West Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center - Coraopolis, PA

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Customer Reviews

Do not use this place!

Horrible place, mother has been in and out over last 6 years, has really gone down hill! Lazy staff, every time I am there, patients are in bed, you call for an aid when my mother has to use restroom , they don’t come, she ends up wetting herself, when you finally go to nurses station yourself, they are texting on their phones, or ignore you while you stand there, they begrudgingly get someone else to help you. Meals are always late and never what they r supposed to be, my mother goes down to rehab then sits in her room the rest of the time! Steer clear of this place! Go elsewhere!

They were nice enough, but.....

They were nice enough but, the aides had at least ten patients a day and 75 percent were bedridden because of broken hips or dementia or bad shoulders, they couldn't give full care. My mother fell out of the wheelchair at least twice before they finally moved her somewhere and but a special belt across her lap and there were doctors orders that were written from the hospital, and they didn't follow through with them. I don't think the left hand knew what the right hand was doing. She had some TED hose that she was supposed to wear and they were supposed to be on all the time, they took them off and washed them which was very very nice, when we came to visit they were hanging on the wash rack so they had gotten her up to go to PT and didn't have her TED hose on. They just aren't supervised well enough and I think that because each person that took care of her, they cared but they can only do so much. She had a special diet one time and the sign above her bed said water free diet, I asked the aide what that meant and they said I guess she can have as much water as she wants but it was a water restricted diet, so they didn't know what their terminology is. I could call the director of nursing or the charge nurse and tell them my concerns and 95 percent of the time they would change them.