Beacon Square Northville - Northville, MI

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Customer Reviews

Not what was promised

The Beacon Square facility is nice as it is a newer build but you do pay a premium. Also, the tour went well and we were told everything we wanted to hear. Unfortunately, shortly after my mother was accepted we realized we had made a mistake.
Soon after she was admitted, Beacon Square was pretty adamant about the family signing over the rights to my mother. My father did in good faith to rely on the staff. After meeting with the doctor and nurse practitioner it become evident that the care at the home would rely heavily on medication.
My mother wanted to do activities, interact and not just sit in front of the television. Instead, the staff were in their corners playing on phones and the residents positioned in front of the t.v. The fact of her not being sedentary did not go over well. In talking to the doctor he stated she was to be medicated and I quote, "it was not negotiable." The drug he put her on she had been on previously and it didn't go well. I told the doctor that but he said it was up to him to decide.
Well, she reacted badly and had to be taken to the hospital for suicidal thoughts. That was enough for us and she is now in a place she likes and the family likes as well.

Not a good experience

We did not have a good experience with Beacon. My mom was there 3 months. There was a lot staff on their phones while they would sit the residents in front of the TV to watch movies such as Jaws. The activities were always being cancelled. Nothing for the residents to do but walk the halls or sit in their wheelchairs and stare at the TV. We tried to complain to upper management but we were just blown off, nothing was ever done. There is also no dentist even though they will say there is one. We waited 2 months for a dentist who never came. Just don't feel there is enough to keep the residents engaged and happy.

Low rating

Originally my loved one was staying here and with all that we have experienced I would give them a low rating. This facility provides daily activities just like any other place but the staff would never really engage her to participate in them. She would be left sitting out in her wheelchair near the window looking out at the courtyard. They would also have activities that you would have to pay to go off site and you could sign up to go. Their little bus that they use for transportation only had space for two wheel chairs. Every time the list would come up the same two people would sign up and take the spaces for the wheelchairs. I talked to the activities director to voice the unfairness of this because my mother could never go. They would just tell me “yeah.. it is unfair..” and they never did anything about it. They even told me that they had vacancies for an outings to go driving around in the country so I said ok we can let her do that. However, trying to sign her up they told me “Well those trips are really for the memory care patients..”. The experience was not great here and my mother would seem to be always left in her wheelchair not getting the chance to be up and about.

Really happy here

I had a friend staying here and it is very clean. The caregivers are quite nice, but do the minimal. Not all the clothes are hers in her closet. They need to work harder at keeping her bed made with a blanket. The food looks good and has an elegant setting in the dining room. She is really happy here though. They have lots of daily activities