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Customer Reviews

As far as I can tell everything about this facility: the esthetics, the staff, and the meals, all that is very nice. The room that my love one has is tiny, but it’s also because it is a studio. From what I can observe the care my love one is receiving is very good. The property is new and I think it’s about a 35 room assisted living. As of right now is mostly men and the place is not entirely filled up. One negative thing that I will say is the Comcast. We had at least 10 Comcast technicians and supervisors go to that location and we found out that the building is wired wrong. The management team should be on top of that. My love one enjoys listening to “Easy listening” on Comcast and watch shows but it can’t be done because of this. Aside from this, the community is beautiful, the cook is excellent, and the caregivers I talk to love my love one which is the most important thing. I can actually tell that they do care for my love one and their staff to resident ratio is amazing. There is a lot of 1 on 1 attention. Overall I am happy with the community.