AccentCare of Pasadena, CA

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Customer Reviews

they are angels!

The women that come are just marvelous! It can be a hard job to deal with every day, and it takes an angel to be able to do it. That's just what these ladies that come out are - angels! My only complaint is that there has been a time or two when I needed someone to come out to watch and communication has not been great, meaning I was left hanging and not sure what would happen, thus unable to make plans. It worked out, but would have liked more constant communication in that instance.

Reliable, good care

They're very good and very conscientious from what ive seen. When the caregivers come im not there but when i go over i check in and everythings how they said it would be which gives you a very confident feeling. i think my aunt was fine, i think the only thing she didnt like maybe was the food preparation but she likes her food prepared a certain way and thats all a matter of taste. ive asked her if she likes it and she's told me unequivically yes. The biggest factor with a 70 plus year old is that her caregivers are there when they say theyre going to be, and they always have been. She usually will send them across the street to pick up heavier items at the grocery store but shes happy with them and overall im very satisfied with the caregiers and what they do.