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Mom really likes her care giver

I am very pleased with the care that my mom is receiving from her care giver, she does a lot for my mom, takes her to appts, helps with the laundry and fixes her meals. We were lucky this agency has arranged for her to be my mom's soul care giver. I am very comfortable with the care she is providing for mom, she is caring, courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend this agency for in-home care.

so far, its okay!

For the most part, we have been happy with the service. They have been willing to work with us. My mother has some of the same caregivers going to her home. We would like for it to be just one, but we like a most of the ones that regularly go.

123 Home Care - Review

I'm happy. I've spoken a lot with the office staff. I've spoken a lot with Chris, and he's been really helpful. In the very beginning, I joked with Chris and said his office staff needs a little tune up. I was having to call and find out who's going to be coming, the name of this person, and we laughed, and that was fine. We got that straightened out. We had one girl that we loved, but she had a school conflict. That was kind of sad, but they found us another one right away. Our personalities didn't jive, but that was no problem, and they found us someone else. I asked Chris if they had someone along the lines of the personality of the first girl, and he found us a third one which is identical to the first personality, so we're happy with her. I've been in contact with Chris, and he is looking for a second person for me, because we may be facing more days and more hours. They are very easy to get a hold of.

They worked out good for me.

They worked out good for me. I used them when we went on vacation, and will use them again next time I go. The only problem was the billing toward the end, but when I brought it up they worked it out for me.

one and done

My mom only had the caregiver once and she wasn't happy with her. We didn't have a problem with the company it self however, they sent us someone that my mom didn't connect with, when she was already not to happy with the idea of someone coming to assist her.