Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center - Sewell, NJ

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Customer Reviews

this place is a joke and i wouldnt put my dog in here. the bathroom was dirty there were flies all over the room the staff very rude and didnt care about our loved one. she had 2 strokes and couldnt speak and she is deaf. i was her voice and they kicked me out saying i was being dispruptive when i was asking why they were giving a diabetic sugar. they also left her smelling like pee when we told her she hadnr had a shower they told us she would have to wait that she goes on the list 2x a week for a shower we had to transfer our loved one to another facility due to the lack of professionalism boy what a difference a facility makes.

This facility not recommended

Our experience with Advanced Sub Acute was not a good one. Our family member was not able to communicate or self advocate, so was not provided nearly the care needed. Food and or beverages were often wrong, missing, or removed without being eaten. Unsafe practices and injuries were common place due to staffing shortage , hostile, and unsafe working conditions. The above things were covered up by administration, so were impossible to prove. Staff were and are afraid to come forward or verify allegations. We saw a huge difference on the rehab wing, where the residents/patients were able to tell their family members or outside agencies if there was a problem. I strongly advise against placing a loved one at this facility.

Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center

I like the place. It's very clean. The people who wait on my sister-in-law are very attentive. She says the meals are delicious. They keep us informed.

Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center

I have been very happy there with all of the staff, from the housekeepers to director of nursing. It is very clean there. My loved one is getting physical therapy twice a day. The aides have been very helpful, and we had a problem one night. They are good, and it was resolved. I have been there when they have been eating, and my loved one has not complained. The staff call with questions and set up meetings.

Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center

They are working with my loved one, and it is very clean, and they are friendly and helpful, too. They are getting him up and walking. He says they are treating him well. The nurses are so helpful to us. My loved one lost his wallet and money, and his sneakers and watch. They wrote a letter for him to sign for me to pick up his belongings at the hospital. The friendliness is just over the top. Everyone is very friendly and smiling. I actually like the place. The cleanliness is excellent. It is spic-and-span. I think they are bringing my loved one his meals to his room and bringing him 3 meals a day. He is not complaining, so he likes it. I have called the staff, and they inform me if I call them. They do give me the information I am looking for.

Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center

They seem to have everything at hand. They are pretty much taking care of things. The therapists take my wife for one to two hours. They tell me she is doing well. The nurses are pretty good overall. The staff seem to have gotten friendlier over the last few days. I think it is pretty clean. I do not think the meals are great. They are average. She eats most of the food, with too much salt on the meat. There was an incident, and I want the truth from the nursing staff. My wife had pains in and hit the buzzer, and no one came. I went to the nurses station for that incident, and I asked, "Are you calling me a liar because we waited too long?" They are doing their job the best that they can.

Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center

My husband gets good care. The only thing he doesn't like is the food. The food is very bad. Nobody eats it. It's really bland. Other than that, everything is good. They treat him well. They're on the ball with him with the physical therapy. We really like it. The nurses are wonderful. The workers are very, very nice. We have no complaints about them. The therapists really working with him well. The staff are very polite and on the ball. It's pretty clean. It could be a little cleaner at times, but other than that, it's good. They're very good at keeping me informed. They tell me what's going on. When I ask questions, they answer very nicely. If they don't know something, they find out then let me know.

Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center

I think the therapists are doing okay, and my loved one is making progress. I think things are going fine. The nurses are usually nice when I am there. My loved one complains about the food sometimes. She complains that people are annoyed that she needs help all of the time to get dressed and go to the bathroom. I really do think that that could be in her mind.

Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center

We're disappointed at the lack of therapy our loved one is getting. He's only getting it once a day, and he would like to be a little bit more involved. The therapy staff have been really nice. It's just not sufficient. We were under the impression it would be more intense. The staff have all been great, from maintenance to food service. The meals aren't very good.

tour Review

I took a tour of the facilities, because I was checking out the local senior rehabilation services. I was impressed with the admissions and finance deptartments. The overall impression that I got was that it was very well maintained and the cleanliness was great.

Wonderful staff

My grandmother and a family friend were patients here. Very nice staff especially their CNA [Removed]. She was compassionate, patience and knowledgeable. That was why I referred others to consider this facility when their love ones are in need. Wonderful facility keep up the great work!!!

From the Community

At Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center, we have been caring for patients for many years. We are located in Gloucester County, and serve all of South Jersey. Many patients come from near and far because of our unique high level clinical and specialty programs. We are a recently renovated, state of the art facility. Located on a gorgeous, sprawling ranch, life is as vibrant at Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center as the surrounding community. Members of the community often come to Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center to participate in painting classes, pet therapy and gardening. Accommodations are clean, attractive, and pleasant. Our rooms are equipped with Cable TV, telephone and electric bed. Our dining staff prepares wholesome, healthy meals for our residents. The menus are designed for each resident by our registered dietician, prepared by our chef. Meals are served in a comfortable dining facility
Family of Caring Health and Rehabilitation is a family owned and operated company where our goal is to provide the best care and service to every client every time. For over 35 years, the Friedman family has been providing dignified care and service in a warm, pleasant, supportive environment. Our core values of excellence, compassion and respect challenge us to strive for distinction both in the quality of care we provide and the level of dignity with which it’s delivered. We are built on a foundation of experience that provides our families with the best possible outcome in their rehabilitative experiences. Each client, and family becomes a member of our skilled interdisciplinary team that utilizes highly trained medical and rehabilitation professionals working together to provide the highest level of quality care. Following on experience in healthcare excellence, The Family of Caring healthcare system are leading providers of short term post hospital rehabilitation, long term, and specialty care.