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Customer Reviews

Wellspring Village met & exceeded all expectations

My loved one, [name removed], came to Brightview from another facility. I knew neither he nor I could stay there another day and it was with great happiness we made the move to Brightview, South River, Wellspring Village. Sadly, our stay was just two weeks - but those two weeks were without stress, tension and anxiety for me. For [name removed] they were filled with a staff who were caring and compassionate, warm and friendly, and professional and efficient. When [name removed] needed assistance - assistance was there in a timely manner. There was never any under current of staff not getting along & they worked together very well nor did I ever see anyone on their cell phone...unlike the other place. [Name removed], Wellspring Village Director is knowledgeable and professional. She beings energy, and a positive attitude to work every day which trickles down to all staff. Wellspring Village is/was an outstanding, well organized, safe environment for the love of my life.

battered and bruised

My 100 yr. old father-in-law was a resident for 2 1/2 yrs. They called us one day to report an "incident" and they called 911. My father-in-law denied medical care.
When we took him to the hospital , he had massive bruises on his front chest and back. The hospital called the abuse rep and she took notes and pictures.
The police investigated and could not "prove" abuse. However, Brightview changed the story of what happened several times. There would be no other reason to call 911, unless something really bad happened.
My father-in-law has since died from unrelated causes, but we know someone really hurt him. He told us all he did was ask for water in the middle of the night.
So, please do not send your loved ones to this facility.

Brightview Senior Living

Local Representative

We know you and your family cared deeply for your father-in-law and we genuinely did as well. Brightview had a great relationship with your family for over 3-years. We hold our associates to the highest standards and strictly follow Maryland and local regulations. Calling 911 after an incident occurs is state and assisted living protocol. As you had noted, the police investigation and two state investigations cleared Brightview from any wrongdoing.

Thank goodness...

I have loved Brightview South River for 3 years now..They take care of my Aunt as if she was their own family member..the place is clean and friendly...from the Director, who always lends a listening ear..and has been very creative in several rather sticky the nurses and support staff..the admissions lady was honest about what they could and couldn't do from the beginning and they have been true to their word...thank goodness for Brightview South River..don't know what I would have done without them!

Brightview Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to share your positive review and feedback about Brightview South River. We are delighted that you and your Aunt love the community. We often hear residents, families, and friends talk about the 'family-like' atmosphere at our Brightview communities. Strong relationships and bonds are formed quickly. It is another reason why residents and families chose Brightview.

house of horrors

This is a horrible assisted living. A resident told me that her husband was dying of cancer and was only permitted to see their doctor. As he died in the facility, he received nothing more than Tylenol D.

The staff have to perform many tasks that do not fall under their responsibilities which makes for unhappy employees.

They are short staffed. At the time I was there, the employees were making fun of the music playing and were complaining about their jobs.

The residents were not a priority. The building looks nice but it is a façade.

Don't put your loved one here.

Brightview Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback about Brightview South River. We would like to respond to your concerns but have not encountered a situation as you describe – a resident losing his battle to cancer while staying with us – so we are uncertain how you would have knowledge of our program. Our excellent reputation in the community is important to us. Each year, an independent consultant conducts a survey to measure resident, family, and associate satisfaction, and Brightview South River consistently receives high scores for care. Please call the Executive Director at [removed] to share additional details.

Not a good experience

There is not enough staff to care for the residents at this community. The community is beautiful and they keep it well taken care of. They do offer a lockdown area for memory care. They offer a lot of activities. The care is not the best for the cost. I would not recommend this community.

This is a very nice facility, however we favor a different facility that is more suitable to out particular needs.

Everything was great!

We really just fell in love with this community. It's fairly
new and it was super clean. The people were super thoughtful and helpful with everything. I will be sending my parents here when they need to have this type of care. Really impressed me.

Brightview Senior Living

Local Representative

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to share your positive rating and review of Brightview South River. Residents love living at the community, and families appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having Mom and Dad living here. Our communities are clean and well-maintained but we believe our associates make us the top choice. They are committed to exceeding expectations each day! We look forward to Mom and Dad joining the Brightview family!

A nice tour.

This was a nice and clean community. The staff was very nice and friendly. The food was very good and appealing. They do offer alot of nice activites.

A Decent Tour, Staff for the most part Friendly

My tour of this facility was decent. For the most part the community appeared to be well maintained from. The staff was pretty friendly and nice. I found other community that was more appealing. This just wasn't the community for my parents.

Wellspring Memory Care Unit needs changes

A few observations of Wellspring Memory Care after moving our mom in from the BV assisted living area.
1. There was no formal orientation to the memory unit to explain services, what was offered or the daily routine we could expect for mom. Examples: schedule of room cleaning, bed linens changed, activities advertised but not offered
2. Issues concerning odors in the hallway and in moms room
3. Returning mom to her room after an outing to find another resident asleep in her bed, Only then did management mention that if that was a concern we could put a special door knob on her door.
4. The staff for the most part are friendly, but I feel its management there that sets the tone. Many of the staff seem disengaged from the residents and their jobs in
It seems common sense is lacking in protocols or policies...memory care residents tend not to sleep well so when staff checks in each room at night why leave a tv on when resident is asleep, takes a second to turn tv or light off. Does the nightshift person really need to come in at 5:20am to turn bathroom light on and make noise next to sleeping resident just to empty the bathroom trash? Management should make rounds on all shifts to be aware of routines so that things can be made better and ensure all staff treats residents as they would want their own moms, dads or family treated.


Yikes yikes yikes...
What has happened here? I had an illness and could not see my sister-in-law for a good spell (2014), sadly. I come back here and my Heavens. The "concierge"(Huh?) or I say the classless front desk?receptionist, used to be professional and warm, I feel like I entered a hair salon. I could not even see the young lady or hear her. She had so much hair in her eyes, and her long, shocking nails, were distracting.
The staff there is gone, the nice young guy that was a cook is gone(Dave?), The maintenance guy is gone ( I don't know names), There used to be a nice man named Frank , who I think was the manager, or Executive Dir.? He made our group feel welcome, and even offered us tea. Now there is a young-ish lady running around named Nadine ?
She is in very unprofessional clothes, dirty shoes & walking around eating snacks, and I observed ZERO interaction with the residents by her (heaven only knows what the interaction level is behind the closed doors in the dementia portion). I see workers sitting out front on the porch furniture, I presume on a break, They don't look, smile or greet anyone. I was a little
embarrassed, I was proud to bring a few of my line dance group in. That was egg on my face. TERRIBLE. What has happened??????? The new Executive Director .. is destroying this place, one can assume. It is her job to oversee this once-wonderful place.
The residents are NEVER, EVER doing activities. When my relative became a resident , it was said they would have plenty of activities.
The assistant workers do wear nice uniforms, but THEY are no longer nice. I don't recognize any of them at all, and they certainly could learn some social graces.
Very, very sad place. I would be mad if it were like this for $ 2,000.00 a month, let me tell you, a nice lady told me her loved one's care is over 9k a month now( The dementia portion) and she and her daughter expressed a lot of grief and sadness about the decline in not only their Mother in law/G'mother, but In BrightView period. I believe they are actively looking for a new home for their loved one. The care they promise and what you get NOW, are two totally different things. It has a very empty , sad, almost evil feel now.
Please look elsewhere, If you are set on this place for a loved one, please visit often and note your loved one's care!!!! The workers and staff DO NOT CARE, and THEY ARE NO LONGER VETTED OR TRAINED for the care needed by probably half of the residents.
Housekeeping seems to be about the same, pretty good I guess. Good days , bad days. The common areas are very clean and nice. My thought is , they are only worried about superficial impressions. Oh and of course, they apparently have an annual increase of $200.00-800.00 a month. The area is so wonderful and nice. It's so sad. Whoever hired all of these new people is really a bad judge of character, and lacking compassion. I may also note, there is no diversity to be found here. It used to be a nice mix of people who were well-mannered and caring. Literally, I think they only hire [removed] now. I am not sure if that is by design , but I must mention it regardless.

Overpriced, understaffed, underwhelming

A year ago it was decent, now it's not. Understaffed, residents are left to entertain themselves in a small TV room. There is a horrible smell. I would not put my parent there.


Well spring Village should be called anything but. No one there is well. The facility smells strongly of urine. There don't appear to be many activities. Once you are admitted, it's hard to get out. My grandma hates it, moving her


The staff is trying their hardest. The memory care unit is understaffed and it shows. The facility smells strongly of urine. Everyone appears to just be existing, no stimulation. DO NOT PUT your loved one here. No communication!

Need memory care , RUN !

If your parent or loved one needs memory care , RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! The prevalent odor is urine, loud and clear. The staff to resident ratio is horrible. The residents are seated in a small TV room for entertainment. The management is non-existent. The staff is over worked, many are nice decent people but some are not.

Wonderful facility, head of nursing- Suzie [remove] was a lifesaver. Bigger facility, nice activities

I had to quickly place my Mom in a facility. Brightview staff have been extremely supportive during a difficult transition.

NO LONGER A GOOD community

This place used to be an amazing example of a dream destination for your loved one. Slowly, and imperceptibly, things changed. Great people left BVSR, and really low-class Nursing-home style aides were hired. Next thing we turned around and it is a nursing home! Gum-chomping, loud, resentful , unconcerned workers. Actually this is the case for almost all positions now. I can't tell if I'm at Home Depot in Large or a supposed upper-scale community.
I see tons of residents sitting around with absolutely nothing to do. The staff doesn't engage them. There is never anything going on in the bistro. It was touted as the place for all the fun, social activities. Nothing! There are no coffee machines or refreshment stations for guests. I never ever see any supervisors, or health care agents observing the residents. No managers in any part of BVSL managing the workers!
My neice has seen the workers sitting around staring visitors down, the main rooms' television was taken over by the Resident's assistants watching soap operas and briefly BET was broadcasting a violent, profanity-laced movie, thanks to workers breaking the rules. NO SUPERVISORS ANYWHERE.
There is a lot of employee foolishness in the back of Bright View, makes you feel like you are at a school yard.
The price is high here, and corporate will have a stranglehold on your bank account. They get you in, and continually raise the rates, and offer you less. They make you feel powerless. It's all a corporate game.
They are a greedy corporation now. They want every penny you have, yet , as I said, offering no better service, actually declining, average-at-best service. They keep you over a barrel.
People are leaving. I am searching for a new community for my brother. This place went from Nieman Marcus to Walmart.

Some positive, and some concerns.

Some things have been very positive, but there are some concerns as well. At the moment I am not overly thrilled with them. It's clean and the staff is friendly. They try to accommodate where I wouldn't expect. They have a happy hour and learned that she liked a certain wine, and made it a point to provide that kind. I have seen them try to get her to engage in some of the activities. I also know that she has tried to sign up for certain activities, and they have been full even after multiple tries. I don't know if they have a waiting list for the more popular activities, to make sure they all get a turn. There aren't many smokers, and they don't have a very comfortable area for those that do. They have temporarily addressed this issue, but come winter, I am not sure how well that will work. They only want you to use their pharmacy, even for over the counter items like vitamins, that I can get elsewhere for less money. Also there have been some charges on the first bill that were not authorized and were not expected, the unexpected charges were quite large, and we were very clear when we signed up about wanting to know and approve any extra charges.

Great Place

Brightview is a newer community with a very nice building. We really liked this community and were one of our top two. The only reason we didn't chose it was because the other community had a beautiful view of the river. Brightview is located in a very convenient location with access to shopping, restaurants and other places. The staff was really nice and they have plenty of activities they do with their residents. We would recommend this community to anyone.

I loved this place. Close to my house...

I loved this place. Close to my house.Rooms are nice and care is good.

From the Community

Brightview South River is located on Lee Airpark Drive off of Old Solomon’s Island Road in Edgewater, MD, Brightview South River features 64 Assisted Living apartments, and a 26-apartment neighborhood, known as Wellspring Village®, dedicated to award-winning Alzheimer’s Care. Brightview South River offers seniors the assistance they need and the full life they deserve.

The design-build community features residential apartments and personalized assistance and care services for seniors who need help with the activities of daily living. Apartments at the three-story community range in size from 300 to 850-sf and offer the residents a variety of floor plans.

Brightview communities are known for offering a holistic approach to care and life enrichment. Each resident is esteemed for their unique individuality and the days are built around fulfilling relationships and activities that promote feelings of productivity, well-being and self-esteem.

In addition to a personalized care plan, services include housekeeping, dining, transportation, and maintenance provided by a highly trained and caring staff. The community features a café/bar, a beauty/barber salon, and several other amenity spaces. In conjunction with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines, Brightview South River parent company, The Shelter Group, is dedicated to sustainable conservation strategies for Brightview South River to promote energy efficiency, water efficiency, healthy buildings, and the conservation of natural resources.