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Customer Reviews

Home Care for Mom

Overall, 2nd Family did a wonderful job caring for my mother. Mom was happy with her caregivers and their help which took a lot of stress off of our family. Our Care Coordinator/Care Manager was fantastic! Mom loved her and our family did as well. If my mom ever needs services again in the future, we will definitely be calling 2nd Family!

Caring for My Loved One

2nd Family is great! We are extremely happy with the caregivers. They are efficient, have a "personal touch," are caring, and understanding of what families go through while always demonstrating professionalism.

2nd Family is Wonderful

Our family is very happy with the caregivers and care coordinator. My mom really enjoys her time with them.

My Mother

Our Care Coordinator is wonderful--I appreciate all that she does for my mom and for our family. We had a schedule miscommunication and our Care Coordinator was on it immediately. She had things smooth sailing again in less than 24 hours. I appreciate 2nd Family's efforts to keep the Caregivers consistent as I know how challenging of a task that can be.

Caring for my mother

My mother's RN Care Coordinator is absolutely amazing. Whenever I have a problem, I let the Care Coordinator know and she always communicates the problem to my mother's CNA. The CNA is always on time. She's great and extremely helpful!

Looking after Grandma

The caregivers are very attentive, helpful, always on time, and interactive with my grandmother.

Review of mom's Care

As a whole, 2nd Family handled the difficult situation with my mother very professionally and responded in a quick timely manner to all of our family's questions. The staff was flexible and always willing to communicate to assure my mom was cared for during the times we couldn't be with her.

My caregiver is like a member of the family.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

That's wonderful to hear! Thank you for taking the time to leave some positive feedback!

I feel comfortable with 2nd Family

I feel well taken care of and comfortable with 2nd Family

Very pleased

I am very pleased with the service 2nd family provides

Overall, the care has been good

Overall my experience with 2nd family has been good. My nurse has been very nice.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Excellent to hear!

Our nurse is very caring and responsive

We've been using 2nd Family for a year and a half for my mother and we have been very pleased. We've recommended them to other people.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Thank you for placing your trust in us over the last 18 months. It's been a pleasure to serve your family.

I could not ask for a better nurse

I can't speak highly enough of my nurse and the service that 2nd Family provides.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Thank you for the kind words. We value the opportunity to serve you.

Couldn't be happier

2nd Family has made it possible for mom to stay at home where she wants to be.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

It's a pleasure helping your mom!

Very helpful and friendly

2nd Family is very caring and patient with my husband.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

We appreciate the opportunity to serve him!

Review of 2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD

2nd family has been of great assistance at this time when my wife is recovering from a fractured ankle (and using a walker) and I am recovering from a hasty case of shingles.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Thanks for the kind words. It's been our pleasure to provide you with some assistance!

Review of 2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD

No complaints.
A pleasure to deal with Donna is great. Goes beyond her duties I am sure. Always calls when there is a problem.
Brittany is great with my husband. Responds well to his needs.

Review of 2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD

All the caregivers have been nice.

Review of 2nd Family Eldersburg, MD

The caregivers have been taking really good care of my Mom and I appreciate that. The service she has received from 2nd Family has been great.

Annual Care Review

2nd Family has been great working with our mother and making sure she is well taken care of while we are unable to attend to her daily needs. The care givers that 2nd Family sends to our house are very professional and attendance to our mother has been very accommodating. In addition to her daily needs – skin care, bathing and changing, etc. - they also help her with her exercises so that she can continue to gain strength and stability.

When both my parents were at the same residence, 2nd family was very accommodating towards the both of them. They were very professional as the situations with my father worsened. However, as has his dementia got worse, we had to move him to an assisted living facility.

As we moved my father out, 2nd Family was very obliging to our need to reduce the hours that we could afford towards them with minimal reduction in care.

Our only concern has been that 2nd Family would not provide notice if the care giver was running late. Communication between all parties could have been better – using only SMS text, for example. Recently, communication has gotten better all around.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Greg, thank you for providing such detailed feedback. It's always our goal to provide excellent care, which includes consistently arriving on time and offering you clear communication. I'm glad to hear that we've improved in those areas, and your feedback will help us continue to do so to meet the 5-star standard that we hold ourselves to. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve your family.

Of course I would give the company 5 stars! The staff are courteous, self-starters, and knowledgeable. The nurse supervisor is a joy to work with.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Thanks for the review, Keith. We're pleased to work with you!

Efficient and suppliers good people – good follow up and great nurse ([Removed]).

Josh Markland

Local Representative

It's a pleasure to assist you, Joan. Thanks for the kind words.

You are very professional staff is knowledgeable.
Staff are more than willing to help with anything required.
They all arrived on time.
The nurse ([Removed]) has been the best I ever had.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

It's wonderful to hear that you've had such a positive experience, Mr. Hopper!

Best company we have ever used. Professional and yet personalized seems to be the key.


Excellent….All of the caregivers knock themselves out trying to help me.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Wonderful to hear, Betty! Thank you for the kind words.

Excellent Match!

[Removed] is at my mother's house right now and Mom just called to tell me how wonderful [Removed] is. She is gushing with joy and definitely wants to see her again! I'm absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much for making an excellent match right out of the gate.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Thank you for the comments. We are very glad to hear that your mom is so happy!

My right arm

All along I denied I needed help ,I wanted to care for [Removed] by myself ,but the children did the research ,agreed on using 2nd family and I don't regret it ,,I have 2 great caring aides.

Love Our 2nd Family!

Our family is over the moon happy with CNA'S that are caring for our parents. We have welcomed them into our family with open arms. They are very loving and attentive to our mom, who has Alzheimer's and our dad, who has Parkinson's/ dementia. 2nd Family as a whole is wonderful! Thank you for giving us peace of mind.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Our pleasure, Jill! It's always our goal to treat your family like our own. Thanks for trusting your parents' care to our team!

2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD

Nurse & caregiver very caring & attentive to my wife. Some concerns with billing.

Thanks for the wonderful care.

I just wanted to take a minute to Thank you and your staff for the wonderful care my Mother received while recuperating from knee replacement surgery. She enjoyed all of the staff that was scheduled for her and appreciated all that they did for her. We had used another agency many years ago for my father and did not have the best experience so I know that my Mom was a bit apprehensive, but thank you for making her feel at ease with your assessment and the quality of your staff.

Very pleased with the service

I wanted to let you know that our caregiver, Ashley, has done a phenomenal job. Not only does she provide outstanding care, but she arrived in the midst of a snow storm. She couldn't get her car up our steep driveway, so she parked at the bottom and walked up it on foot. Thankful for the care provided.

Thank you 2nd Family!

2nd Family - I want to pass along Holiday Greetings to you and your families and let you know how much Marian has meant to us this year. As you know, my Dad passed away in June and it was quite a loss for all of us. Marian, of course, shared in that along with us.

We have come to depend on Marian very much and she does a wonderful job of taking care of EVERYTHING! We are very fortunate that Mom and Dad prepared for these years of their lives, enabling them to stay in their home. 2nd Family and, in particular, Marian make that possible as well.

Thank You

I just want to thank you for the responsiveness of 2nd Family. Kelli has been a wonderful contact, she is responsive, understanding and attentive to details. I really have appreciated the contact and the dialogue. You clearly have caring employees. Thanks as we continue to find the best support for my husband.

Love my nurse Kathy. Caregivers are good too now.

Helping hands

The aides are excellent ..hard to say great as it is so sad to watch my husband's situation. Second family worked hard to find the best aides for him and did a ver good job. Appropriate, timely, consistent, responsible, good observers and initiators. Hard work good workers.

Review of 2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD


Review of 2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD

Very attentive. Took time to answer all questions.

Review of 2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD

Great caregivers on staff who care about their clients.

Very responsive to schedule changes

Caregivers arrive on time and do not complain about light housekeeping requests.

Top notch service

So nice to have peace of mind and confidence in my mother in law's care when we can't be there for her. Top notch service from a great company that has good people that actually care and are well trained.
Thank you 2nd Family!

Mom's 2nd Family

We can't thank 2nd Family enough for the excellent care they took of our mother after her surgery. They arrived each morning with a warm and welcoming smile. The girls helped her shower, get dressed, prepared her breakfast and helped with tidying up her personal things. Most importantly, they made her look and feel beautiful to face the day. We could all rest assured that mom was in the best of hands and was truly being cared for by her "2nd Family".

Thank you 2nd Family

How important is it? As a working parent and grandparent yourself, when you are employed seventy miles from your Mother who is experiencing a devastating and temporary debilitating leg injury, to know there is someone to go and tend to “all” of her needs. To give you the peace of mind that you can achieve all of your daily activities and handle work pressures, assured that your “Mom” is in magnificent hands. It is more than just important, it is critical, and our family was very blessed to have the ladies from 2nd Family there to take care of Mom each morning to help her start the day, when she needed the most support. The 2nd Family staff treated my Mother as their family and in the meantime Mom added a few more daughters to her family. Thank you 2nd Family!!!

Excellent assistance after our Mother's surgery

Our family had an excellent experience with 2nd Family! After surgery, my 86 year old mother was in need of assistance with morning routines. She lives in an independent environment, and didn't want to come and stay with her children. We contacted 2nd Family to help us and they sent the sweetest ladies to help our mother with her morning; including shower, medication, breakfast, and assistance with learning to adjust to 3 weeks of wearing a cast! These ladies not only took fabulous care of our mother, but they kept her spirits up! They managed everything so when we stopped in to visit our mother we were able to enjoy a very nice visit! We knew when we left after our visit that 2nd Family would be there in the morning to greet her with a smile and help her get ready for her day!

Well done, 2nd Family!

We can't say enough good things about 2nd Family! They were prompt to provide us service when we needed help. Both of the 2nd Family caregivers who attended my mom gave excellent care and were very professional. Mom felt safe and pampered. Every need was met. Every request we gave was fulfilled. When you are an elderly woman who cannot walk, it means the world when the caregiver not only takes care of you ... but takes care of your home, too. Besides helping mom to shower and get dressed, the caregivers made the bed, prepared breakfast, cleaned up the mess, helped mom do a variety of things that were important to her, and served as "spotters" as she practiced using a walker. Thank you, 2nd Family, for truly being a second family to us! When our family could not be there, 2nd Family was there and took care of mom with the same loving care we would give her. It's my privilege to recommend 2nd Family! Your loved one will be pampered and treated with professional excellence ... and you will have peace of mind. Well done, 2nd Family!

Great Company -- Great Caregivers

2nd Family is a great company who hires great caregivers. When there were any problems, all I had to do was call and it was dealt with quickly. They try to match the right caregiver to the right family and if for any reason it didn't work out, they were only too happy to try someone new. Even when a last minute no-show happened, they worked hard to quickly resolve the problem. I loved that the scheduling and supporting work reports were available online through the family portal. It made it so easy to keep track of who was scheduled and easy for me to provide the backup reports required by our insurance company.

Selectively positive review

The current aide we have, Lindsey is excellent. She truly cares about Debbie and spends much time with her reading and having my wife read to her, plus encouraging her to use coloring mediums. She never complains about the light housekeeping duties I ask her help with.
Jamie was also a very good aide.

My experience with other aides has been very poor. They have no interest in my wife and would rather sit and watch TV with her the whole time they are here.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Neil, it's always our goal to match you up with the caregiver that is right for you and your wife. Glad to hear that you're having a positive experience! Thank you for the feedback.

2nd Family

The homehealth aides who come to our home to care for my dad are very lovely and giving people. They offer many helpful suggestions and are always so patient with my father. This agency makes sure the caregivers are a good match for my father's needs and when an aide is not working out well they provide a new person who is a better match. We are very pleased.

Review of 2nd Family - Eldersburg, MD

2nd Family is not a live-in-community - it is a home caregiver agency.

Most of its staff are bright and dedicated. They provide care for my wife who has F.T. Dementia.

2nd Family

2nd Family is the best agency we have ever worked with for in-home care. We originally started with another agency and the lack of professionalism was staggering, from not returning phone calls to simply not showing up. 2nd Family has been professional from start to finish and we have been using them 9 hours a day for a year and a half. Their name says it all. They have become part of our family.

Josh Markland

Local Representative

Susan, so happy to hear that we've become part of the family! Thanks for trusting us with such an important task - we don't take it for granted.

Thanks 2nd Family

Our family has been using the services of 2nd Family for 2 months. We are very pleased with the care that they give my parents. We are also grateful for their help in navigating with the insurance company to get our claim processed and approved. This is a very difficult time trying to help a parent stay in their home as their general health and mobility decline. The 2nd Family care givers and support staff have been a great deal if help to us.

Grateful for trusted assistance

My mom is delighted with 2nd Family. The dad has Alzheimer's and 2nd Family comes once a week for bathing and grooming. It gives her a chance to get out and visit with friends. She was resistant to help with anything else around the house, but now reports how the bathroom sparkles and it is nice to have help. Best of all, we hear all the time how Elias "lights up the room" with his smile.

Great care for parkinsonism client.

Great services from the first meeting to our last caregiver. Regretfully, the ONLY reason we left 2nd Family was my husband needed more care because I was no longer able to help him when our wonderful caregiver from 2nd Family was not present. Care is outstanding, but the other outstanding aspect of 2nd Family is the administrative support that was provided to deal with our long term insurance company. Highly recommend 2nd Family.

Great care for parkinsonism client.

Great services from the first meeting to our last caregiver. Regretfully, the ONLY reason we left 2nd Family was my husband needed more care because I was no longer able to help him when our wonderful caregiver from 2nd Family was not present. Care is outstanding, but the other outstanding aspect of 2nd Family is the administrative support that was provided to deal with our long term insurance company. Highly recommend 2nd Family.

Great care for parkinsonism client.

Great services from the first meeting to our last caregiver. Regretfully, the ONLY reason we left 2nd Family was my husband needed more care because I was no longer able to help him when our wonderful caregiver from 2nd Family was not present. Care is outstanding, but the other outstanding aspect of 2nd Family is the administrative support that was provided to deal with our long term insurance company. Highly recommend 2nd Family.

Wonderful service. Amazing people.

From my first call to 2nd Family, I was touched by the sincerity, patience, and transparency that their team displayed.

During their first consultation at my grandmother's home, Chad and his team showed my family respect, kindness, and utmost professionalism.

2nd Family was extremely proactive in schedule planning, and in putting together the appropriate approach for your loved one.

2nd Family provided a strong array of online services and print materials to help keep our family informed, while providing true convenience which was greatly appreciated.

The nurses that came to care for my grandmother in her home were always on time, on task, and super sweet. My grandmother enjoyed all of them, and most importantly- she felt safe in their presence.

I spoke with several in-home nursing providers before selecting 2nd Family. None of them even came close to the warmth and professional compassion that 2nd Family provided to me and my family.

I am so thankful that I found this great company!!

Wonderful Company

Using 2nd Family for help with my Dad's care has been an incredibly positive experience. The company itself is extremely professional and yet still personable and the caregivers are top notch. We have had caregivers in and out of our home constantly and they have all been well trained, friendly and fun to have around! This company has allowed us to keep my father with us instead of looking for an outside placement.