Villa Maria Convalescent Home - Plainfield, CT

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Customer Reviews

This facility is wonderful! Though "under staffing" can be a concern, I looked at the posted staffing numbers at the Villa Maria and staffing is above code. The quality of care that my dad received was second to none. The staff was compassionate and caring. I would place my dad at the Villa Maria again in a heartbeat. Great facility!!!

This company may have a 5 star rating, however that is only going by the book and what the inspectors see that day. From having personal experience with Villa Maria and their staff, I would not recommend this place for your loved ones. They are always understaffed, making their care quality poor, and their management is awful. Being there all the time, I hear many things going on their, and from the sounds of it their employees get no respect, and their head nurse superviser has no clue what he/she is doing.