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compassionate and caring

My mom just recently passed away, but before her passing we were blessed with excellent help from Senior Helpers. The person they sent out was very knowledgeable and compassionate and caring.

They are doing a pretty good job. I w...

They are doing a pretty good job. I would recommend them. Sometimes they have changed caregivers, but they have given us some notice first. That hasn't been too much of an issue. We also haven't had any problems with people being late, not showing up, or not being able to get a replacement. There really isn't anything that I think needs to be improved or done better. I am pretty happy with them.

They seemed well versed in dementia care.

I haven’t met the care caretaker. My sisters have met them. They seem pleased. My mother is very, very, very happy with her care giver. They seemed well versed in dementia care. We’ve only been with them for a couple of months. Being able to refocus a person is a very useful skill.

Got prompt information that was tailo...

Got prompt information that was tailored to my situation.

Home care for my parents

Sorry, to date I am not satisfied with the help that has been sent to my parents home. We have had the service for the past month and nothing to be impressed about. Their initial visit they tell you about all the services they can provide, along with their pamphlet. They will prepare healthy meals and planning among other services. That has not been the case so far. They provide adequate service is about the best I can say.