Bermuda Village Retirement - Advance, NC

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Customer Reviews

Bermuda Village is the real deal

Mom mother moved from Florida to live closer to me as she was needing more assistance and really was having trouble living alone any longer. It was a hard sell getting her to move here as she had always been so independent, but I convinced her and we moved her into a condominium at Bermuda Village in Advance, NC.

Well, it could not have been a better move and environment for my mom! Most of the residents there are still very active and my mom actually blossomed in a matter of two months. She was going to dinner with friends, enjoying being in a bridge club, movie nights and maybe evening having friends over for an evening glass of wine. She had not socialized like this in years and it wasn't until we saw her bloom that we realized that she had been quite isolated and even depressed living alone in her home the last couple of years.

The staff is FANTASTIC at BV! Within a week nearly everyone knew my mom's name and in no time at all we felt like she had lived there for years. They go over backwards to help the residents, chat with them sincerely showing interest and always with a smile on their faces. They are the jewels of Bermuda Village.

Other pluses - The food is very good and is ordered off a menu. The chef tries to add new items regularly so that doesn't get boring. The fitness area and classes seem great, but mom was unable to participate due to health reasons. They have plenty of social gatherings and regularly planned outings to see symphonies, plays....etc. Finally, Advance is a rural community, but it does have most everything you need just a couple of miles away - so mom could still grocery shop, get her nails done...etc. without me worrying about her getting lost in a new environment, plus Winston-Salem is just 15 miles away.

Bermuda Village was in my opinion the perfect place for mom and I know a lot of the residents there that were friends of my mom enjoyed it too. I hope if you are thinking a move there this review gives you some encouragement to go give it a look.

They had never told us she could get ...

They had never told us she could get VA assistance so my mother in law was paying out of her social security, she didn't have any money at all but they would accept medicare/medicaid so that's the way we paid them. It was worth it, she just couldn't do anything except pay her room and board. They really should have told us about that because it really helps.