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Customer Reviews

The absolute best!

[Name removed] goes above and beyond for her residents as well as their families. I have visited Bayshore frequently over the course of the past ten years and can honestly say it is the only facility I would ever entrust the care of either of my parents, should that time come. The happiness, safety, dignity and respect of the residents at Bayshore are always the top priority for [name removed] and the rest of the staff she has so proudly trained. I’m proud of the work they have done and continue to do, and they should be proud themselves. A big thank you to all of you.

One Of A Kind Community

Bayshore Guest Home is a quaint small assisted living community in a quiet little area of Nokomis. I have worked in the Senior Care Industry for twenty plus years now and have toured and spend time in hundreds of ALF'S, and Memory Care Communities. The fearless leader [name removed] Administrator and her dedicated and amazing staff are what sets this place apart. Whenever I advise a person looking for the right place for a spouse or loved one I say the most important thing on the list should be the caregivers and care provided. You can tell from the second you walk into Bayshore Guest Home it is spotless and ran with Love and Caring. Every staff member treats each resident as if they were their own family member and that speaks volumes. I can not say enough good things about [name removed] and her dedicated team. If you are in need of Senior Living in Venice/Sarasota area for yourself or a loved one this is a must see.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so much..L.A.


I owned a CNA school in Sarasota for 9 years. Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens have hired many of my students over the years and they have always picked the best. I have done on-site training at their facility several times and they are always very friendly, clean and caring. The owner is hands-on at the facility and maintains the highest of standards. I would highly recommend this facility. If my parents were alive, I wouldn't hesitate to place them in their care.

Happy friendly home that would be great for my own parents.

This home is the most unique personal family like home from home. The atmosphere is welcoming starting with the inviting smells of savory dishes cooked in the central kitchen. The staff are cheerful and familiar to residents and clinical visitors alike due to longevity in this thriving workplace. The familiar staff enhance a better living situation and help reduce hospitalization in a warm friendly yet modern environment. This is the home my staff would choose for their own parents.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so very much..Leslie Ann

Keep up the good work..

We were referred to Bayshore by a friend whose mother had lived there until she passed away...We are looking for a place for our mother and called to set up tour and meet the Administrator [name removed]. We were so impressed and were surprised that there was so much attention to detail when asking us about our mother and could contact the administrator directly with any questions we had...All the staff was professional and attentive. As soon as we move our mother down to Florida that is where we hope she will live. After going to the larger places it was heartwarming to find a home that was so intimate and homey for our mom.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so very much. Leslie Ann

Bringing Mom Home :)

Bayshore Staff have been very supportive & I feel as though my Mom and I now have extended family. Mom has fit right in. She is surrounded by loving and caring people. I could not ask for a better fit for her. She has found her new home. Bayshore is a comfortable home setting & very welcoming. There was no question after the first visit this was where Mom would be living.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so very much. Leslie Ann

A beautiful home--with old-fashioned values.

Bayshore is truly a one-of-a-kind assisted living facility located in a beautiful private neighborhood in Nokomis.

I host a weekly painting TV show on SNN (the Art for Healing Project) and have been providing art at Bayshore for several years. First of all, I love how they run triple the required staff every day, and I am so impressed how patient, loving and attentive the staff is all throughout the day with one on one care to each individual resident.

If you are searching your options for a family member, you owe it to yourself to explore Bayshore before making a decision, if you are looking for a facility who will give personal, customized attention--the way YOU would care for them, yourself. With less than 20 residents, no is treated like a number or lost in the crowd.
The residents socialize together in the living room and eat home-made meals together at the dining room table like a family.

They have doctors and therapists that come on-site so no one is sitting in waiting rooms somewhere with other sick patients to see a doctor. They even get their hair and nails done right at Bayshore because the residents are treated with love and dignity, and proper self-care is no less important than medical care.

Bayshore is truly a special and unique facility and you really have to see it to believe it. With so many giant "institutions" out there, I honestly had no idea such a small and intimate, facility existed in today's market. I am very proud to have the privilege to provide weekly art and creativity to these beautiful seniors who make up the Bayshore family.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so very much. Leslie Ann

A Wonderful Establishment - Just Like Home!

Looking for a place for a loved one is a difficult, emotional process. Finding Bayshore Guest Home & Gardens made my choice very easy. First off, I didn't want a place that was some impersonal, corporate-run nursing facility. I wanted something local and accessible - something just like home - and that's exactly what Bayshore is. I was greeted personally by [name removed], the administrator and she was fabulous. The facility used to be a home that was converted to a nursing home, which fits the theme well. The staff treats their guests with patience, compassion and kindness. The rooms are spacious, and there is a pool and a garden out back. They are also upgrading the facility to offer more amenities, which will only make the experience better. I highly recommend Bayshore, it's a top-notch facility without all the corporate hoopla and red tape you'll find elsewhere.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so much..L.A.

A truly great place for Mom or Dad

I am proud to say that I have been involved in one way or another for over eight years w/ Bayshore Guest Home & Gardens - a truly excellent facility which is now expanding to meet the needs of our growing elderly population. Why do I like it.? is small, home like and only focused on the residents' quality of life. In addition, potential residents and their families receive assistance from professionals like me to secure Veteran's benefits and other long term funding sources.

Community Senior Resource Specialist

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so much..L.A.

Very nice place

Upon my arrival to this community, I was greeted by friendly staff. Staff is very helpful and caring for the elderly. The facility inside looks amazing and very clean. Plenty of activities going on during the day. I would recommend Bayshore Guest Home to anyone who is looking for a place for their loved one.

The best place for mom❤️

I went to visit Nayshore after I had talked to Bayshore director [Name removed]. I walked into such a warm ,caring ,clean,environment . I realized that very moment that this was the place for my mother. The staff treats everyone like family. The almosphere reminds you of your own home. There are planned activities,crafts, cards and parties.

Bringing Mom Home :)

My family & I recently moved our Mom to Bayshore Guest Home & Gardens. Upon arriving with Mom we were all greeted with smiles from the friendly staff and residents. Its a very difficult decision to make, but we are so relieved that Mom is home with her new extended family. [name removed] and staff have been very caring, supportive & helpful during the "settling in" process.
Its comforting to know that Mom is safe and is being cared for.
God has Blessed Us all!

During Hurricane Irma, our elderly parents were taken care of at an elementary school evacuation site by personnel from Leslie Ann's Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens. We want to give them a huge thank you for the selfless care they provided which included adult diaper changes, assisting
with medications, and fixing meals. We also want to give a shout out to [removed] with All Star Home Health and his staff for helping our parents get back in their home and attending to their immediate needs following Florida's state of emergency. In the hours of crisis, both senior living
agencies' caregivers went above and beyond and we truly cannot say thank you enough.

Best Assisted Living Facility with Compassionate Care

Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens in Nokomis, Fl.There is no other place like Bay shore. The personal care given to residents is far superior then any other facility I know. My brother and I travel often and have always felt confident that our mom is getting the best of care. It is a home environment. The staff is very caring and always with a smile on their face. Leslie, who manages the facility, overlooks the facility and when needed she has filled in when they have been short of staff members. If you are looking for an Assisted Care Facility that truly cares about the residents this is the place to check out. Also the reason why the caregivers are so good is because they have been elsewhere and feel the working conditions are so much better at Bayshore. Leslie is always on top making sure she has the best staff for her residents.

Diamond in the Rough

I recently moved my mother into Bayshore from Atlanta, GA. I was very fearful and anxious because I did not know the area and based on other places I visited, I was left feeling
a void.
I am very pleased with the care, attention and love she is receiving at Bayshore, the staff and administrator are authentic.
She receives physical therapy once a week. She has a once a month visit from the physician who is very attentive and responsive to her needs. Her physician also takes into consideration my concerns and thoughts.
I could've asked for a better facility for my mom to be placed and if she needed hospice, that is also available.
Great place, good job, great care. God bless you all.

A Blessing

Bayshore Guesthome and Garden has been a a blessing for my mom and I . Right from the first tour, the Guesthouse felt like a home not a facility . The administrator helped with all the moving in process. From filling out paper work, insurance , Doctor care and even emotional support. My mom has lived at Bayshore for almost a year and still getting all the same support as when we first arrived . The administration and all staff have my mom's best interest at heart. The staff is always upbeat and friendly . The Guesthouse is clean , organized and if you visit around meal time smelling good. It is always a pleasure to visit my mom at Bayshore.

A Mediterranean retreat for seniors

Bayshore gardens is a magical place. I have provided art for the residents and I was blown away by what a loving caring environment I discovered. The environment, the food, the staff and the genuine care...Top notch! I can't speak highly enough about them! Good bless you for all you do. You have created a genuine loving home for your residents. What a breath of fresh air!!

Fantastic facility

OMG! I can't be more pleased to have my mother at Bayshore Guest & Home.
The administrator Leslie and all of the staff there have been just excellent. Leslie informs me on of all of my mother's issues.etc.
After reading a majority of the reviews at Bayshore Guest & Home, I have to input all of the fantastic reviews in my review.
We are so thankful to have my mother at this facility.
It was like a breath of fresh air to have my mother there.
My brothers [removed names] and I are so thankful to have found this wonderful facility for our loving, caring and sweet mother.
I guess I could go on and on, on how wonderful this facility is, but I'm not much of type writer.

Kind regards,


Temporarily Displaced

After Hurricane Irma my brother was placed at the Bayshore Guest Home as a "hospital rescue" to stay for a few days until he could return to his home. That was a lucky break for him as his home was damaged and he could not stay there. The few days extended to over a week. Leslie, the administrator, graciously permitted him to stay in this safe environment, with air conditioning and hot water, food and people to help him during this difficult period. I am certainly grateful that he was so well taken care of by the staff. Leslie and I spoke several times and she kindly offered me some suggestions on how to assist my brother going forward since I live in another part of the country. With thanks to all the staff at Bayshore.

Highly recommened

We transferred my Mom to Bayshore and they immediately ordered all the necessary assessments that she needed,and found she needed more attention than the first place she was in, and they started the process the first day she was there, with all the great staff that would be involved. The Administrator was above great. I would highly recommend Bayshore to anyone! All the staff is very attentive and professional.

Highly recommened

We transferred my Mom to Bayshore and they immediately ordered all the necessary assessments that she needed,and found she needed more attention than the first place she was in, and they started the process the first day she was there, with all the great staff that would be involved. The Administrator was above great. I would highly recommend Bayshore to anyone! All the staff is very attentive and professional.

Top Notch!

Wonderfully run facility. I own a home health agency and I am constantly in and out of facilities in the Sarasota/Venice area, and this place is top notch! Every time I visit I see happy well taken care of residents. I highly recommend Bayshore Gardens. The administrator Leslie is one of the kindest people I have the pleasure of knowing and her staff is just as wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Top notch senior living community!!

Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens is truly top notch when it comes to great care! Leslie the Administrator is amazing. She puts her residents first in every situation and trains her staff well beyond what is required. Staffing ratios are always correct which cannot be said for many communities. I could recommend this Community to anyone and know they were getting the best in care.

Personal Review

It is my pleasure to review Bayshore from the medical perspective, as I personally care for patients at Leslie's facility. I have been continually impressed with the safety ,care and concern for every patient I watch in Bayshore. The facility is secure. The staff exceeds most sites in the community, not only with cleanliness, friendliness, and meal quality ,but with a smaller number of clients, allowing staff to routinely administer more personal and quick service. All working personnel are screened with interviews,background checks, drug screens, then are trained by Leslie personally. There is also a more holistic approach to your family member's care, one I appreciate as an osteopathic Physician. Your loved ones are safe here.
Tony Montanaro Boarded Family Medicine

Working together though Irma

I want everyone to know that Bayshore Guest Homes and Gardens the BEST care center in Nokomis,FL. with the biggest heart . It is a home like atmosphere big living room,large dinning room,kitchen that has home cooked meals just like at home. The STAFF takes care of there clients just like they are there Mom's,Dad's,Grandma's and Grandpa's. ALL THE STAFF at Bayshore are 100% caring, understanding, polite, friendly, loving and very hard workers. The administrator and her staff did a 101% of GREAT CARE giving, keeping everyone safe as Hurraican Irma came to Nokomis,FL. I live in Indiana and my mother 99 years old lives at Bayshore. I was called and keep up to date on what was going on by the administrator, when they need to move to Brookside Shelter in Sarasota for two nights. Knowing that there was not any thing I could do but say a prayer that God take care of them all....Then I get a call again to tell me that all are OK and my Mom was happy to see her bed. Every one was thankfully that everyone was safe and back home again. I want to say THANK YOU to each of the STAFF and the ADMINISTRATOR for all the HARD WORK keeping all of them safe. That was because all the hard work by the great staff...that works together wonderfully. PLEASE tell the STAFF GREAT JOB for going up and above....That to me means they really do CARE and LOVE each of there clients. God Bless You All

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you..

Keep up the good work..

As a third party provider I have been to Bayshore Guest Home for the last seven years. The staff is friendly and kind and the Administrator is meticulous about her residents care and maintaining a high level of care. I know she is in frequent contact with Physicians and third party providers as well as families to ensure optimal care...Kudos Leslie and hope there will be more facilities like this one...

Very impressed. Thank you

I toured the facility with the administrator Leslie and though I am not ready for the move of my husband of 65 years, i know that this is where he will be...She knew all about his condition and medications and will assist in helping us navigate medicare assistance regardless of if he moves there...The home was clean and all the workers very attentive...May move in myself if living alone is too difficult for me...I am glad I visited and my son was impressed. Hope there will be space for him when we are ready..

Home sweet home

I am writing this review in honor of my mother who lived happy and safe at Bayshore until her passing. She would want me to say how much she and our family so much appreciated the warm and caring love that she received. From my initial tour and sit down conversation with Leslie Ann I know right then and there that Bayshore was the perfect home for mom and for us. Leslie Ann made ABSOLUTE sure that ALL my mother's needs were taken care of right up until her final breath and that our family could rest assure she would be taken care of with respect and love......and she was!!! The staff is exceptionally kind, understanding and very polite. The food and home cleanliness was perfect. Thank you all at Bayshore Guest Home for making my mothers life so much more happier then if she had lived in a "facility" where she was lost in the crowd.

Very well, would recommend.

Hilda's care

My mom has been resident of Bayshore Guest Homes and Gardens for over a year. In that time I have watched her thrive and become less anxious and confused in her state of Dementia. Prior to coming to Bayshore, she was loosing ground and it would break my heart to leave her because of the look of confusion she would give me. But the loving and expert care that she has received in the last year has allowed her to maintain a stable mental state. She is safe, comfortable and well taken care of and always has a smile and bright open eyes when I show up to visit with her. I know the names of everyone of the aids and appreciate the hard work that they do with little immediate thanks. I also receive regular updates on her health when the doctor arrives to make his periodical visits and the text with a picture every once in a while is beyond what I would expect but very much appreciated. I then forward those pictures to her grand children and great grand children and many family members in other states so that they can see just how good she is doing......

New home for Mom

In the process of relocating my Mom from an ALF in Venice to Bayshore Gardens. The facility is clean, professionally run and has well trained staff. The residents get care beyond the state requirements and home cooked meals. The Administrator Leslie Ann is fabulous and has fought hard to make this transition happen for us. Truely thankful to have found a good place for Mom.

Bayshore Guest House creates a safe, homelike environment.

My mother moved into Bayshore Guest House & Gardens in April of 2014. She was a mess. She nearly died living alone in her home in Northport. After time in the hospital and then rehabilitatiion we were able to place her in Bayshore. Her health was extremely fragile and she was overweight. The staff at Bayshore gave her an excellent evaluation and developed a strategic plan for her. She began eating their nutritious meals. Her numbers started heading toward normal. Her weight dropped to where it should be. When we have driven across the state to visit her at Bayshore, sometimes announced and sometimes dropping in, we have found the facility clean and the staff very attentive to the needs of all the residents. It is clear that my mother can no longer live by herself. That is why I am so thankful that she is living in a very safe place like Bayshore Guest House & Gardens.


Staff is professional. Residents are clean and well groomed. Facility is very clean.

Wonderful staff at BayShore

To the wonderful staff at BayShore-

You have made our family so happy, welcome, in such a caring atmosphere. My mom has the best care ever. Each and everyone of you have made her feel so special and made sure that she is comfortable. The home cooked meals, and the homey feeling is the best. My dad is so welcome when her gets there everyday, and the care and the compassion that he is given is so appreciated. It truly is such a great place we couldn't have asked for a better place for her to be. Keep up the great work !!! You all are great, you make the difference in lives and thank you for everything :)

Facility has a homelike atmosphere

I moved my husband from another assisted living (memory care) facility to Bayshore, and have never regretted it. The atmosphere is homey--not fancy. The caring staff were never too busy to spend time with a resident and were compassionate and kind to me as his condition declined. He was made comfortable, kept clean, and treated with respect, dignity and affection during his entire stay.

Positive Change

My Mother was in a assisted living facility before coming to Bayshore Guest Home. What a difference, she smiles now and is happy. The care is wonderful, it really is a family atmosphere.
I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.
I can live again.

Review of Bayshore Guest Home - Nokomis, FL

This is a cozy, home-like atmosphere with a great ratio of residents/caregivers. The people who work there couldn't be nicer and take excellent care of my mother. I have complete confidence in the care she receives on a daily basis.

Review of Bayshore Guest Home - Nokomis, FL

We toured Bayshore today while looking for a new place for my mother to reside in. She is 88 and needs more one on one attention than what is getting at her current assisted living facility. I found the staff to be extremely attentive to the residents. There is an atmosphere of kindness and caring. Bayshore is a small place which may be exactly what my mom needs. It is an older facility but that does not take away from the good work being done here.

Best Assisted Lving Facility

My mom has been a resident at Bayshore for about a month. When I first visited Bayshore I found it be be a homey in environment and the staff to be friendly and caring. I was welcomed to stay overnight and although I did not sleep well i did find out that the overnight staff was a working staff caring for the residents around the clock. The overnight staff made sure the place was clean and prepared food for the residents for the following day.

The staff at Bayshore work as a team helping residents. They encourage residents throughout the day and give them the personal care they need. When visiting mom I enjoy assisting in the activities.

Bay shore is a small intimate Assisted Living Facility that I highly recommend to families who,have a loved one who needs more one to one care and yet feel like they have independence.

Although my mom has only been there a short while I don't know of any other facility I would rather see my mom at. Bayshore is a very special place and I thank God for providing this place for my mom.

Also a special thank you to Leslie who not only cares about the resident. She also cares about the family members and their well being. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my experience.

Felt like home

I was impressed with Bayshore as soon as I stepped through the door. The facility was clean, the food smelled delicious, and the residents looked happy and well cared for. It truly felt like a warm and loving home. It was my first choice for my father.


The best place to be. Residents are respected and very well taken care of. The home is clean and organized. Beautiful garden.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so much. Regards Leslie Ann

A new home for Mom

As soon as we entered the door, we were greeted with the smell of home made food and a smile from the staff. Even better was the fact the the residents were seated at the dinning room table being assisted with an activity and more smiles. It is very easy to see that the care given to my mom and the other residents is not just some one going through the requirements of their job but the care that is given is from the heart. I've visited several other places and I'm confident that I have made the right decision to have my mom live in a home setting where she feels safe and happy. When we visit my mom, it's like going to her home for dinner when she was on her own up north. She always took care of us then and now she is being taken care of in the manner that she deserves. She is happy and safe thanks to a wonderful staff at Bayshore.


We searched the Sarasota area for a spot for Mom. She was in an independent living place and was failing fast. All the possibilities we thought appropriate were full. A kind nurse told us about Bayshore and the rest is history. From the minute we walked in the door, we knew Mom would be taken care of. The homey atmosphere and caring staff are amazing. Leslie Ann is a true mensch.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so much. Regards Leslie Ann

Exceptional Customer Focused Care!

I have been a Home Health Administrator with All Stat Home Health for over 23 years. During that time we have worked with numerous clients who need placement in Assisted Living Facilities. I have always been impressed with Leslie Ann O'Gorman and her amazing staff at Bayshore Guest Homes and their single minded compassionate focus on the needs of the patient. It is a pleasure to work with people who share your compassion for care and the desire to provide exceptional customer satisfaction!

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed at Bay Shore Guest Home

My Husband and I have just recently admitted his Parents into Bay Shore Guest Home. I feel we were very lucky to have discovered this home. The Administrator, Leslie, worked with us very close to make sure his parents would get the best of care. The Staff, are very knowledgeable, professional and outstandingly kind to each and everyone of their patents. We experienced this first hand and that is why chose Bay Shore Guest Home for his Parents. The facility is extremely clean and all the patients are taken care of by showering and feeding them well. There are no words to express how fortunately we were to fine a home that treat all there patients like family. We would highly recommend this Guest Home to anyone and we are confident that they would feel the same as we do.

A breath of fresh air

I toured the community and was very impressed with the European family style living. The care plan is individualized by the Doctors and the Administrator, Leslie Ann and her Assistant, Lisa.

All the Residents participate in activities, there is music and meals are a family time of sharing. Families are invited to enjoy meals with their loved ones.

I think that the Boutique style is the way of the future and that Seniors will feel like they are at home...

Having worked with Leslie Ann this does not surprise me....
Hope she will open more smaller place to place our loved ones, or me when the time comes for that matter...


From a grateful family.

I .My family is working with Leslie Ann to obtain Veteran Benefits for my mother thru and elder care attorney she has guided us to understand all the paperwork needed to place a parent...It is overwhelming.

I hope that we can move mom in as she would love Bayshore and the staff there...Seen many places in the last month and Bayshore has the most staff, running around helping their residents...and by far the most family oriented.

Whatever the outcome, my wife and I will always appreciate the support and connecting us with the right attorney.

Thank you for all the time you spent on the phone in the evening, your personal time, to help us...God bless you..J.Simms

Thank you

My mother passed away at Bayshore at 99 years old. Bayshore co ordinated the Hospice care and sat with her and went to the store constantly to buy food she craved...She also loved pasta carbonara that the administrator L.A. cooked for her on a regular basis...I was included in all her care and updated daily in the evening by L.A.

I walked in the room one day to see L.A. laying in my mother's hospital bed , holding her and praying and singing to her....I was overwhelmed with the love in the room and then stayed with my mother as she passed..The staff was a step away and my mother was afforded every dignity at that last chapter of her life....

I hope that there will be more Bayshores when my time comes...

From a grateful son...Thank you.....Frank

Director Griswold Home Care

I am an owner and operator of a home care agency and I am in Assisted living communities throughout the Gulf coast region. I wanted to provide a comment on Bay Shore Guest home. The staff is one of the strongest teams I have experienced. The staff has outstanding skills and nurtures the residents as if the community is one large family. The professionalism and personal touch is outstanding. I like the personal touch points that I see at Bay Shore, each resident is treated like family and I like that every time I come in Bay Shore the residents are engaging and actively doing activities. Bay Shore community is an excellent residence that goes beyond most in the industry and makes your loved one feel like they are at home with an extended family.

Love Around Every Corner

While looking for an assisted living for my 95 year old aunt in the Sarasota area, it was suggested I look at a small ALF in area just south of Sarasota. What a delightful visit! The Administrator, Leslie Ann was available to show me around. I fell in love with the grounds, the residents and the caregivers. I have found her a beautiful new home when she moves to Florida. Thank you Bayshore Guest Home!

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

thank you so much....I will welcome her with open arms as will all the Bayshore Family

Regards Leslie Ann

Staff goes above and beyond. Treats residents as family.

As a nurse coordinator in business for 20+ years, I have been in many facilities. I had one of my patients spend several months at Bayshore Guest home. I dropped in to visit numerous times during his stay there. I always saw the staff going above and beyond normal patient care. The staff/patient ratio is higher there than any facility I have ever been in. The staff treats the residents like their own family. As I mentioned, I have been in many facilities, chandeliers and velvet drapes do not make the facility great. The staff who talk and touch your loved one is the important factor.

Review of Safe Haven at Lenox Park - Atlanta, GA

As a third party provider, I do physical therapy for the residents that need it at Bayshore...Just saw that they are the best of sarasota for 2015..congrats..\r\nI work in many facilities and read some reviews....They are considered by other providers as professional, caring and go above and beyond. We are always offered coffee and cookies or lunch if we are there at that time....Food is home cooked and the home is spotless...There are always 4 or 5 staff members and we are asked to keep accurate notes on all our patients. The Administrator and Lisa make sure that they get a verbal report after each visit...Though not used to that, I now know and appreciate the individual care given and the Administrator's and staff strict rules re the care we provide....The Administrator updates all families at least 3 times a week and expects all third parties to update her and her staff.....Glad to be a part of this care.....

Friendly, caring staff

We visited this community when we were looking into care options for a loved one. This seemed like a nice place overall. They had a lot of very friendly, professional staff on hand and they seemed to spend a lot of time interacting with the residents. It did not seem like they had a lot of activities going on, however.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you for touring and I hope that you find the perfect place for your loved one.

Best Wishes

Leslie ann

Amazing experience....

I called Bayshore to inquire about care..The Administrator Lesley Anne explained all the intricacies of alf and care...
We will go on a waiting list and found Bayshore a home that our father would love....She was not as worried about moving in a resident as she was to make sure our father got the proper care...We toured the building and when the time is right we will move our father in...The staff is professional and above the ratio and Lesley and her Assistant Lisa were so kind and compassionate...I hope this concept of family style home will be a norm and not an exception.....Thank you.. Russ

A Jewel

Walk in the door and it feels like coming home ! Though small it offers spaciousness and a comfortable, safe environment.
Resident families and friends are welcomed and made to feel at home...The staffing is the best I have seen and above the normal ratio .

It is unique..I commend the Administrator and all her staff....

Review of Bayshore Guest Home in Nokomis, FL

My dad moved into Bayshore Guest Home in September. The name "Guest Home" has proved very appropriate, for although you arrive as a guest, Bayshore quickly becomes a home to both the resident and their entire family. Everyone is welcomed with open arms into a very supportive personal setting, in what we all know are not easy times of transition in life.

Bayshore offers a clean, bright environment with an attentive caring staff, and an administrator who monitors care closely and is available around the clock. Communication to family both near and far is thoughtful and thorough.

Bayshore works hard to attend to not only the physical, and emotional needs of the resident, but reach out to the needs and well-being of the spouse as well. This is clear in their encouragement of spouses to sit down and join in at every meal, and participate in games and musical entertainment activities. Bayshore believes in respecting the dignity of their aging residents and works closely with family to cater to individual requests and concerns as they arise. We feel fortunate to have Bayshore as an extension of our home during this time in my dad's life.

Homelike and caring

My husband lived at Bayshore Guest Home for just over six months, until his death. He had a devastating type of dementia that robbed him of his ability to communicate. In spite of these challenges the staff was always extremely caring and supportive. They loved him as if he were family and grieved with me as we saw him decline. He loved animals and enjoyed the daily visits from an assorted group of adorable little dogs, all owned and managed by the staff.

Bayshore is so homelike -- a warm and happy place. I visited every day and always found it to be kept immaculate and the meals always tastefully served and enjoyed. The staff went above and beyond to encourage my husband to eat and even when his disease caused resistance, their patience was endless. I'm very grateful that we had Bayshore so close to home when my husband's care was too much for me to handle and I recommend it very highly.

Staff at Bayshore Guest Home

I visited Bayshore Guest Home to do a book interview and book signing. I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. The home was clean and the clients were obviously taken good care of by all. I observed lunch time while I was at the guest home and spoke with some of the residents while they ate. They seemed genuinely happy in this setting and spoke highly of the employees.

The administrator goes out of her way to ensure that all clients are given an environment similar to their own home. She demonstrates empathy, compassion and sincere concern for all those who need her care.

My parents are in their mid-eighties and if they would ever need to go to a guest home I would strongly consider Bayshore even though it is a little further from my home than other places.

Great care, Caring staff

Bayshore Guest Home is a phenomenal place. The staff is well trained and capable. The environment is comfortable and home-like. A special thanks to staff and Administration: In looking for a facility for my friend and Business partner, several facilities turned us down because of the level of care that was required. Bay shore accepted him and provided exemplary care on all levels. I am advised of all changes to his condition and I am consulted before any changes to his therapies. He is i good hands.
These are caring people who put residents first. I would recommend Bayshore without reservation.

Highly recommended!

I am a psychiatrist in the Sarasota/Venice area, and my practice is dedicated to the care of those with dementia. I've had two most challenging patients stay at this facility for extended periods of time. The quality of care, and the friendliness, and compassion of the caregivers set this place apart. I highly recommend it.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Dr Rivera, thank you and it is a pleasure and an honor to work with you..
Best wishes

Leslie Ann

A Home away from Home

My grandmother stayed under respite care and we know that when the time comes that is where she will move to.
Staff treat residents like their family and take the time to sit and talk to the residents....I enjoyed several meals there and it was home made and lovely. Leslieanne is as one of the reviews said top notch and knows her business, while showering her residents and their families with care and attention....
My thanks to all the staff for making my grandmother comfortable and welcome...

Excellent Care!

I want everyone to know what a phenomenal place Bayshore Guest home is. I have placed two clients there and both my families can not say enough good things about Leslie Ann and her team. They have an excellent care and violation history, the community is super clean, residents are happy, engaged and their health actually improves under their care. I will continue to recommend her home to all my clients. Keep up the good work!

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so much Wendy...

House with a HEART

I have so many GREAT things to say about Bayshore Guest Home and Garden...It would be more than 200 this is going to be short and sweet....Mom has lived there now going on four years. Leslie Anna and staff have been caring, understanding and very helpful and must of all the LOVE they give Mom...Right from the 1st day Mom has called it her new HOME.... She said to me one day that this is a "home with a HEART"

An Answer to Prayer...

My mother's life changed quickly from living alone to needing Memory Care Assisted Living. We were caught off-guard with all that had to be done. We found Bayshore Guest House through a service. We are so thankful we were led to Bayshore. The facility has the feel of a friendly Bed & Breakfast. The rooms where the residents can eat, mingle, and watch TV are quite large. There is a very large back porch that is screened-in and covered for talking together or reading. (A smart decision is that the washer & dryer are located outside the house and in a protected corner of the porch. They are quiet and eliminate a hazard by having them outside the home.) There is a beautiful Butterfly garden in the back to walk in or sit on a bench. My mother is getting the medical care she requires every day. Another benefit is that the food she is eating tastes good. Mom's blood sugar has become "more normal," requiring her to have insulin shots once a day or every other day instead of twice a day. Mom has also lost weight & inches, but is getting stronger each day. Leslie Ann is an excellent administrator. The staff is quite friendly. They also exhibit a high level of professionalism that we appreciate. People living in a ALF like Bayshore need monthly supplies. The staff members keep family members aware of what the resident needs. We recommend Bayshore Guest House highly as a place to have your family member live and thrive as they go through this challenging change in their life.

wonderfull staff

My name is Jason Hutchison im a firefighter emt that does all of the CPR anf First Aid classes for Bayshoreguest homes .The staff there are friendly welled trained and very knowledgeable and leslie Ann is a wonderfull person who puts her residents safety and care first an overall loving an warm places to have a loved one stay at.Bayshoreguest homes also has a great relationship with Nokomis Fire Dept who has also came there and done fire safety classes thats why the laundry is done out side so its not a fire safety issue and the residents dont have to hear the washer and dryer running all the time . I teach at a lot of other facilities bayshoreguest homes by far is best place i,ve taught at.

A breath of fresh air!

Bayshore is a warm and friendly place with neatly kept and smiling residents. Leslie and her staff are top notch! I can sleep at night knowing our loved one is safe and cared for with kindness and understanding...Bayshore is a hidden jewel!!

Excellent Care/Great Personalized Facility

My Dad was a resident of Bayshore Guest Home during the many months it took to empty his home and prepare my home for his special needs. The facility was bright, roomy and impeccably clean. The staff, from resident care professions to management, were outstanding. They took special care to provide personal, attentive service to their residents and create a friendly family atmosphere. I felt the level of professional care given to my Dad was excellent. Although my Dad is no longer at the facility he has wonderful memories of his time there. I would highly recommend Bayshore Guest Home to anyone needing to have care for family members.

Small and home-like

I am a social worker who has lived and worked in the Venice area for a number of years. Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens is an excellent small and home-like assisted living facility for the elderly. They are extremely clean. Food is out of this world-like Mom used to make!. Staff are courteous, professional, well-trained, and caring. Care of the residents and their needs comes first. If she was alive, I would place my mother there.

A Senior Vacation everyday ..........

This is long overdue, but very important for those who are looking for a home for their loved one! First of all, I am retired and among my many professions a Cruise Director! I have been a part of the Senior Community most of my life and earned the CSA designation (Certified Senior Advisor) some 20yrs ago when I helped build & fund Nursing Homes in the state of Florida! You see, I was a caregiver as my Grandmother passed fighting Alzheimer's Disease for over 10yrs. I always pledged to help seniors and now one myself! Now, the reason I am writing this is I relocated to Sarasota and wanted to bring some enjoyment to Seniors through my music! I am a musician and love to bring memories back especially in song! While talking with other local performers, they told me to check out the musician adds, and I did! This add said in so many words, a musician needed to entertain seniors! I answered this add and found myself entering this quaint, clean & cheerful place called "Bayshore Guest Home." Nobody knew who I was as I told the lady I was waiting for Leslie. As I sat there, I watched these ladies treating seniors as if they were their Mom's & Dad's! I was totally taken back as I have been in the senior arena for over 25yrs and seen some very bad situations with caregivers with no dedication. I've been around the Senior Community long enough to know that respect goes a long way and everyone deserves their dignity! I was totally touched as a human being to watch these caregivers in a loving way talk, handle and help these senior residents of Bayshore Guest Home! Maybe this is the new way for Seniors ..... smaller venues that really feel like you never left your home! Leslie walked in and she gave me a hug while saying hello to all with her infectuous smile! I was so honored to perform for a gracious woman who cared about quality of life! I am 65yrs of age, and able to be on my own, but my heart goes out to so many who need true professionals that have a "Big Heart." Leslie Ann O'Gorman crushed my heart by her compassion and respect for the seniors! It's difficult in this business as a Caregiver to find dedication and as a professional CSA who has been around institutions, homes, rehabs etc. "Bayshore Guest Home" is a fresh new way not to exist ....... but to live in dignity! I am so humble to be called upon to perform whenever there is a need! I love to watch everyone sing & dance! By the way, the ladies & Caregivers know their way around the kitchen and put together wonderful cuisine! I only wish Bayshore was around for my Grandmother .........

Stellar choice

The most remarkable and refreshing aspect of Bayshore Home and Gardens is its "anti-institutional" feel. My mother and the other guests there during my mom’s stay were always treated more like members of a family, in a true home-like environment. I observed highly personalized attention, joined in intimate meals around a family table, and witnessed frequent conversation and attention between staff and guests. And I was always welcome there as well. It's a relaxed setting, very clean, great swimming pool, and lovely grounds. Leslie-Anne and her team respect their patients on a very personal level. At the same time I found the level of professionalism among the caregivers beyond reproach. Leslie-Anne is obviously very experienced, and really knows the details of her business. The team is procedurally buttoned up, and well-connected to a range of outside resources such as hospice, and local physicians. They have their act together.

My mother spent her last year at Bayshore, and honestly I can't imagine her receiving more loving or professional attention during that time anywhere else. I'll always feel a sense of gratitude toward the staff for their grace and the terrific care they gave her.

Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens

I just visited Bayshore last month and had a wonderful experience. I found the staff to be friendly and very accomodating. I spoke with Leslie Ann, who I found to be very knowledgeable. I discovered that she was an RN for 8 years in Europe before coming to the US.

I am kind of surprised at the poor review one person gave this facility. I was happy to see the laundry area away from the resident rooms and recreation spaces, as laundry is done all day and all through the evening - bedding is changed daily.

As far as the staffing goes, I know they are above the standards because even larger facilities are only required to have one person on at night.

All the residents seemed very happy and I like the "home" feeling of the place - I would encourage anyone interested to visit - They have always had excellent ratings on state inspections!

Not a good place to put a loved one!

They have their washer and dryer on the back porch-no class at all.
Do not have things that the folks who live there can do. Unless you come and take your loved one out to get their hair done, lunch, a ride, shopping. They have nothing for the residents to do but sit,play bingo and watch T.V.
Staff is not friendly.
Owner lives in another state.
Woman who runs the place should be replaced.
Under staffed.

Leslie A Ogorman

Local Representative

Thank you so much..Leslie Ann

Great Place for a Loved One to Live

I can't begin to say enough good things about Bayshore Guest Home. First It is a "home" not a "facility". Second all of the staff are soooooo very caring and you can tell from their eyes when they look at a resident how much they truly care.

The food is so good that I would like to move in myself. They make the food there and it is always something new and different - but definitely delicious.

Bayshore have volunteer's come to read to the residents - and there is live music.

The TV programs are monitored so that only happy shows can be aired - not war movies or other upsetting programs.

I could go on and on - but I will stop here and will say that I feel totally blessed to have found Bayshore Guest Home - there isn't a better place on earth for a loved one to live.

Leslie is delightful to tal...

Leslie is delightful to talk to. Not clinical but knows her business. Has about 10 occupied beds. . .seems to be licensed for up to 16.

From the Community

Located in Nokomis Florida, Bay Shore Guest Home and Gardens is a boutique-style Assisted Living Facility. We strive to ensure a family home that will keep partners together. Unlike many larger assisted living facilities we do not separate partners even if they have different medical conditions. Our care is customized so that each resident's physical, mental, and emotional needs are met and well maintained. Bay Shore provides a residential care facility, and a well-trained nursing staff that administers a myriad of services. The community has a very high safety rating and is located within 3 miles of an excellent hospital, Venice Regional Medical Center. Our amenities include three meals a day and a nighttime snack. Spacious private and semi-private rooms are available many with garden or inter-coastal views. There is also a swimming pool and water aerobics classes. The facility has well-kept gardens filled with butterfly attracting flowers such as Bougainvillea and Hibiscus. We also offer many games such as bingo, to help engage and bring our residents together. Custom activities are also provided in order to suit our individual guests. We know that choosing an assisted living facility is not an easy task. That is why we understand that being able to serve and help our residents and community isnÆt our job, itÆs our privilege. One that we are happy to be able to fulfill. We have a Limited Nursing Specialty License.