Spring Arbor of Severna Park - Severna Park, MD

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Customer Reviews

Not what it looks like

My husband went to the “cottage” The day I took him there, no one to actually him in (knew he was coming). Had to fight 3 days to get room from 72 to 77 degrees. The Director of the cottage has ice water in her veins. The place wasn’t what they tell you when you visit. Pulled my husband out after one week.
They more interested in doing decorations than taking care of individuals.
When I wrote the letter saying I was pulling my husband out, no one ever contacted me, saying anything about being concerned. Apparently all they were concerned about was they had my money.

I really liked this facility. [name removed ]took a lot of time to walk me around the building and the location is beautiful. The pricing model is more "inclusive" and doesn't nickel and dime you. Haven't made a decision yet, but this is at the top of my list for now.

Fantastic, will be taking my parents back for a tour.

A community for mom

We toured this community due to the great staff and the environment that we wanted for my mom's care. The menu of the meals that are provided would be appealing for what my mom wanted. They have activities for her to participate. The community is clean and nice for her to enjoy. They did not have a room available in my mom's choice at the time. We would highly recommend this community for care for a loved one.

Needed transportation to church

We considered Spring Arbor for my mom but we called and they let us know they could not provide transportation to my mom's church.

My thoughts

This community was our second choice. The community we chose was a little closer to family. The staff we met were very kind. The community was clean they allow pets and they seem to offer some nice activities.

A wonderful staff and felt like home. However too far from family and no Independent Living.

A welcoming environment

The staff are awesome and friendly. The aids were conscientious about checking on dad often. They were quick to respond when he needed assistance. They offer many social activities. The food was good overall. This community is clean, inviting and I would recommend it.

I am very happy with the care that my mom is getting here. The staff is outstanding in every way. She is getting great meals and a good variety. The are offering her activities to stay active. We like the cleanliness of the community and would highly recommend other families for the value and care.