Brookdale Boise Parkcenter - Boise, ID

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  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

I won't go out of my way to recommend this facility

The reason why I picked this facility is because the location was close to me and I was in a hurry to move my parents in. They actually have a program where you can stay as a temporary resident and the apartment comes fully furnished. The staff members here are awesome, loving and caring. Unfortunately, they have downsized their staff and it really slows up in their ability to care for the residents in a timely manner. My dad would push his button and it would take up to 30 minutes before someone would get to him. We looked at getting specialized nursing care but the facility said they would not be able to allow it. The other thing that my Father had a problem with is the food service. It was never that good and sometimes it would be an hour before they served him. By the time he actually got his food, it was cold. I feel like the facility brings you in by offering cheap rent but then they tag on all of these extra charges and they won’t tell you when the rent is being raised. I’m not saying I won’t recommend this facility, but I won’t go out of my way to recommend it to other families.

Dinner is served in a timely manner

My Mother-in-law is here. The place is clean and they’re very timely with meals. They don’t have a set breakfast and they’ll serve whatever the residents want. It’s served until 9am but even if you show up late, like 5 minutes to 9, they’ll still serve you. She really likes the idea of being served at dinner with a waiter so this works well for her and it is really nice. There was a place that she was at before here and it took almost 2 hours just to get the food. The residents are allowed to update their apartments and she got a gem of an apartment because the residents before her had updated everything. My only complaint is that the maintenance man is very nice but I think he might have some personal problems going on. He took something off of her door because it had broken, 3 weeks ago, and said he would come back and fix it but he never came back. Housekeeping comes by every 2 weeks to clean the apartment but my Mother-in-law has to wash her own sheets and things like that. She’s been able to plan it out, though, so that when housekeeping comes by, they’ll make the bed for her. There are guard rails along the hallways and in the bathroom for added safety. It’s really a pleasant place. The hallway that she’s in has an outside door that has a keypad where you have to put in a code to get in, so it’s secure. They have some extra TLC it seems with the staff – the waiters will run over and get peoples’ walkers without even being asked whenever meals are finished. Everyone knows the residents’ names and that’s really nice.

All is going well!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and so far she is very pleased with how things have been going. I have talked to her multiple times where she has said how much she is enjoying her time in her new living environment. She has had no complaints about the meals and is enjoying the dinning experience with some of the other residents. Overall it has been a great place and I would recommend it to anyone interested.

Comfort for Mom!

My mom has been very satisfied with her stay! Everything seems to be going very well so far! The location has proven to fit my mom's needs and requests. We are very pleased!

Still adjusting..

My parents are doing well for the most part since their move in, my mom is adjusting a bit better than my father. For the most part, I am happy with how things are going at Brookdale. My loved ones have joined some activities and are interacting with other residents. They have only been there a little over a month.

Comfort for my parents!

My parents are doing very well since making the move to Brookdale. I would recommend them because they have done everything they promised. My loved ones have joined in some activities and are comfortable in their apartment. It has been a good experience so far.

A comfortable community

Mom is doing better and I am glad I have been able to be there for her. The staff are very nice and they are trying to take good care of mom. I have noticed there is not good communication with them. I have addressed some issues and they do not get back to me with a resolution. Mom and I both like the food. They do her laundry, however some of her clothes have come up missing. This community is acceptable and close to me. I would recommend this community.

Not a good match

My mother-in-law felt they were a little harsh about what they expected of her after her evaluation. I know their intention was to challenge her and improve her health and independence. I sensed she felt it was a little overwhelming. It came down to it not being a good fit for her. Her comfort was most important.

Good respite stay.

My husband was here for a respite stay. I was out of town while he was there and they updated me often and let me know how he was doing. They seem to take good care of them and he was happy.

I love it here!

If I tried to find a complaint, I don't think could. The place is wonderful. The meals that are provided here are great, and the staff is all very friendly. The complex is clean and maintained well. We chose this place because it is close to our grandkids and we really liked it when we toured.

Great Stay!!

I was only in this community for a short stay but I was very pleased with the experience I had. The staff was wonderful and very accommodating to all of my needs as best as they could. The apartment was very spacious and had a really big bathroom which was the main reason I had to stay in this facility for a short time. Overall I am happy and would recommend this place.

Best for me so far. Not sure yet about the cost

Good Place

I was a temporary live in for 3 weeks due to an earlier accident. The staff was friendly and caring. The residents seemed happy. i would recommend Brookdale for a short-term or respite visit. I cannot address the issue of long-term residency but it is on my list for consideration if I should need long term assisted living care.

The aids that were helping the residents when we walked in were stern and rude to the residents. Talked with our tour guide (the activity director) about this. She was very concerned and intended to follow up. Otherwise, the facilities were acceptable. The rooms were ok. Dining choices looked nice. Activities looked well planned and engaging.

Great experience

They were very friendly and helpful in getting me settled into my temporary home away from home. Spent many hours getting a rented hospital bed delivered and fallow up with physician regarding medications. I would recommend Brookdale to anyone who needs respite or short term assisted living arrangements.

Base prices for suites are higher than comparable facilities.

Carmen was very helpful; she gave me a tour and offered any assistance I may need in finding the best place for my parent. The studio she showed was tiny, but the rooms do have large windows with lots of sunlight.

Community Fee ($2500) is much higher than other places I've toured. Suites are also more expensive, comparatively. Difficult to calculate the additional cost of care plan because Brookdale determines this on individual basis, referred to as an "a la carte system."

I met the RN on staff; she was pleasant. The administrator doesn't have much in the way of social skills. Not impressed.

Can't review care services or activities as this was only a tour.

5 Star

The staff at Brookdale have been so accommodating , helpful and friendly. The facility is clean and updated. The residents look happy and the grounds are kept very well.
The transition has not been easy for my Father in law. He has been somewhat difficult. With that being said, I feel the staff has tolerated him very well. I give Brookdale a 5 star rating.

had to pull her out of the assisted living

We got my aunt established about a month in independent living at Villas at River Place. We actually had to pull her out of the assisted living at this facility. They are undergoing remodeling. It was unorganized, the staff were stressed out, overbearing, and condescending. My aunt wanted to have some say and authority in her life and she just was not getting that in the assisted living there. They have great programs at this facility. The staff take them neat places and have high functioning activities. The marketing person there was a huge advocate for my aunt and I really appreciated that. One other frustration is we weren't even given a price sheet on what is the base price and what are add on's. I still haven't been able to see that. I am really hoping things get better in the independent living section at this facility.

So far I would rate them pretty highly.

So far everything seems to be going as best it can be going. The adjustment is hard. Most everyone has been very helpful with answering questions and things like pointing me in the right direction. I watch the staff with other residents as well as with my loved one, and I don't have any concerns there. It's pretty clean, and I've had some experience before so I think I know some of what to look for. So far I would rate them pretty highly.

It's wonderful, the people are so nice

It's wonderful, the people are so nice, the staff is wonderful. The food is fantastic. After my last place this is heaven. I am just so happy here.

Great Place to Live

I have never been treated so well. I have lived in two places and they were not like the villa. The villa is clean and has big windows to let in the light. I love waking up every morning and see my cat laying in the window enjoying the sun. I seen my first deer up close, and never realized what beautiful animals they are. the mallards are pretty and i love to watch the squirrels chasing each other up and down the trees. Of course my cat really likes it to. There is plenty of walkways in the community to walk and enjoy the outside. The food is so good, and the staff is great. management could not be any better. They are the best. I love, love the villa.

Greatest place in Boise, Idaho

I have been here just a few days, but the staff makes you feel like you are part of the villa. I love it so far. Can't say enough about how i feel. The grounds are beautiful and the inside is the same. The food is so good. Never have i had food like this. It's healthy , and as i said so good. Lots or things to do if you chose to do them. As i said before, staff is great, and you know that they care about the residents. You wake up every morning knowing that you are in a safe place, and you are taken care of. Wow what more could you ask for. Come to the villa and you will not be sorry.

Bright and cheery

My loved one didn’t do a lot of the activities. What I liked was the rooms were provide like their own little unit – very personal and inviting for families as well as the resident themselves because it was apartment like. We could decorate them like we wanted which was an excellent bonus. It was overall very welcoming – bright and cheery. I never felt like mom was in a bad place. She was just being taken care of.

Way too big, something happened and I can't prove it, but...

It's very expensive. We learned a lot, but it's too big. I feel like there was a problem with theft. Something happened, but I can't prove it, so I can't say exactly. It's too big for them to take care of the people one on one. It was also very much just a job, for the caregivers. It was impossible to get to know anyone, it was just too big.

Great Transportaion and Lots of Activities

I think it's a very competitive price for the Boise area. As far as I know the care is fine. I'm quite a ways away. We did this for my mom. They have lot's of activities. They have exercise, I think everyday. They have a balance class a couple of times a week. They take people to medical appointments 3 days a week. The transportation services are very good. They go to the bank and grocery store and those kinds of places. My mother also has a couple of friend that have moved in there and it's close to the home she was living in before so those were important factors in our decision.

Probably an off day but our...

Probably an off day but our visit was horrible and uncomfortable. I felt like there was zero preparation or compassion during our interview. The lady made me feel terrible for considering putting dad in assisted living and made dad question why too. She even pointed out that dad was in a bad mood and could come back when he was better. I had spent weeks making it a positive thought for him and she really blew it by some of the things she mentioned. I give it one star because the building was very nice. I liked the patios and extra storage in the rooms. I would never consider this place for my dad as I don't feel that aesthetics are enough to make a person with dementia feel at home.

cottages are larger units b...

cottages are larger units but walkways may have snow in mornings in winter.

Studio apt $2,300+; includes all meal...

Studio apt $2,300+; includes all meals; average age 80; Axiom gym one block away w/ pool; very full right now; no studio's available; probably too expensive - recommended Affinity

Very nice location, dining room, met ...

Very nice location, dining room, met a few residents, was not invited to share in lunch while there

From the Community

Brookdale Boise Parkcenter Assisted Living is located in Boise, Idaho, and we are proud to provide services to seniors in the greater Ada County area. We are located less than one mile east of Boise State University and our residents enjoy the unique cultural and educational options the university provides. We are also surrounded by parks and natural areas such as the Boise River, Parkcenter Park, Boise River Greenbelt and Municipal Park.

Brookdale Boise Parkcenter is happy to assist you with everyday tasks and other needs, and we offer:

Visiting rehabilitation and medical specialists
Short term care
Assistance with daily hygiene and grooming needs
Medication management
Mobility assistance
Meals designed by a registered dietician
Chronic condition monitoring
Housekeeping and laundry services
Transportation services
On site beauty and barber shop

We are a lively and active community where residents can enjoy everything from live entertainment, educational seminars, individualized exercise classes and church services in our on-site chapel. We enjoy frequent outings for shopping at local farmer's markets, enjoying the art museum, zoo, botanical gardens and much more. We understand that pets are family also, so your furry friends are welcome and pet care assistance is available.