Wealshire of Bloomington - Bloomington, MN

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This place is terrible. Don't be fooled by the Disneyland decor. They are terribly under-staffed. My mother was a resident there, and it's really just a glorified [Removed].

In March 2015, my mother told an aide she wasn't feeling well. The aide told her to go drink some water. The next day she suffered a massive heart attack.

Upon returning, she started to fail rapidly. We were told she would need to be moved to the 2nd floor where she would receive more care, to the tune of 10-12K/month.

That lasted about 3 days(in which time there never seemed to be anyone looking after the residents), when she then tripped, fell, broke her hip, and cracked her head open. She never spoke again, and died a week later.

When we asked what happened, no one seemed to really know, most likely because no one was looking after the residents.

The aides, and the owner were always talking about the lack of staffing. Oh, and the owner smokes right in his office, which is a clear violation of state law.

In conclusion, I wouldn't send anyone I cared about to the Wealshire, not under any circumstances.

A great place to look into

This community is great. The cost is a little higher than what we were looking for. The community is very clean. I would rate the care very high. The staff are helpful, friendly and caring. The food is pretty good and I would recommend taking a look at this community.

They take good care of him!!

Since moving my loved one to Wealshire, my loved one is doing very well. The staff is doing a great job taking care of him and we have not had any problems. They have a good staff to resident ratio. They also have a large variety of activities, they keep the residents very busy. It has been a good experience,