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Customer Reviews

Life in a bad place

My mom went there for physical therapy and was in the long term care, well they didn't do therapy the first two weeks, they over medicated her with laxatives, it was terrible. I would never recommend this place to my worst enemy. Very understaff and talked terrible to all their patients. So happy to get my mother out of there. They should be closed down.

Craig McDaniels

Local Representative

We are extremely sorry to see this review, which is the opposite of how we want to serve those in need of care. We would greatly appreciate it if you reached out to us directly so we can investigate what happened as soon as possible. Can you please contact us at [removed] to set up a time to talk? --Dave S., Administrator

The care, dedication, and commitment that the staff have for those they serve is outstanding.

Craig McDaniels

Local Representative

Thank you for your review! Augustana Care appreciates the dedication of our staff and we are so happy to see you noticed as well!

Very impressed

My Mother was taken to Augustana Care Center to receive end of life hospice care. I had heard that they were crowded and understaffed, so I was concerned. The location was desirable, as I live in Apple Valley.
She had a private room on the first floor for the 11 days that she was there. She has been in several assisted living facilities in the past 8 years, so we were worried about what kid of care she would receive with her prognosis of death in 2 to 3 days.
I have to tell you that the care she received was excellent. She was kept clean and free of pain during her journey. The staff was respectful and caring towards our family and quickly understood our individual traits and family dynamics. They were very attentive and called me whenever there was a change in condition (as I had asked).
My Mom lasted 11 days (out of 2-3 predicted). It was a difficult time for all of us, as well as for the nurses that could see her struggling. They were amazing and I can't say enough positive things about this experience. Three days after her passing, we received a card and dove ornament in the mail as a remembrance to our Mom. I was very touched by that.

Craig McDaniels

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our wonderful staff. We truly appreciate having the opportunity to help you in caring for your mother.

From the Community

Augustana Care Health and Rehabilitation of Apple Valley - Apple Valley, MN

City info

Apple Valley Minnesota is an urban community and has a population change of nearly 11 percent since the year of 2000. Also, the city has a population rate of over 50,000 people as of 2014. The median age for residents in the City is 37 years old, this is comparable to the states average age of 37 per resident.

- Consistent population growth of nearly 11 percent annually.
- Over 50,000 people are regular residents of Apple Valley.
- The median age of residents in the city is 39 and is comparable to the state's average.


The annual average household income as of 2013 is $80,000. This is nearly $20,000 more than the state's average. Most residents within the area have earned a high school diploma or higher. Over 42 percent of its residents have a bachelor's degree. Over 55 percent of the population in Apple Valley are married. More than 17 percent of residents work and live within the city limits.

- Most residents in the city have a yearly income of $80,000.
- More than 95 percent of residents have obtained at least a high school diploma or higher.
- Over 42 percent of individuals in Apple Valley has earned a bachelor's degree.
- At least 17 percent of residents work in the city.


The crime rate for Apple Valley is nearly 50 percent lower than the US average. There's approximately one police officer available for every 1,000 residents in the city, and a total of over 55 law enforcement officers that work full-time. The unemployment rate is three percent and slightly lower than the state average.

- The crime rate is below the U.S national average.
- Unemployment rates are lower than the state's average.


Some of the most common industries within the city include manufacturing, retail, health-care and science professionals. There are approximately 35 grocery stores located near this area.

- Manufacturing
- Upper-Tier Management
- Retail
- Health-care
- Scientists


The average temperatures in mid-summer can reach towards the mid-eighties and there is a low average of 20 degrees during the winter. Heavy snowfall is common in this area during the winter months.

- The mid-summer temperatures can reach upward an average of 86 degrees.
- Heavy snowfall is common with an average temperature of 20 degrees or less.

Health Centers

There are approximately seven major medical centers near Apple Valley and two health facilities within the city.

- Health Care Center of Apple Valley is within city limits.
- Augustana Health Care and Rehabilitation of Apple Valley is located conveniently in the city.


There is an average of six categories of religious activities that have been statistically documented for the city. Most people who reside in Apple City are Catholic. Evangelical Protestants are the second largest religious group in Apple Valley, and Mainland Protestants are the third largest religious group.

- Catholic
- Evangelical Protestants
- Mainland Protestants