Brashear Towers Senior Citizen - Livonia, MI

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Customer Reviews

Positive experience, new owners

This is an excellent choice for subsidized housing. I have only been here for 2 months and there are new owners and a good maintenance staff and very clean since the older reviews given here. No hurricane unsightly fence now! This is Oct 2018. This is not comparable to assisted living so that is the reason for less stars for care services. The residents do look out for each other. There is a small pool/tv room, small exercise room and large dining area to be remodeled The grounds are clean and well kept as well, as snow and salt removal the residents have told me. Only planned activity is bingo, but residents plan card games, a trip to casino, etc.

No So Great!

Been living here about 10 years. The quality of life has dropped over time. Used to have excellent maint. crew of about 5 people. Repair requests were performed in a timely fashion with follow ups to make sure everything was OK. The grounds and parking lots were kept neat and clean. The common areas also kept clean. Only problem at first was an arrogant and dictatorial manager. She was replaced after a couple of years. New management was OK until a couple of years ago. The maint. staff has been gradually been cut to one person as of now. He is over-worked. Housekeeping is farmed out to a small crew, sometimes one person spending all day vacumming the hallways and dusting - which is haphazard and sloppy. Hallway windows go for weeks before getting cleaned. The 1st floor common area restrooms used to open 24/7 for the convenience of the residents and visitors who's needs were urgent. Now and for a few years the restrooms are locked 24/7 except for the key in the office if one can wait that long, which is available only during office hours.New 1st floor hallways and lobby carpet was installed last year. Took a week or more to install. Only after it was finished did management realize that the patterns didn't match up between the lobby and the two adjacent hallways. The lobby carpet had to be pulled up and re-done at what expense? A hurricane fence was installed all around the building as a safety measure for upcoming building wall re-surfacing work. That was 5 years ago. No new building surface and the fence is still up. Looks like a 1930s E.Berlin ghetto gulag. 15 or 20 trees were cut down last Fall for reasons never given at promised tenant/management meetings which also never happened. And lastly - the cable company switched over from analog service to digital which required tenants to purchase a conversion unit. But the two TVs in the common areas of the lunch room and the billiards room have not been converted. Management claims they called the cable co. But haven't followed up after over 6 weeks - that is if they ever called them at all. So the programs that many people here like to watch (because they do not have the multi-station service in their apartment) on one of those TVs cannot be watched. So all in all the quality of life and services here at the Brashear Towers is less and less what it was but should be.

Good Facility

Main managers are excellent, [Removed] as well as the building support staff. Always on top of situations and provide needed upkeep and support for residents. Compared them to other low-income providers in the area and they are the best choice.

Poor Management

Lived here for 7/8 years. Been nice until a couple years ago. Maintenance staff reduced to one from 5. Ugly hurricane fence all around building. Trash around building. Ground floor public restrooms closed evenings and weekends. Several "accidents" have occurred as a result.