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Customer Reviews

Where compassion and kindness seem to be the exception

Some of the staff are very friendly and compassionate - e.g., physical and occupational therapy. Unfortunately, our family has experienced many of the nurses, direct care staff, and administration as lacking the level of compassion and conscientiousness you would expect from people in this profession. The building is old, but the housekeeping staff do a reasonably good job of keeping it clean. The administrator, Chris, is uninvolved and has been dismissive of concerns we have brought to her attention. Our family visits every day and none of us have seen Chris on the unit interacting with residents and/or evaluating the quality of the care. She is mostly found perched on the chair in her office, occasionally on her smartphone. Most recently, I asked the administrator to come to my grandma's room so I could show her that my grandma's lamp was bent and wedged between the wall and recliner, something that was happening frequently and that I had reported to her a few days prior. The administrator responded, "I'll be up in a moment. I need to speak with the state assessor first." Needless to say, she never came to the room but, instead, sent the nurse manager.

As I am writing this review, I am listening to a nurse (Michelle) argue with a resident about the fact that "there isn't a jar of jelly in that room." When the resident said he was going to call the sherif, the nurse snapped back, "Go ahead. Call the sherif. I don't care." The man is progressively getting more agitated. Today, my grandma asked for her cough medicine. When the nurse (Joe) came into the room he offered her a breathing treatment instead. When my gramma asked about her cough medicine he said, "you want the breathing treatment and cough medicine on top of each other?" My grandma looked at me confused. I explained that my Grenada asked for cough medicine and he said, "So she doesn't want her breathing treatment?" I replied, I don't think she's refusing her breathing treatment, but she does want her cough medicine. He replied under his breath, "Whatever." I couldn't believe what I heard.

There are some good staff here - Ellie (nurse manager for the memory unit), nurses Adan and Bonnie, and all the physical and occupational therapy providers. The social workers are kind and thoughtful as well. Unfortunately, it only takes a few "bad apples" to spoil the whole bunch and it doesn't help when the administrator seems completely disconnected. I have reported my concerns to the corporate office and was assured I would relieve a call from the regional director the next day. It has been over a week and I haven't heard from him.

If you are considering this facility for a loved one, I would recommend considering other options. If your loved one is a resident here, I would recommend visiting as frequently as you can in order to keep the staff on their toes, so to speak. Also, keep in mind that this facility has recently hired many of the staff from River Hills (Pewaukee), a facility with a questionable reputation in this community. The entire facility could probably use a week-long inservice on compassion, empathy, and bedside manners.