Apple Rehab of Middletown - Middletown, CT

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Customer Reviews

Resting on Old Reputation

For those who have lived in Middlesex County, this was always thought of as one of the better rehab facilities. Some departments are still deserving of praise. The Physical & Occupational Therapy program was skilled and well run. The food service was wonderful and worked hard to keep patients well nourished & content. The housekeeping staff were hard working and very friendly & respectful to patients. But that's where it ends.
We learned after a parent's hospitalization that Apple Rehab is generally no longer deserving of its once fine reputation.
This facility is dreadfully understaffed - especially on evening shifts after visiting family members have gone home. The lowest paid staff, patient aides, all seemed to genuinely care & worked diligently helping patients needing attention; but they were terribly outnumbered by very ill & oft-confused patients crying in pain, and leaving their beds & rooms. Nurses seemed overworked and, in many cases, hardened to the high levels of pain & agitation many patients presented with. The administration, across the board, appeared clueless and defensive.
We would never return nor could our family recommend
this facility to another.