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Customer Reviews

Love this place!

Love this place. They have been super with my husband. He has lewy body disease and bad hallucinations. They were patient with him and changed his medicines that really helped him. The staff is very professional and have excellent doctors/nurses and aides that have helped him immensely. Recommend a 5 star rating.

Very Happy with Bayshore

Moved my mother in recently after her second hospital stay in 6 months. It was a tough decision but, we really had no choice. The team at Bayshore has made the transition fast, smooth, and easy - helping with even the smallest details. We know they care, they keep a positive atmosphere, and the food and facility are top notch. It's comforting to know Mom is safe and being well cared for.

We toured many other facilities in Naples, Ft Myers, and Bonita Springs knowing this would happen at some point...Bayshore was, comprehensively, the best...highly recommend! Make the decision, you'll be relieved you did

A Caring Community

When my husband arrived at the Bayshore, he was greeted by several staff members. It made [name removed] feel right at home. Bayshore is caring, loving and a safe place for your loved one.

Bayshore has provided exactly what my wife needs which gives me enduring peace of mind.

After researching homes for my dear wife for a year, I chose Bayshore Memory Care. My homework paid off. She is adjusting well there as i continue to be pleased by the professional, loving care she is receiving. This was the only memory care I visited that I did not feel depressed being there. So many places are very clinical. I wanted a place that could feel more like home. Bayshore has that feel! It is clean, spacious and pleasing to the senses. The staff is experienced and friendly. They are engaging so I don't feel put off. They truly listen to understand what I am saying as one who is part of the Bayshore team. They have never tried to shut me out. They take a very pragmatic approach to allowing family to be involved. Bayshore does not believe in a one shoe fits all approach. I like that. Yet staff knows what they are doing without being a know it all! Very refreshing!!! My wife's doctor is provided by Bayshore and He is outstanding!!! Activities are engaging and interesting. On one activity, a picture was taken that was sent to me. As is said,"A picture is worth a thousand words". Well this picture captured the moment of happiness on my wife's face which translated into peace for our daughters who needed to know that mom was happy. I cannot put a numeric value to all that my wife and I have experienced because you cannot pay for intrinsic value that I have discovered at Bayshore. My wife is my treasure. I want only the best for her. I am at peace that she is right where she needs to be, And last but not least, the food is a joy to eat. I do not take for granted their tasty, well prepared and presented food. What a blessing!!!

Lovely community, awesome location. Very pleased and will use them when needed.

Wow what a great place. So clean and nice.
My sister [Removed] and I toured.

Very pleased with this community.
Very clean. Nice people. Good rating.

A good place all around

The staff seem to encourage the residents to be active. They are receptive to the residents and are aware of where the residents are. The ratio of staff to residents is great. I feel my mother in law is in a safe environment. They offer a lot of activities. This is a new brighter community. Her room has a high ceiling and hardwood floors. The food seems plain and healthy. I would recommend this community.


Everything is very good here. The staff is excellent and the facility is attractive and well designed.

Bayshore made a hard decision a little easier

After touring several facilities, Bayshore was the best option for us. The location, the facility, the staff, the programs, all fit our needs. Now that she has been there for over 2 months, she is doing better than we could've ever expected. She participates in more activities than she ever did at home and the staff gives her the extra attention when we request it. The staff is open to our phone calls, texts and emails, which we greatly appreciate.

Breath of fresh air

What a breath of fresh air, amazing memory care facility!
The staff could not be nicer, they truly care for all of the
residents. There is always a hug and a kiss when they great
the residents, very sincere.
I use to hate to visit my mother at her old residence, it was
very depressing. Bayshore is totally different, it full of activities bright clean and a beautiful courtyard to visit with
your loved one. I highly recommend bayshore Memory care!


Recently, my uncle's dementia progressed to a level whereby he required a facility transition from assisted living to memory care. As a Marine vet who had never been married my wife and I were quite concerned as to my uncle's ability and willingness to transition to a less independent environment.

Fortunately, after a thorough review of various memory care facilities in Naples, we selected Bayshore Memory Care for his residency. His transition has been remarkably seamless as a result of the excellent and professional care provided by the nursing, administrative and support staff. Importantly, as a new state of the art facility, Bayshore provides a thoughtful, nurturing and calm environment that has been very conducive to my uncle's successful move to memory care.

Many thanks to Alisha [Removed] and her wonderful and professional staff at Bayshore Memory Care.

Exceeded expectations

It is a very difficult decision to have a loved one move into a memory care unit. My wife, age 73, has had cognitive issues for 5 years and has declined over that time. We have had help in our home for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last two years, but I finally was exhausted by the care needed from me in the remaining 16 hours per day. In late August 2016 she moved into Bayshore. Our experience has far exceeded my best expectations. She is content and feels very secure. She has never asked to leave and when I take her out for lunch or dinner she is always willing to return without any resistance.
The staff at Bayshore is very compassionate and well trained. They have made her feel welcome and comfortable from day one. There are activities through out the day and my wife is much more stimulated and active than she has been in two or three years. She has a two room suite with a bathroom. We have furnished it with her own furniture and she is quite comfortable there, however, during the day she does not spend much time there since she enjoys the activities. She is sleeping better than when she was at home and I think it is due to her daily activities providing stimulation that results in her then having a good rest at night.
The staff has also worked with me to make the transition as smooth as possible. They are always willing to discuss issues with me and there is a monthly support group meeting for family and caregivers.
I visited several other facilities and felt Bayshore was superior. The main factor was my comfort with the staff who were very generous with their time and met with me and my family four times before we decided. The facility is new and well designed. There is no requirement to use a house doctor and my wife continues to use our existing GP.
I am very happy with the care my wife is receiving and the support provided to me. I would recommend Bayshore without reservation

Home Away From Home

My dad has been part of the Bayshore Memory Care family since it opened in November 2015. The administration and staff have consistently been supportive and understanding of my dad’s, and our family’s, needs during this transition from independent living to life at Bayshore. The facility has a simple floor plan, soothing décor and lovely outdoor courtyard. There are a variety of activities to keep the residents engaged, and friends and family members are encouraged to attend and participate. Although there has been turnover in the staff as mentioned in other posts, we have always seen genuine care and compassion towards all the residents. It’s comforting to know that Michelle, Emma, Joanne and Ronnie are there to greet my dad with a smile every day.

Every person transitioning to memory care has different needs and it’s important to find the best balance of features and facilities. Some places have more bells and whistles than others, but if your loved one isn’t in a position to take advantage of all the offerings, then they are superfluous. Knowing that the staff has real affection for my dad is reassuring beyond words. With the help of the caring staff, my dad has handled the transition better than I could have ever hoped and is thriving in the Bayshore community.

the next best thing to home

My Mom was one of the very first residents and moved in November 2015. The facility is beautiful, the individual rooms spacious.
There are many varied activities. On one visit there was a sing along in the activity room. Everyone was happy and engaged. It surprised me that residents who were unable to talk where able to sing! There is a great ratio of residents to staff and residents are kept busy and together during the day. My Mom is very social and enjoys being with the other residents.
The staff is both friendly and professional. Any concerns have been addressed and rectified promptly. I appreciate that the staff is so compassionate in their care and do not treat the residents as if it's just their job.

Worst facility in Naples!

Horrible facility!!! Don't even waste your time looking. New management team is running it into the ground. I will be moving my loved one out within the next two weeks.

Sandra Pennington

Local Representative

Thank you for providing us with this valuable feedback. We would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion so that we can better understand and address the concerns. Please feel free to contact us by calling our direct line at [removed] and requesting Alisha Pratt, Executive Director. Your feedback is important so that we can meet and exceed expectations.

Clean, well Fed, Engaged and well Loved.

I was hesitant to have my grandma move in due to the negative reviews, at the same time I was thoroughly impressed by what I was seeing upon my "discovery" visits. I wanted to go a few times unescorted to see the daily happenings and found the staff to be very personable, and attentively caring. After introducing myself to the now activity director Chris and a few of the other staff members I realized they held pride in their performance which was a breath of fresh air. My grandmother was in two other facilities before Bayshore over a short time span that proved to be simply unacceptable. Even though we were paying extra for special services, I would spend my visit time changing her clothes, cleaning her, her room, and bathroom. It was arduous, stressful, and I honestly believed she wouldn't survive if I didn't visit. All of that stress is gone. She moved in at the end of March, and the level of care has proved consistently wonderful. My visits are always pleasent even when my grandma is having a confusing day due to her dementia. I always leave satisfied knowing she is clean, well fed, engaged, and treated with love, patience, and respect. Every visit, she tells me she loves the food, activities, and how everyone seems to know her name. I highly recommend Bayshore to anyone seeking peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Review of Bayshore Memory Care - Naples, FL

this is a beautiful place and could see my husband being happy here. it is new just opened in November. I will keep this place on my list

Very Happy

This is our third Assisted Living / Memory Care Facility. We couldn't be more pleased. At first we had our concerns and there was some staff turnover but they certainly seem to be working the kinks out now. The new management is responsive, professional, and appear to really care about providing exceptional service. This is a newer facility so it's nice and clean, the food is good, and they've got great activities. Overall, the place is state of the art. It's not the least expensive place we toured but, definitely not the most expensive either. After being there for approximately 6 months now, we rest easy knowing my parent is safe, secure, and being well cared for... that's what's important to us.

A scam

The administrative team is weak. Turn over is apparent, no communication, and no support to their nursing staff. Promises made in regards to the care of our loved ones obviously to get our money but no follow through. The majority of the staff are excellent, the few nurses I trust there gave me peace of mind and now they are quitting quickly as they do it all. One particular nurse was amazing. She was bubbly, warm and experienced with my loved one and others and did it all now i hear she has resigned as well. I am highly disappointed as to the lack of communication, follow thru and support. Be careful what they feed you in the beginning it is not what it seems. Look elsewhere for your loved one. Make copies of all your bills and all your payments because they will try to scam you. I heard during a visit with my loved one who resides here that some staff are recently being drug tested and background checked! So who are the people caring for our loved ones? This place is unorganized and shady. I urge you to keep searching and on your tour observe common areas, observe the dining room and observe activities. Tour at meal times to see true view of what goes on. Staffing is a joke. Don't bring your loved one here!!

Do not even look at this facility.

The management has lied from day one about the level of MEMORY CARE and assistance Mom would receive. They sold me a bill of goods and have not delivered on anything. Five key management positions have turned-over, been dismissed, resigned or otherwise, since opening day - Nov 2015 (first 90 days).

The staff and management have failed on all key metrics: dining variety and quality, assistance with meals, respect and adherence to food and dining preferences, personal hygiene, number of showers, baths, etc, toileting on schedule, laundry - putting soiled items in with Mom's clothing for laundry, bleaching or otherwise ruining Mom's clothing- or losing it, using Mom's towels and wash cloths to clean feces from her body, etc.... The food and dining assistance is appalling - it resembles a correctional institution more than a "memory care facility".

This facility is managed by one of the largest manage-for-profit firms in the country - Life Care Services - Des Moines, IA - and the owners do not give a hoot what the management company does. They are a robotic, unresponsive and uncaring organization. I have never received a proper response - in writing - to any care concerns or issues from any staff member - local or management company.

Do not bring your family member, or anyone else you know to this deplorable facility.

As a seasoned veteran in healthcare communities, (due to my father) . I find Bayshore to be exactly what we needed. I was incredibly impressed by the care staff and clinicians, as well as the care of my father. Our family is so greatful for the amazing variety of fresh produce, fruits and choices in menu. I absolutely Cannot Thank the kitchen staff enough.Our special THANKS to Valerie, she herself sees to it everyday that the residents are well fed and Happy. Our family is thrilled with our experience.
Again THANK You!!!!

Love the facility

I love it all there. There is nothing they could improve. The staff is phenomenal there. The front staff is helpful as well.

Be careful what you wish for, from one with experience.

I know all about reviews, and all about facilities...
Been through it over and over now.........
I have never been less optimistic and more disappointed in my life, with a facility, and this is the 5th one I have experience with.
This is not a memory care facility--at all. This a 'retirement apartment complex', with meals provided, and medication dispensed by a nurse-if either are required-that is POSING as a memory care facility. Room , board, and meds is what you pay almost $7000 a month for here. Half the residents' families has been required to hire outside help just to make sure the basics are double the monthly price.....just for peace of mind. That is unacceptable!
Don't expect any day to day care with the basics--hygiene, dressing, helping into and out of bed.....etc. The bare necessities required are a disgrace......In addition, they claim to have some famous chef.........I've eaten there 10 times now, and the food is not only not chef worthy, but it is insultingly bad. It's almost inedible, and my standards are low. Why? Because nobody gives a [removed]! (How would you like to have 'stewed canned tomatoes as your side vegetable dish 4 nights a week!? This is not an exaggeration). Far from half edible cuisine. Another lie we were told before 'signing". The food is nauseating, because they figure dementia residents won't know the difference.
Apparently all these false promises and incompetence are justified by the offering of daily activities to the residents.......
WHO CARES!... if they are doing them while sitting in their own filth.

Don't want to get into more detail......but they do things like order Direct TV for the residents' rooms-with hundreds of random channels, and complicated remotes, for people who are incapable of the most basic of human daily requirements......and they expect them to understand that remote control!!
Assistance with daily living help is non existent.
I have to go there every day and change my loved one's diaper, over and over.....or else it will never get done.......and for the 7K a month they charge.
Don't care if they just opened recently--I've heard that one before--and a solid, knowledgeable, experienced company can transgress into a new facility easily, instead of making daily excuses......This is supposed to be an experienced company, who has got everything under control. Instead, it seems as though Life Care Services is only about one apology after another, for a the things most of us take for granted--which should be FIRST on their priority list, and should never have to warrant an apology!.....and they do care about the bottom line of course--making $$.
LCS....listen up.....Nobody cares what a nice library/spa you have, if her/his parent is found on the floor every morning, rolling in stool, to the surprise of the clueless staff, who would never have known if it weren't specifically pointed out to them by a family member, who should never have to feel compelled to go there and check and see every morning. A disgrace!
This is not the kind of business you handle with trial and error tactics, and learn as you go. Peoples' lives are at stake-from day one! And the the residents....God bless their poor souls, can't even get the very most basic daily living care that every human being is entitled to. In pajamas, soaking wet in the dining room for breakfast, or any given meal, I would hardly call basic care.
It's as sad as it is angering, and this place is already worthy of legal interaction. Do not believe what you 'hear', what you 'read', or what fancy paint, walls, new facilities, and decorations indicate......

*A facility is ONLY as good as the PEOPLE who work there.....PERIOD.
And it all starts at the top. Huge mistake moving our loved one there, thinking how much better it would be than where she/he cam from. Not even close.
This organization-Life Care Services, and those they hire- is/are completely delusional when it comes to what a "memory care facility" is. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear this is in fact their very first memory care center, and all their alleged experience is only with assisted living facilities--2 completely different entities. Please, check their background, and know what you're getting into before making a decision, regardless of how convenient the location might be. Thank You

From the Community

A state-of-the-art community designed solely for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Bayshore Memory Care combines the best of new design, personalized and specialized services, and high-end amenities in a refreshingly elegant setting. The next generation in senior living memory care is right here in Naples—it’s a beautiful place to live.