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Customer Reviews


been living here close to a year....everything seemed fine was told they was cleaning their aprtments out of the corruption with drug dealers and users and trouble makers.....well not true ...turns out alot are still living here and are up to the same ole crap nextdoor nieghbor deals drugs and does it himself ..when we first moved in it was okay ..then we get told about the corruption and that their actaully looking the other way still allowing needless crime and threats on others that live here to continue ...I started to believe what the nieghbors were saying when i started to see and hear it for myself...when the next door nieghbor came to our door drunk and threatened us .and this happened more then once. .when we complained to the office about this..we were told he would be told to stop or he will be asked to leave and his lease will be ended....well found out they never did a thing just looked the other way and this guy still is dealing drugs and has traffic comming in and out of his aprtment putting everyone that lives in danger ..because if a deal goes wrong or someone flips out or thinks their above the law like punks do..someoone innocent will get cought in the middle that lives here and will either get hurt or killed...I thought since new mangeament of a apartment complex that has a history of harboring drug dealers and criminals had changed since the new management . but that turns out not to be the end up paying rent and told to deal with it while the criminal has their lease renewed and that's a middle finger to those who live here and are paying this place is still corrupted ...their just keeping more of a low people can believe what they want....moving in to this place might be what it takes to see for ones self what im saying is true...believe don't believe's up to the reader what review they want to believe....but don't say someone did not warn for us we are going to have to find another place to live after our lease is up and mean while having to call the police everytime stupid idiots get drunk or high or want to steal or fight with us..something a paying tenant should never have to even deal with one should have to pay rent and have to deal with low lives they should have weeded out and should not be living here at if you want peace of mind after working or going to school and want to live in a safe place .you might want to look else where..