America's Care Manor - Simi Valley, CA

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Customer Reviews

Warm and friendly

There is nothing more important then the care of our parents. Our mom was a very independent and strong willed person. When she got sick and needed extra care, we knew we had to find a place that could help her but treat her with kindness and dignity. We were very fortunate to find a place where our mom was safe and treated with a beautiful amount of respect. We noticed immediately that all the people living there were cared for in a very gentle and conscious manor. The main person that I will always be grateful to is [name removed]. Her care and kindness was extraordinary. She worked all the time but never lost her patience, skill and attention to detail. I am writing this review to share my gratitude with [name removed] and the people that work here but also for the people who are like us and are looking for a place for their loved ones.

Whole Heartedly Recommend

Unfortunately, my mom was not here long as her cancer was further along than we thought, however we could not have asked for a more kind and caring person than [name removed] who runs this house. My family visited my mom multiple times a day for a few weeks and we got a chance to see [name removed] and her staffs' endless patience and constant care of all the residents. They treat everyone with dignity, feed them freshly cooked, healthy food and keep everything (and everyone) clean while never neglecting personal needs. We felt our mother was safe and we were always welcome. Doing this job is physically and emotionally demanding but [name removed] is truly fulfilling her calling and does this difficult job with grace. I don't do many reviews but I know how important it was for me to have recommendations in this situation as I was entrusting my mom into someone else's care and I recommend America's Care Manor whole heartily.