some good, some not so good...

The cleanliness of the facility is good, however, my fathers floor in his room was always dirty. His clothes were missing and mixed with others. We would visit and he would be wearing someone elses clothes. Skeet did a great job keeping Dad clean. They seemed generally concerned for his well being. There was a disconnnect in communication when issues arose when dad had to go to the hospital. Skeet was not sure which hospital Dad was taken too. Billing was an issue. Skeet and their main headquarters in Texas, I believe, are not on the same page... getting bills from both places. I paid headquarters and Skeet was still saying we needed to pay.. very confusing. I thought the cost per month was rather high.

So Far So Good

I have only visited this community about 3 times. So far so good. My Mother is getting use to the transition and is getting better. The High Point Place is very clean. I rated the Cleanliness 5 stars. They are also very friendly. I rated the Friendliness 5 stars. The Value is also great. I rated the Value 5 stars. The Care Services are great as well. They do a good job taking care of my Mother. I rated the Care Services 5 stars.

Seemed very nice!

We toured this community when we were looking into care options for a loved one. Overall this seemed like a very nice place! The staff were friendly and professional, and really seemed to go above and beyond when it comes to providing for the residents. It isn't cheap, but it seems about in line with similar facilities in the area. I liked that the pricing was broken down into seperate care needs. We didn't get to see any activities, but their activities schedule looked very busy!

very pleased

All in all things have been fine. It is a very nice facility and the offer excellent care. I am very pleased with Clare Bridge at High Point.

Overall they are doing a very good job,

The common areas and outward appearance of the place is great, but sometimes keeping up on my loved one's room can be a bit of a scramble. Everyone is very friendly, I have met everyone that works there, I think, they speak to us every time we are there, and speak to mom with utmost care and respect. Everything has cost exactly what they told us it was it would. They are very good about answering any questions as soon as they are asked. When we first came the activity director had all the people out there singing and doing all kinds of activities, but after the first week or so she left. She was very in touch with the residents, she was very good about getting the residents up and involved, now they are spending a lot of time in their room, and they are getting bored to death. The food is good, and at first she said the food was delicious, but the last time I went and ate, it wasn't the best looking plate. Overall they are doing a very good job, and mom is more content than she was at the other place she lived.

Don't lose hope!

My wife (72 - Alzheimer's) moved to Clare Bridge a week ago because a former facility asked me to place her elsewhere. They didn't know how to meet her needs. A member at Clare Bridge thought she could help calm her without over-medicating. Great so far with no aggressive outbursts and is far more alert and connected. I've been given new hope for my wife's peace and well-being.

Nice place

They've been doing a great job here so far! It's a nice looking place, always clean and well kept. The staff are all very friendly and professional, and they've been able to handle all the care needs well. They also have transportation available for things like doctors appointments, if necessary.

This was a very nice community when we toured.

This was a very nice community when we toured. It was awesome. Unfortunately there was no availability when we needed it. I think we may revisit this, because it seems like a good place.

Respite care

The only reason I gave this facility four stars instead of five - on my father in laws first meal he was left totally alone for quite some time which added greatly to his anxiety. I was there and then finally sat down with him. There could be a number of reasons as to why this happened and I feel confident it isn't the norm. It appeared the dining room was short staffed that day - our bad luck.
Overall, I was extremely pleased with the facility. The staff was exceptional. Even though this was only a respite visit, I wouldn't hesitate to use them on a full time basis when the time arrives or again for respite care.

With the exception of on issue that b...

With the exception of on issue that brother has had there, I have been very pleased with the peopel. My brother's issue is with the food, it's ahrd to get specifics except he says it's awful. One specific thing I discussed with them is they provide what he calls "white air bread" for all their sandwiches and he's been a health eater so I asked if they could not get a whole grain bread. I think they're dealing with elderly peopel who are set in their ways but that's the only problem we've had. They were very receptive and said they would see what they could do, they're basically very nice people. One of the things that impressed me is when I went there they had palced him with all kinds of care needs and after they assessed that, they lowered the personal care rate without me even asking and that was amazing. I thought the person who helped me initially, Marie, was very warm, very personable and I was just very impressed with her. They keep people at the same tables which a lof of places don't, but they picked some high functioning people to people him at the table with which has really helped. All together, I think that they have shown a lot of sensitivity and I'm very pleased.

As perfect as perfect can be in this situation

This is absolutely wonderful. They seem to have a knack for knwoing how to get her to take her medication, she's incontinent now, they can get her to let them help her change, she sleeps in her bed in her room, where she was before, she was sleeping on the couch in the common area. The director really seems to be on top of thing, I can go to her with, let's say concerns, and she gets right on it. The med techs seem very caring and knowledgeable about how to get her to interact with them. This was my number 2 choice, I did not choose them because they're about 7 minutes away from my house on a street that I go up and down all the time and I didn't think I could mentally handle driving up and down there knowing she was in there.
I've noticed she's better dressed, her clothes match, the colors are better coordinated. Here her clothes are locked up in the closet in her room and they go in the morning and pick out an outfit and if she eneds help, they help her get dressed.

Tour was very good a lot of good info...

Tour was very good a lot of good information, was impressed with staff and knowledge. I will be contacting them for another tour for my sisters and brothers.

the Director was very informative. S...

the Director was very informative. Seems like a very nice place with activities to keep them busy, help with those that need it most, can personalize their rooms with things from home. RPN & LPN on staff & all the staff we met seemed friendly & happy to be there. Accepts medicaid.

From the Community

Brookdale High Point North Memory Care provides our residents with lifestyles, housing, care and services in comfortable surroundings combined with exceptional amenities, programs and care. Through Brookdale’s signature Personalized Assisted Living we customize our care offerings for the individual.  This allows each resident the freedom and opportunity to make choices that will ease their lifestyle transitions.  Our residents enjoy life with the support they need, coupled with the appropriate accommodations as their needs change. 


At High Point Place we promise Respect for Individual Preferences by offering personalized care needs and providing an atmosphere that encourages each resident to live in health and longevity.  We also offer special housing and care options for those who require assistance with the activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing and dispensing of medications. Our community offers graduated levels of care based upon the individual need of residents, as determined by our continual assessment process.  We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents every day with signature services for those who value their freedom and independence, but desire or need services providing them with the highest level of quality, care and value.