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Customer Reviews

Negligent management causes roach infestation

I lived and Brentwood Tower apartments for a year-and-a-half. I'm going to start off this review by saying it is absolutely not worth your money the amount of money I had to put into this place when moving out was more than I would have paid been living somewhere else. My apartment had a roach infestation and after telling the leasing office they did not spray after emailing the leasing office they did not spray not until the third time that I had told the leasing office did they spray by this point I had roaches coming out of my books roaches, coming out of my coffee pot, and roaches coming out of my bed I just throw away my matress to throw away almost all of my small electronics this place is borderline unlawful as management it is their duty to spray and due to them being [Removed] I lost most of my items. On top of that this is an old building which means it has a lot of problems due to the pressure of the building the outside of my window cracked of in June 2016 my window was already partially open when it was cracked so I was unable to close it and though I had told them about this I had to live through the entire winter of 2016-2017 with my window cracked making my apartment freezing and almost unlivable. My garbage disposal broke and March of 2017 and despite me telling them and never got fixed even when I moved out in in July 2017. Again due to the building being old there were electrical issues I would turn off the light and the light would flicker with it turned off. This place is unsafe do not live here. And after all of this I never even heard back from them about my safety deposit. I would not suggest living here.


I've lived at Brentwood since 2014 and I've had so many issues I'm working on a lawsuit. Every company subcontracted out by the property manager, [Removed], are a misfortune to the residents.

If your car gets towed the office will tell you that there is nothing they can do, you must call the tow company. I called and the "gentleman" couldn't speak english clearly, was not concerned with helping to get your vehicle back to you, it was dented and scratched when I got it back and there was a nail in the tire.

If your laundry gets ruined in the washing machines they provide, they will tell you "there is nothing they can do" as it is not there responsibility," that you must call the subcontractor who services the laundry facilities. The majority of the time only 2 out of 6 washers and 3 out of 6 dryers work. Id just bought clothes for a new job, washed them and they came out with massive bleach stains on them - I don't use bleach. The subcontractor said they can't control how much liquid people put in before me and if it overflows into my machine it's not their responsibility.

Maintenance came to do some plumbing in my bathroom over a year ago, and the kid didn't take out anything from in the cabinet, directly under the drain pipe, so it ruined all the necessities. [Removed] herself instructed me to bring down a list of all the items that were ruined and that they would reimburse me. I had stopped in 7 times over the course of the time and asked about the reimbursement I was promised. Yesterday I go into the office and ask again,[Removed] the office manager tells me, "oh yeah [Removed] said she's not going to pay that. That's why she encourages getting renters insurance." So....she just decided she didn't want to reimburse me for damages HER EMPLOYEES did to my possessions?

The walls and floorboards are infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. Babies mostly. Furniture next to the dumpster: "Do Not Take, infested with bed bugs due to management [Removed]." I woke up last week to a large cockroach crawling on my cheek. I've pulled off the wall trim and cleaned, sprayed commercial grade pesticide spray, and caulked the paneling back on and in that area I have seen a tremendous improvement.

WE DID NOT HAVE HOT WATER from October 2014 until May 2015. Every week I inquired when it would be turned back on and every time I was told, "In a couple days" or "definitely by next week." I can only imagine how much money they saved on screwing everyone over during the winter.