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  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy
  • Activities Onsite
  • 24 hour care
  • Wound Care Physician
  • IV/Infusion Therapies
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Free Wifi

Customer Reviews

A place with peace of mind

Everyone and Anyone who needs a caring , clean, staff with caring ways, staff that knows their and jobs and does it well, Supervisors that take care of your concerns in every department. My friend has been there almost a year now and still gets the good care from the first. The administrator and other supervisory positions, take care of your concerns quickly.

There is one thing that I don't feel the public understands. everyone has to wait turns for assistance some times, nursing facilities are not one on one basis as everyone will grasp no matter what situation they are involved in.

Baywind has an excellent facility and I can rest at ease when I am at home that my loved one is taken care of when I am at home, which does not happen at every facility. If you are looking for a clean, well staffed. knowledgeable staff, that cares for the people they take care of, a place that for the most part the residents consider Baywind their home for long term care residents. Look no further. Believe me when I say all my concerns are taken seriously and resolved, staff is knowledgeable of their jobs and polite( please let you know all of us have a bad day now and then , but no one at Baywind has ever disrespected me even on their bad days.
All departments are up to par and above everyday...Wound care a special thank you to the supervisor and [name removed], They really know their jobs and do the job whether you, the family, are there or not. They have done the unthinkable for me. Although I know the staff is all good at what they do, [name removed] in wound care has come thru for me many times and is excellent in her field. The supervisor of Therapy and wound care keeps everyone on their toes.

So this is just an update to let everyone know that if you can get accepted to Baywind, You have made a wise choice.

I want to thank all departments and staff for making my life easier, without a facility like Baywind my life would be a lot harder.

Family remember It takes all of us to make a home for our loved ones and with a well established family like the Barcelo family owned nursing facilities we can help our loved ones so much more.

Hope you can find out what a great facility Baywind can be for you.

of course don't forget our doctors at Baywind, they are always available for the nurses to get answers when I have one. The physician in charge of therapy/ wound care is really on top of things and available for me to discuss concerns, as well as the nurse practioner and other physicians, I am sure your mind will be put at ease at Baywind.

May god bless and keep your loved one taken care of in a place like Baywind.

Don't go there

My mothers care there was pretty good, but upon discharge they told us her new medicines would be waiting at our pharmacy. After 24 hours and talking to 4 different people, at least 5 phone calls, her blood pressure medicine as well as all others have still not been sent to our pharmacy. My mom had a stroke because of her blood pressure. They do not seem concerned.

I would rate our experience a 5! We are happy with the fact that housekeeping comes regularly to clean

It was all terrific.

I would give Baywind Village a 5.

The meals could have been better, but my loved one is also a very picky eater

I like this place because it feels like a home. Anytime we have questions we get answers

They are really great people here!

Everything was very good. My husband was at Baywind two years ago, and it was a good experience, so we have continued to recommend and use them

I would recommend Baywind Village to a loved one!

I like that the physical therapists talk to me about my loved one's progress. When I had the food, it was fairly good

We're pleased with Baywind Village. My loved one is making progress. The meals are nutritious and it's nice that someone else is making them. When there is anything I need to know, my loved one tells me

When I stayed in November, the food was excellent, so the change in kitchen staff may have been what has led to the terrible food now

I would recommend Baywind Village.

Our experience was a 4

When I would ask the staff about updates on my loved one, I
would get straightforward answers. My loved one just had an issue with the times that meals were served. She would have liked it if meals were served immediately instead of having to wait.

I would recommend them.

They are great. They call me every time something arises and can always answer my questions.

We've been coming here for 13 years now and we've never had a problem!

This is my loved one's third visit to Baywind Village and she likes them the most out of all the other rehabs in the area. The staff calls me frequently if they have questions or if she has needs or wants

The nurses and doctors are very friendly, but the CNA's are not as friendly. The rooms are small for two patients..

I'd recommend Baywind Village to a friend

My loved one is having climate control issues in her room. She said she has only seen a doctor once

Baywind Village

Local Representative

We would like to apologize for any climate issues that your loved one had during their stay at Baywind. We work hard to maintain our buidling and hope the issue was resolved during your stay. A physician and or Physician Assistant will visit a patient within the first 48 to 72 hours within a patient's admission. The physician will then see the patient weekly and is, of course, available 24 hours for emergencies. Please feel free to contact us if this did not occur during your loved one's stay.

The nursing care has been great for my loved one. My loved one is getting good staff care. Everybody is nice, helpful and friendly. I am being informed about my loved one by Baywind, but there seems to be no coordination from nurse to nurse, from nurse to therapy and from therapy to administration

Baywind Village

Local Representative

Thank you for allowing us to care for your loved one at Baywind Village. We always strive to make sure our families and patients have good communication about their plan of care. We also work hard to resolve issues when they arise. Each nurse gives a report at the end of their shift about each of their patients to the oncoming nurse. We would love to speak to you about your loved one's stay and determine how we could better serve our patients and improve our communication.

She loves her nurse and as long as she can see some consistency in the staffing, she will do very well. Administration is what needs improvement

Baywind Village

Local Representative

We are so glad your family member loved her nurse. Nursing care is at the heart of everything we do at Baywind Village. We apologize if you did not feel that Baywind's administration met your expectations. We would encourage you to contact us with specific concerns you had so that we can address them directly and improve the way administration is perceived by future patients and families.

Staff could be more responsive to the patients. My loved one does not like the food and says there is no taste to the meals, it needs more flavor

Baywind Village

Local Representative

At Baywind, responsiveness is such a high priority for us that our administrator recently approved increasing the amount of direct patient care staff on our Rehab halls. We are sorry your loved one did not like the food. Diets are often the hardest things for patients to adjust to in our facility. Frequently, physicians will place patients on a modified diet that reduces salt, fat, calories - or all of the above - as part of the treatment plan: this can be a hard transition for patients. Please feel free to contact us about how we can improve to meet your loved one's dietary needs.

My loved one really liked working with the rehab staff. Some of the nursing care staff is really good. There has been
miscommunication which has made difficult times even harder

Baywind Village

Local Representative

We are so glad that your loved one had a good experience with their rehabilitation and we are happy they bonded so well with our nursing staff. We would love to visit with you about how we could improve our communications with our families and patietns so that we may better serve you in the future.

From the Community

Baywind Village was founded by Frances Barcelo, who opened her first long-term care center in the early 1960’s after experiencing her own dissatisfaction with the options that were available for her father. Because of Baywind Villages’ roots, as family-owned and operated for over 50 years, it allows our staff to make the right choices for each patient in a timely manner.