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Customer Reviews


This company was wonderful! They are responsive and thoughtful and extremely professional. My wife's father had gone through caregiver after caregiver before we found Presidio. None of the other companies could handle him. But Presidio was patient and diligent and found the right person for the job. They have not missed one single shift in over 6 months! For people who know elder care this may seem unbelievable but I assure you it is true. And they are available 24 hours per day. Not that we call them at 2am but when we need to chat with them after hours they pick up every time. I am so impressed by this. My wife feels like they are her personal caregiver company. And as the old saying goes, happy wife means happy life. I am very happy that we found Presidio Home Care. They have lifted a great weight off of my wife and her family and me!

Had tour with Colin Barnes ...

Had tour with Colin Barnes and nurse Desiree (I believe) at 1PM. Felt presentation and program was slightly better than ComForCare, with more detailed safety assessment and suggestions, and activity ideas, although it was a difficult decision. At this point our decision is to go with Presidio. It was close between the two.

Excellent management

I think the management is excellent, but I’m not too clear the caregivers were. The management kept me up to date. If there were problems they don’t give up, they try to work with people to help get things resolved.

I think they do a fine job.

I think they do a fine job. They try to get a consistent caregiver but it has been taking some time, I would give them a three on that aspect. We have used other services and they are a good balance, and their caregivers are very caring which is the most important. *Activities and Cleanliness, do not apply for homecare.

Rigid About Hours

They could improve by not being so rigid in the hours they allow me to have. I used to have two hours in the evening and now I have a choice of either one or four hours. I pay more for the one hour than I did for two.

We won't use them again

One of the things that annoyed my mom was that she felt like she was being pressured to buy more and get more service. It's one of the reasons that she cancelled. They were pushy. I think that the gal that helped my mom was very nice and very upbeat but she was kind of naïve about basic stuff. We had to train her. We thought they were charging a lot for something where we had to train the caregiver. In the future, if we need a caregiver, I will probably try someone else.

I did like the fact that Presidio responded immediately because I needed help right away. They did a walk through of the house to see how safe it was and I liked that. We've made some changes to the house to make it a safer place for my mom to live.

Private organization. Minim...

Private organization. Minimum 4 hour/day, 12 hours a week at $20/hr. Fuel expenses are extra. Will do all services. Require home inspection, fire extinguisher in kitchen + smoke detectors for safety.