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A horrible unsanitary Place unprofessional place to live

First of all once you call there and speak with someone and after 8 up until about 11 no one is available because they're in a meeting when you come back from 12 to 1 or 12:30 to 1:30 no one answers the phone because the receptionist goes to lunch in the phone is picked up by the nurse's station and you can call six and seven times until the phone rings and it hangs up and you have to continue to call back again until someone finally picks up and says the receptionist is at lunch so they don't have a message center or a voicemail stating that no one's at the day or no one can answer your call or they don't have anyone who takes the receptionist on place during lunch time to answer any business call so you have your loved ones there and you can't get in contact with anyone until the reception is comes back which is very very unprofessional second of all they prepare their dinner meals in the hallway when I say that it's put on a cart that's heated but the food is in different pans and they dip the food out onto a plate and put it on the plate along with the salad and then they dip the dressing with a big spoon and put it on the dressing everything is out in the open it's not covered and I feel that is very unsanitary because there's different people there different patients there that have different types of infection Kohl's any diseases in the food is open they said take the food out of the heating of Albion and bled on the top and then they prepare the food as if you're in your kitchen at the stove preparing your food for your family that is so unsanitary you can get all types of infection bacteria anyting the nursing staff it's okay the administrator [name removed] says one thing but does something else you cannot get in contact with the emissions person is because if she's away from her desk it just rings and rings and rings and Rings there's no voicemail or anything so you just have to continue to try to call these people until someone eventually answer the phone you tell them who you looking for they ring you back with that asking to take a message and then the phone rings and rings and Rings again until it hangs up this place is a horrible horrible place the put your loved one