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Customer Reviews

Bonaventure-not a good choice!

It is a clean facility. But it is not friendly. There are the minimum of care workers. There are no security guards at night. And the food is terrible. The activities are few and are given to unqualified people to administer -if they even show up to conduct the activities! Independent Living renters check out as quickly as they can. My experience before the management changed in the fall of 2016 was more positive but Bonaventure in Colorado Springs is a depressing, badly managed, poorly staffed place. I cannot honestly recommend it to anyone.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your concern. Our goal is to always provide the absolute best service for each of our residents. We are truly sorry that you feel we did not meet your expectations. Your input is very helpful and will allow us to continue to improve. As a company we believe it is very important to offer all of our amazing residents exceptional meal choices, may sure they feel secure, offer exciting activities, and make certain Team Bonaventure is well trained. It is always our pleasure to adjust those needs as requested. If you would like to share more about your experience please feel free to reach me at: Gashby (at)

Think twice

I must agree with the negative reviewers. . .it was a case of having to find a place quickly for my in-laws, and it was the only one who had openings. The in-laws have gone down-hill very quickly, but do not want to put them in the assisted living area at this facility. . .looking for other options which we can pursue for them. Some of the staff are good, but the upper management (owners who live on west coast-mother & son) do not know or show much concern for the elderly. I too, think it is only the bottom line they care about, and the residents are not a priority. Unfortunately when they do get someone there who seems to really care about the residents and fight for them, they are let go, or leave because they can not get any changes made that are of benefit to the residents. BTW for the most part the food is very mediocre, and service at mealtime is pretty sad. I also feel most of the staff are not watching out or keeping track of the residents needs. You end up having to ask for many things and do your own follow-ups. (this is a general overview, there are some on staff who do care about the residents, but very few)

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thanks for the feedback. We are sorry you had a bad experience. We’ve been in business 17 years, we serve thousands of seniors a week, and we strive to create the best possible experience for the community. Please send me a note with more specifics so we can find out what happened and continue to improve: [removed].

Worth looking into!

This community looked nice when I took my tour. The food was good and the staff I met were nice. This is a step down community. This community did seem a little pricey.

No one should live here.

Do not move yourself or a loved one into Bonaventure Colorado Springs. We moved our parents in at the beginning of 2016 and we just moved them out at the end of May 2016. The 5 months in between was a nightmare both for our parents and for us. The root of the problems at Bonaventure is management, or should I say the lack of management. In the 5 months that my parents lived there, there was literally 90%+ turn over in management and staff. When we were meeting with the Executive Director prior to move in she assured us that there was a nurse on staff. After move-in we discovered there wasn't a nurse on staff. The ED had flat out lied to us. They hired a nurse about 6 weeks in, but she left after one month. Virtually all of the caregivers quit during the time of my parent's stay.

One day a girl showed up and wanted my parents to buy prescriptions, even though they get their prescriptions through their insurance (they declined to accept the drugs). A couple of weeks later, my parents got a $500 bill for the drugs. The ED, said she would take care of it. A month later, the same thing happened and their bill was now up to $1000. My parents never gave Bonaventure permission to buy their prescriptions. I wonder what happened to the drugs my parents declined to accept?

There was no check-in process when my parents moved in. No handbook, no interview, no staff welcome. We never got exterior keys or remote entries. We came home one night at 7:45 PM to find all the doors locked, no one on staff was there, and we had no keys or remotes to get in. The food is terrible, and turnover amongst the kitchen staff is atrocious. Expect to wait 2 hours to finish dinner, and expect to get cold, poorly prepared food. The kitchen routinely ran of of food and substituted reheated frozen food. One day there was a fire alarm, and several residents got stuck in the elevator. No staff member knew what to do. It took way too long for someone to get the fire department to let the poor, scared elderly residents out of the elevator. One of the residents had a stroke and no one on staff knew what to do. After an unacceptable delay someone called 911.

The 5 months that my 80 year old parents were there was so stressful that they both suffered health problems. Amongst management, there is a pervasive atmosphere of lying, backstabbing, and CYA. The morale amongst the staff is very low. The only person who did an outstanding job was the sales guy who schmoozed us with delicious meals in the dining room (last one my parents ever had there), gifts and promises.

We moved my parents into a nearby competing facility 5 days ago and the change has been like night and day. For the first time in 5 months, I feel comfortable knowing my parents are in a safe, caring facility.

I implore you that if you're considering Bonaventure, ask them hard questions. Ask them about turnover. Ask them about residents leaving. Ask them about qualified staff. But don't take their word for it. They WILL lie to you. Ask to speak with residents. Ask residents about how many people leave after only a short time there. I've truly never seen a more poorly managed business in my entire life. When your loved ones should be facing the end of their lives in peace, serenity and comfort, Bonaventure delivers stress, uncertainty and incompetence.

live as long as you can

Overall you can't just sit in your room here. There are so many activities going on, and much easier to get transportation to go out at this community. The resident socialize here, they recall one another and are not lonely. Like other smaller places close to Bonaventure that claim a smaller home-like environment is better, a few places very close to this community are just boring!!!! The residents are NOT BORED at Bonaventure. Other home-like places close to Bonaventure do not provide enough activities nor do they provide transportation.

relaxed place

Great place to just live out your remaining years relaxing.

The seemed to have a nice window dressing, but it seemed fake to me.

I toured here when I was looking for options. I wasn't very impressed. The seemed to have a nice window dressing, but it seemed fake to me. When I met with the nurse, I knew this wasn't a good fit for us.

The Worst Experience!!!!

6-27-15, Saturday
Today, I moved my mother out of the Bonaventure facility in Colorado Springs.We moved her in at the Grand Opening and had high expectations, were promised the world. Carlie was especially friendly. I should have known when none of my phone call were returned after giving a deposit that there would be a problem. But, the facility was nice and new, so we took the bate. Things started going bad real soon. They messed up my mother's long term care. It took me 6 months to get back on track, it was a nightmare. The food became horrible, the staff was cut in half. We finally after a year and a half, with no improvement, and n one able or willing to help us decided to move. From the moment I gave notice they started harassing my 80 year old mother. Her meds were always 3-4 hours late, if given at all. Many times she was given the wrong medications.They treated her with disdain at the dining room. [removed] has been especially cruel. Today [removed] refused to give my mother her medications. I had to call 911 at 12:00 PM for her 8:00 AM meds. When I told [removed] that I had called the police, she and another very unpleasant older woman who worked there asked me to leave the facility. I had even called her doctor [removed] and he phoned them 3 times and asked them to please give her her medications. The police arrived at 1:00PM. I could go on and on, but suffice to say, I cannot believe how we were treated, and I would not let these people take care of my pet fish let alone a loved one. Please don't be fooled by the new facilities, it is a bad, bad place to live. I have never been treated so rudely, and we never missed a payment at this facility. But, we were treated like trash. The way we were treated was criminal.


I got my parent out of there! We were a charter family. In the beginning it was great!
Then, employees who really cared about and loved the residents were let go. (ED, marketing, nurse ect.) They were replaced by an unqualified & incompetent
administration who are apparently concerned with the bottom dollar and not the residents.
The care giver / resident ratio is in question. We've heard there are several lawsuits pending. Residents were told that what they were promised in the past is no longer in
effect. They cannot get billing straight and it's a fight each month.

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