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Worst Agency

I will NEVER recommend this agency to anyone as long as the nurse continues to work for their agency. The nurse is a LIAR and I mentioned it before to management. It was dismissed as a language barrier and a miscommunication. It was not, the nurse speaks perfect ENGLISH. It was a LIE being dismissed. Saying you did something knowing you DID NOT is a flat out LIE. Saying a client said something to cover up your LIE is a LIE. The nurse lied on the client to cover up the fact she lied AGAIN/ AGAIN. Management also called and told an additional lie to another government agency to cover up for the nurse lying to make it look like the client was in the wrong. I learned the hard way that this is an agency that covers up and enables their staff. Bottom line, the nurse is not professional and is the worst. The gaslighting at this agency is real. Think about it before you sing up with this agency. Find an agency with a nurse who doesn't lie to save face. Find an agency who holds their employees accountable for their actions.

Also, I had an aide come to come to my home smelling of liquor. I'm sure there will be a LIE to cover that up as well.

They are talking about "that's illegal" but they were told a lie by the nurse so they didn't even get the full story from the client. Turns out the client didn't say anything about anything illegal. The nurse was trying to cover up her LIE yet AGAIN.

Doing things that are unorganized and unprofessional is one thing but to flat out blame a client for the actions of the nurse and to tell LIES is an absolute NO GO for any business. If the client doesn't trust the agency they will go with another agency. This agency has not proven to be a trustworthy agency at all.

They have no written client handbook, they have no written rules and no written regulations. They only TELL you what they do and what they DONT DO. Nothing is in writing for the client to refer back to just in case of an emergency or just in case they may need additional information. When asked for any additional information, the client becomes a burden. Why when policies should already be put in place BEFORE the client signs with the agency. When asked for the policies and why there wasn't a client handbook....I was told "does the doctor give you in writing what he doesn't do?"

A client has an emergency and the management will say they are working on it and they "will call the client back"; they never call back. They leave the client in limbo wondering are they ever going to get any assistance. This could be your elderly mother/grandmother/disabled child or another loved one who is disabled so be forewarned.

Today was my caregivers last day. She called the nurse to ask her a question for me. I overheard the nurse tell the caregiver "I need to talk to you." I'm sure at this point due to the nurses behavior, she will try to convince the caregiver to lie for her in some way so she wont look like the liar she is right now. I'm sure they will try to have the caregiver sign something and will have the caregiver under direst in fear of losing her job. This place is ridiculous. this is not an isolated incident this is a pattern that has led me to write this review to warn others. I'm sure there may be a response to this post and it will only be another excuse. There also may be a call made to another government agency to discredit my post and it will also be lies to cover up the truth of what was going on. Do not believe any of the lies. Just go with another agency.

My fulltime aide was the best. She's the TRUE assets to this company. I hope she finds another agency that is WORTHY of her kindness and her qualifications. She took pride in her job and she went out of her way to help her clients. She was always on time, she was very courteous and she did her best to help as much as she could with pride, dignity and respect. She was a church going woman who loved her job. She also had the love and patience of a SAINT. She will be missed. Peace and Blessings to you [name removed].

This didn't work out so well for me.

This didn't work out so well for me. The caregivers are diverse, and sometimes there can be a cultural gap. I also didn't care for the idea of paying for the care up front, and not knowing if it would work out. I think they did business just fine, but I just don't think this was the right solution for me.

From the Provider

VICTORY HOME HEALTH CARE is licensed home Care Agency to provide non medical nursing services .
VHHC is a fast growing provider of Home Care Services that enables adolescents and adults to be cared for in their home environment that is warm, familiar, and nurturing. Our highly qualified team health Care professionals including Registered Nurses, Licensed practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Medication Technicians and Home Health Aides and Homemakers provide the highest quality care with compassion, commitment, and integrity.
As a trusted homecare provider and Nurse Staffing Agency, our services are designed to ensure continuity of care in the comforting surroundings of home. Whether you or a loved one is living with a chronic condition, recovering from illness, or simply in need of daily assistance, VHHC can help.
Our qualified nursing professionals specialize in 24 seven Hourly Care, Live-in and Live out care for children and adults and strive to preserve quality of life, while promoting independence and individual success.
We accept most forms of payment such as Private Pay, Long Term Care insurance and other managed care programs.