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Very Disappointed with managing group

My wife is presently at Ansley Park and her care has been very good as far as therapy and care in the room. The food is awful and nobody will listen to any complaints. They bring a menu, but even when you order, you may or may not get what they had on the menu. Food is usually cold. This week the main dining room was closed to all of the residence so a training session could be held for this facility as well as other facilities. No one knew anything about this until Monday morning. This shows that they are not concerned about the residents who are in this facility. I went to talk to the Director, but they were not in for the day. They told me they would let her know and she would contact me. I have not heard anything. I have reported this to the Chairman of the Board of this facility, but nothing has been resolved. He stated that they should not have closed the dining room and rented somewhere away from the facility for training. I also was a patient at this facility for three separate times, and once again the care was very good, but the food is not worth eating. It is bad when you have to bring food to your loved one, just to get a good meal. I am not the only person who is dissatisfied, but some others have told me they have worse complaints than the food, but once again nobody will listen as far as a management person. I hope this gets corrected. I have recommended this facility to several friends over the years who also went for rehab. They too were happy with the rehab part, but the dining situation is terrible.


Just in the business for the money. Turnover of employees is never ending. They don’t keep long term patients clean. They don’t watch out for patients who are wheelchair bound. They hold quarterly meetings with family members but it is a waste of time. They never follow through with anything. Weekend workers are very scarce. They do not have enough help. CNA’s are constantly leaving. Meals never change. Same old, same old. Patients who have a hard time feeding themselves have no help.

Laundry employees do a good job.

One CNA, [name removed] is super.

Cafeteria personnel leaves much to be desired.

Nice place, but?????

Too much turnover of CNA’s. Something is wrong with this. All of them have taken good care of our relative. Why are they all leaving? Are they not being treated with dignity, respect and fairness?????? Wish this would be addressed - they don’t talk about it - they just leave.

Happy with care and facility

Very satisfied and pleased with my dad's care. Facility was far and away better than any other we visited and he was happy with the care, which is most important. He was very anxious about going to a facility but could not say enough good things when he got to Ansley Park Health and Rehab. Enjoyed rehab, but said it wasn't easy. I told him it was designed to be tough. All in all, I'd send either of my parents here or recommend it to any family member or friend. 5*'s!


I have waited several months to write a review as I wanted to give this some thought rather than going off the deep end.
I agree with 'Brian, 'T', 'UNBELIEVABLE'! This 'rehab center' should be shut down, the organization is a façade, phony & one that is 'playing the system'. I wouldn't send a dog there. Rude? They give new definition to that word. I visited my wife one day & the CNA said "oh, we found your wife on the floor this morning'. Hummm did you have her evaluated or did you just pick her up & place her in bed? 'Well, we took care of it'. Nurses (?) are (seem) on a vacation, sitting on their [removed] watching television, or nowhere to be found. Another review states '
Night shift staff on the weekends is awful! Giving wrong medication, not answering call lights, standing around laughing and socializing at desk while patients leave call lights on for half hour!! DO NOT STAY HERE BRAND NEW BUILDING NEW AND DRESSED UP-IT IS ONLY A FACADE!' These reviews are absolutely correct. I'd be surprised if they even bother administering the meds. Shoddy is too nice a word for these [removed]. Now for the other side ...
The actual rehabilitation employees are pretty good in their job. Most if not all of those employees [seem] care about what they are doing, on time, do what they are paid to do, reasonably nice. I know that good help is hard to find however, no one told this company to run a rehabilitation center. Most likely this organization is getting what it pays for - garbage. If they cannot provide adequate care then consider another line of work. I notice the reviews are 'verified' by 'senior advisors'! Now just who would 'senior advisors' be? Someone within the same organization? Most likely. What are the 'senior advisors' doing to correct the lunacy? Apparently nothing as the reviews date back a couple years & the same issues are still present. Have a nice day folks!

Repeat Customer

This was my mother's second stay at Ansley Park and I could not have been happier with her stay. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. She is glad to be going home, but if she needs rehab again I will choose Ansley Park.


Please do NOT take your loved one to this facility. It is HORRIBLE to say the least! It may look all fancy but the care given is pathetic! Doctor??? I have no clue even if their is a doctor on staff! We were suppose to have a conference call within a few days of my fathers care, NEVER received the call or how he was doing! Every time I called to check on my father NO ONE had a clue who he was or what he was even in there for! Rehabilitation center???? It's by far that! Please do not let these people care for you or your loved one! Like I said, it may look all fancy but it is not worth the pain my loved one experienced! My father came into the facility walking and came out in a wheel chair! I took him out myself against medical discharge after driving 4 1/2 hours to see how he was doing. I could not believe the care and shape he was in. He looked like he was one his way out! These people are pathetic and this place needs to be SHUT DOWN!!!!!


I have had serveral friends that have had to use Ansley Park for their Parents. The Facility opened up in early 2013 and is a very upscaled Facility that offers the Best of Care and The Thearpist are highly skilled with the treatments they offer each Resident. The Friends that I talked with have said that their Parents had no problems with their stay and some wanting to continue to make Ansley Park their permanent home. They will continue to use the Facility if ever a need and will recommend to others.

Thank You

I had the pleasure of being a patient at Ansley Park. I have to say that the staff really do care about the patients. I felt like I was family to them. The therapist, CNA'S, nurses, and business office staff would cheer me on during my therapy sessions. The encouragement went a long way. I am truly greatful for all if them. I also really enjoyed playing Bingo. They asked me to come back and visit, and play Bingo. I plan on doing just that. I will also visit with the friends that I made while I was there. Without Ansley Park I would have never been able to return to my home. I will highly recommend Ansley Park to anyone I know that's needs rehab.


Great place, great staff, great experience for my Mom!

This place is a Joke

Well here is my story. My dad had back surgery about 3 weeks ago. He recovered well and was able to walk after his surgery. He went home after a few days from his surgery at Emry in Atlanta. While he was at home he fell by slipping on a rug in the bathroom. He went back to Emry to see if he broke anything and he didn't. So my sister found this rehab center called Ansley park in Newnan GA. He went in weighing around 160 lbs. after a week my sister called him and she could barely understand him. It sounded like he was on a lot of pain medication. So she went and drove to GA from TN. She asked one of the care givers what room he was in? And the care giver didn't have a clue who he was and was very rude. She sounded like a thug my sister said. So she went into my dads room and he was just laying there and obviously drugged way too much. He barely could move his jaw and could not walk on his own. So she asked the nurse that was in charge, What medication did they give him? The nurse didn't have a clue what they gave him So my sister looked at his charts and seen that they gave him an ungodly amount of pain meds. So she took him out right away and drove back to TN with him. That night I went to visit him at his new apartment and as soon as I walked in he looked deathly ill almost like a cancer patient would look. He started crying when he seen my two little girls and that's not like my dad. He was a Marine during the Vietnam era and he was a very strong minded man. He told me that the people there were very mean and were up partying in the lobby all night. They did not answer his calls. he soiled himself and they made my mom who was visiting clean him up. He said he fell out of the bed and no one came to see if he was ok. [removed]. While telling me this he was crying. So I knew I had to take him to the ER. He weighed 121 lbs. So he lost around 40 lbs in a week and a half and was malnourished and dehydrated. He has to have another surgery on Monday due to the care that was or wasn't given to him. I hope and pray that he makes it out of this nightmare. I would advise anyone not to go here. It may look new and clean but the care that is there sucks! Please don't put anyone through this. I'm trying to save anyone the heart ache of what has happened. These people will pay for what they have done.

Beautiful facility - Care is lacking.

My father was at Ansley Park for six weeks after breaking his hip from a fall. He was very independent before his fall, and were told at admission they would work to get him back doing everything he was doing prior to his fall. Many promises were made during the admission process that never came to pass. The rehab part is lacking, and I feel that much of that six week time period was wasted when he could have been making better progress at another facility. Nurses were not as attentive as they should be. We were told at the beginning that they would put a bed alarm on my father's bed to know when he got out of his bed without assistance. He was getting in and out of his bed constantly with no supervision - the alarm was never put on his bed. There were other incidents with nursing that were inconsistent..."right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing". There are some very lovely people who work at the facility and are very helpful, but it seems that consistency is the biggest problem. And it is a rehab facility, so that should be their expertise. Very disappointed. We have transferred my father to a different facility, and have already seen a big difference in the care he is receiving and the plan they have for his progress...night and day difference.

Disrespectful in the highest degree

Although this facility is new and impressive, their handling of the admissions process for my mother was totally inconsiderate and disrespectful. I called three times to inquire about the status of her application, and my calls were never returned. I then called to inquire about why she was not accepted. I was told that the person who reviewed her case was "in a meeting" and would call me. Once again, the call was never returned

weigh out against other facilities

This is mom's fourth day. I agree with reviewer who said night staff not nice. CNAs seem to lack training on how to properly move patient. Seem to be understaffed with long call bell wait at times. Also lacking in some supplies. Asked about understaffing and was told they are interviewing and trying to get more help.
Also agree with reviewer who said some nice. CNA Mary is the best. Have met PA Cathy and liked her. Some nurses I've met are nice.
With state of art equipment, if this place could get better help, they would be firing on all cylinders and be head and shoulders way high above the rest. With poor help, state of the art equipment pales.
Let's hope they get staffed properly and really become the facility Newman hoped they would be.

Ansley Park Rehab

Have been in this facility for a week due to a fall. The first night, I was ready to leave! I evidently encountered the 2 percent who were rude and unhelpful that first night. The other 98 percent are not that way. The food is very good, staff responsive and PT is excellent. Folks need to remember this is a rehab facility, not a nursing home. The more you do for yourself, the sooner you can go home and that is the goal. I would definitely recommend the facility and return if needed. We are very fortunate to have this type of facility in our area.

Scary hurtful experience

Night shift staff on the weekends is awful! Giving wrong medication, not answering call lights, standing around laughing and socializing at desk while patients leave call lights on for half hour!! DO NOT STAY HERE BRAND NEW BUILDING NEW AND DRESSED UP-IT IS ONLY A FACADE!



He wanted to stay there, but it was a little far for us to go.

They were very friendly. They were really clean too. He wanted to stay there, but it was a little far for us to go. It was nice and more modern, and new, it wasn't drab or dreary or depressing. They took good care of him there.

poor care

My mom is currently there and not receiving the care she needs or deserves. This is a state of the art facility that does not lice up to the expectation. She only has 21 days with Medicare to stay there and work on recovering. She is coming upon her fifth day and still not on the PT schedule. Five and so, hours go by and no one checks on her. All the nurses are too busy watching TV in the sitting rooms that are for patients and their guests.

From the Community

City Info

Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation is located in the small Atlanta suburb of Newnan, Georgia.

- Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation is situated on the eastern outskirts of Newnan, Georgia, a short drive away from I-85. Newnan is a small city of approximately 38,000 residents, located roughly 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta.

- Living in Newnan requires a car and has a Walk score of 24.

- The average age of the city's residents is 33.1 years old, while the state average is 36.4.

- Twelve assisted living facilities are located in Newnan, and 27 facilities are located nearby.

- Veterans have three options at their disposal. For health care, the VA Newnan Clinic is approximately 10 minutes from Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation. The Georgia Department of Veterans Services is located approximately six minutes away by car. The American Legion Post 57, which is a 10-minute drive from Ansley Park, offers biweekly bingo, weekly trivia night, a fish fry every Friday evening, and karaoke on Saturday nights.

- Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation is located in a relatively warm climate. The average yearly high temperature is 73.8 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average yearly low temperature is 48.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Newnan, Georgia sees an average of 50.91 inches of rain per year, while roughly 1 inch of snow hits the ground per year. The warmest month of the year is July with an average high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while the coldest month of the year is January with an average high of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. March sees the most rain, with an average of 5.08 inches of rain per year.


Public transportation in Newnan is limited.

- Taxis for hire are available, as well as Uber and Lyft rideshare services.

Health & Safety

There are several hospitals to choose from in Newnan. The crime rate is high for a town this size.

- There are three main hospitals located within the city: Southeastern Regional Medical Center Newnan, and two locations of Piedmont Newnan Hospital. One location of Piedmont Newnan Hospital is a seven-minute drive from Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation.

- Areavibes gives Newnan an overall 75 livability score, while the crime rate receives a grade of F.

- The majority of crimes in the area are property crimes, making up 1,006 of the 1,221 reported crimes. However, the rates for murder, rape, and robbery all come in well below the National average.

Sports & Leisure

Newnan has many conveniently located gyms, golf courses, and tennis centers.

- Newnan boasts four golf courses, all of which are located relatively close to Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation. Newnan Country Club is located to the north, while Summer Grove Golf Club, White Oak Golf Club, and Newman Country Club all lie east of Ansley Park. However, the only public golf course in the area is located approximately eight minutes south of Newnan.

- All of the aforementioned facilities also offer tennis, as does the Summit Family YMCA.

- Five nearby facilities offer aerobics classes: Onelife Fitness - Newnan Express Gym, Onelife Fitness - Newnan Sports Club Gym, Piedmont Newnan Fitness Center, Tower Place CrossFit, and Orangetheory Fitness Newnan.

Shopping & Entertainment

Plenty of shopping is accessible in Newnan, with a number of shopping locations near Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation.

- The Ashley Park shopping mall is conveniently located, as is Shenandoah Plaza Shopping Center.

- The Shenandoah Plaza Shopping Center has a Publix grocery story. Kroger and Publix grocery stores are also nearby.

- A Regal Cinemas Georgian 14 movie theater is located in the Ashley Park mall.

- Plenty of familiar restaurants are conveniently located near Ansley Park, including Truett's Grill, Chick-fil-A, Golden Corral buffet, Red Robin, Cracker Barrel, Panera Bread, and Starbucks.

Religious Facilities

The churches closest to Ansley Park are:

- One Life Community Church
- Word Warriors Ministries
- New Life Tabernacle
- Friendship Baptist Church
- Summit Church at the Newnan Centre
- St. Peter Baptist Church