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Great Experience!

We hired an aid from Comfort Home Care for my mother who needed companion care during a time that no family could visit. This was a last minute decision but they were able to get an aid in place within a few days who was a great fit with my mother's personality and needs. We were able to relax knowing that someone was keeping my mother company daily and even getting her to do things that we as family have been struggling with. Even the nursing home staff commented on how well my mother did with the aid there every day. As a result of this great experience we are looking to have the aid again on a regular basis as well as during times we are away. Thanks to all at Comfort Home Care!

Bill Gelfeld

Local Representative

Thank you so much! We are all very happy that your trip went well and that everything went smoothly for your Mom.

Best regards,
Bill Gelfeld


The company only had excuses as to why they could not accommodate my father and they failed miserably on even trying to correct the mistakes that were made by their care giver. The care giver was a no call, no show, pushy and rude. I needed help for my father and it took me several calls and demanding that the company get someone out to my dad's to replace the care giver that was a no show. I immediately stopped using them and I have since moved my father to Florida to an assisted living near me.

Bill Gelfeld

Local Representative

Dear Mr. Roberts,
This review is really not an appropriate reaction to what took place. When you first reached out to us you were in a panic, and according to you overwhelmed, because your Father was wandering and a danger to himself in the independent living facility in which he was residing. We responded immediately and staffed the case the next day. You hired us for four hours of care per day, even though his needs were greater than that. You were told by your Father's physician that he required 24 hour care. Each day of the first week you and I spoke, with you in a panic. The situation had gotten out of control with his dementia and wandering before you hired us, and you were really out of sorts.

You told me repeatedly that first week that your Father really liked the caregiver. On the sixth day of service our caregiver's car broke down on her way to work. We communicated with you and were working on a replacement. Within the hour you arranged for someone from the facility to assist your Father and discontinued services with us. It is clear to me in speaking with you multiple times that you are dealing with your own issues. We did a very thorough job and 'm sorry that your recollection of things is different. I wish your Father the best in Florida.

Everything worked out well.

Everything worked out well. We are happy with the service. They have been helpful and reliable. No major complaints.

Things are working really well.

Things are working really well. The aid is fantastic, she is always on time and goes above and beyond. We are really happy with them.

Great People!

The personal approach of the first "meeting" with their Director of Business Development and Director of Nursing to the individual caregivers has been exceptional.

Great caregiver

The administrative staff was very good. They really came through for us and helped us find a caregiver that would fit our needs. The caregiver was great. She was very professional and did her job very well.

It's working out really well. I recommend them to anybody.

It's working out really well. The aid we have has been fantastic, she is as sweet as can be, and does everything we need. She is reliable, and we consistently have the same person. Comfort Home Care, has been good to work with, the billing, and just everything has been really smooth. I recommend them to anybody.

Slow Response to my inquiry.

We didn't use them because they were really slow to respond to my emails. I thought that was odd for a company trying to get my business. If they are that slow to respond to my emails in the beginning what kind of service would I have?

Wonderful care giver and responsive a...

Wonderful care giver and responsive administrative staff.

From the Provider

Comfort Home Care LLC, provides in-home care, according to your schedule, your needs, and your individual personality, or that of a loved one for whom you may be primarily responsible. Comfort Home care is unique because we take it personally!! We take pride in knowing that we are providing the absolute best quality care at a reasonable cost to you. It can be a real challenge to bring a stranger into your home or your loved ones home to help someone you care about very deeply. At Comfort Home Care, we try to make that process a little less stressful and less emotionally taxing for our clients and their families, be they young, old, needing rehabilitation or fully disabled. It is our passion…to allow people in need of care to be treated with dignity, respect and love.

Comfort Home Care, LLC is a licensed residential service agency providing companion care and nursing assistance in the state of Maryland, primarily in Montgomery County. We’re a family-owned, local company focused on providing dependable, high-quality care, all while being easy to work with.