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Customer Reviews

I wouldn’t even put my dog here

From day one I’ve had problems with the administration here. When I was going to move my Mom in, I told them to make sure they had a hookup for a TV since that’s what she likes to do. They guaranteed that there would be a TV and by the time she moved in, there was nothing. It took a week for them to rectify the situation. Every time I call, I get someone’s voicemail and am never able to speak with a live person, especially on the weekend. I finally decided to get my Mom a phone because it’s the only way I can get in touch with her. They have billed me for extra things that did not apply to our situation and insisted that she needed to be in memory care without ever assessing her or talking with me. She’s been there for 6 weeks now and a doctor has never come to see her. They haven’t sent any of the proper documentation to the long-term insurance company so we’re not getting reimbursed for the money that’s coming out of her pocket. Nobody calls me with updates about her and when I talk with her she says no one comes to see her. They tell her when it’s time for lunch or dinner and then leave her alone the rest of the time. They never tell her when there are activities available either; there’s no active communication and the administration team is horrible. The bathroom in my Mom’s room looks like it’s never been cleaned and the shower looks like it has never been used. We took her out for 3 days for the holidays and when we came back, everything was the exact same and there was still trash out. Whenever I visit, the caregivers are very kind so my complaints are not about them but rather the administrative staff which has no professionalism at all. Working with this facility has been a very bad experience; I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Mom is happy here

This community is doing well so far for my mom. She seems happy. The staff is friendly and fantastic. They try to engage her to join the activities. She eats 3 meals a day and she says its good. It stays clean and kept up. They have a couple of patios they sit on I would recommend this community to people.