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Customer Reviews

My husband is diagnosed with severe paranoid delusional alzheimers. He has been at Woodland Manor for exactly a year now. I have spent in the last year about $1000.00 replacing his clothes and personal items such as blankets. His TV remote has been missing for over 7 months and we can not change the channel to one he likes nor can we shut it off except to unplug it. The TV with remote also belong to us, not the facility. We are now afraid to complain because they have told us they will ban us from visiting my husband of almost 50 years. I have told them over and over that I am doing his laundry because when they do it they redistribute his clothes to other "inmates" or ruin them with too much bleach in every wash load. They love their bleach. They "keep forgetting" that I do his laundry. That is the only way I have of controlling the loss of his clothes and blankets. He is now out of blankets again and I will have to go buy some more so they can give them away to someone else. I have also caught them not giving him his medication.

home OK but need a different Administerator

This place has the worst Administrator that can be An administrator is suppose to be there to help you solve problems but he is far from that. My brother in law has only been there one month and we have had to buy him more clothes because they couldn't find his and when I went in yesterday to talk with him he informed me that that was all we are obsessed with is his clothes., He then informed me that if I wanted to move him that he would help me find a place. Needless to say I informed him I didn't need his help for anything. The nursing home is old but we were OK with that it is small and he seemed to get good care but we cant afford to buy clothes every week because they cant seem to keep up with them.