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Customer Reviews

Independent living is great! The assisted or full time care? Not so much!

My mom started in independent living for 3 years and that was great! Lots to do or not do, friends galore, one meal a day ( most folks it's around 4 pm) and a great apartment. The buy-in is steep and you need 3 times that to get on. You also need to be cleared by a dr.

The independent living side is gove 5's for everything but value because if the steep buy in.

My mom developed some dementia and fell in her apartment. She rehabbed in the rehab wing and it wasn't great. They don't seem motivated [Removed] folks back up and walking and many times you go in and people are begging you for an aid to change them! They also have folks passed out in their dinner and the nurses are mostly LPN's. It was not uncommon to see blister packs of meds on the floor next to the med carts. Also, the computers with patient information were often on in the hall for any passerby.

After rehab they moved her to the memory wing - total one flew over the cuckoos nest! There was a guy in a chair with a puddle of urine under himself, another resident attaching another resident and staff seemed clueless, although nice enough.

So independent living - high marks
Rehab - low marks
Memory center - lowest marks

How they have managed to avoid an outbreak to date is beyond me! Each employee needs training on basic hand washing / glove use ASAP. They also need to be trained to protect residents!

Poor treatment at Health Center of Abbey Delray

Everything is fine here as long as you are healthy. The facilities are lovely and many people are friendly. But there is a big change when you can no longer live independently and are moved to Abbey’s Health Center.

I am the adult child of two parents who died in Abbey Delray’s Health Center:

1. My mother had had surgery and was sent to the on-premises Health Center to recuperate, but she was placed in the Alzheimer's ward, where I found her sitting slumped over, ignored. There were a lot of people sitting slumped over and ignored at the Health Center.

2. After I had her room changed, my mother seemed to be improving, as long as she was getting physical therapy. But that stopped and she was left sitting in a wheelchair. A woman who was in the Health Center for a short recuperation whispered to me that the nurses there do as little as possible. I didn't believe her at the time...

3. Mom got repeated bladder infections, which I’ve been told happens from not being changed properly / enough. This was a chronic problem, and the infections eventually caused serious damage.

4. My father fell and was placed in the Health Center. He was lucky enough to get a nurse who was good, until she got injured. I visited and found him calling and calling to be helped to the bathroom. I asked for help, and a nurse appeared screaming at him. I reported her, and she was disciplined; the next time I visited, his diamond ring had disappeared.

5. From his frequent bladder infections and dehydration, my father was also repeatedly sent to the hospital where he caught the MRSA virus.

My parents both died at Abbey’s Health Center, I believe sooner than they should have. While there are some wonderful people there, I give very low grades to Abbey’s Health Center for the above reasons.

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Abbey Delray is a Life Care continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Delray Beach, FL offering vibrant independent senior living apartments, assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitative care.