The Woodlands - Cape Coral, FL

The Woodlands - Cape Coral, FL has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Very nice facility. The rooms are much larger than the other facilities we've looked at in our price range. Lots of activities. Clean and no smells.

Disgusting. would never consider putting my folks in this place. didn't even want to go inside when i saw it but did. smelled bad and was in real bad shape. didn't bother with the tour as the sales associate was late and i couldn't stand being in the lobby.

DO NOT recommend

arrived to tour the facility, it was very dark, as we sat on the couch waiting for [Removed], a nice spanish lady was running around speaking only in spanish, and no one spoke spanish, finally when [Removed] arrived she yelled over to get someone that speaks spanish to help her, found the place in general very drab and lots of large paint missing from doors, It was clean i must say that, however as the owner of the place walked us around and unlocked & opened doors with out even knocking, i was quite shocked at the lack of respect for these people, she even opened a door on someone using the bathroom, yes there are 3 meals per day but NO snacks are provided at all. Saw no interested from the staff to the people that needed care just total disinterest in what was going on...very sad place, would definitely NOT recommend!!!

Attentive Staff!!

My loved one has recently moved into this community and so far and we are pleased with how things are going for her. The thing I love the most is how attentive the staff are to them as well as our family. It is a closed in facility but they do have a garden where the residents can walk around it and they do have a smoking section for the smokers. Overall we are pleased with the experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Don't have separate living area plus bedroom or any kitchenette. Not a fit at this time.

The facility was old and dated.No information available to take with you.Affordable,but you get what you pay for.

Not very impressed!!

I just briefly talked to someone about this community and I was not very impressed with what they had to offer and the different packages they had. This was just not a good fit for my mother and I probably would not recommend this facility to anyone.

Above and beyond!!

The Woodlands is wonderful they are 5 stars all the way! I couldn't have picked a better place, my mother was in the hospital and when she was ready to leave, she asked to go back to The Woodlands. They are very caring and everyone I talk to just loves there. Its always very clean and the meals always smell wonderful. Whenever I see people touring, I recommend this place to them because it truly is a great choice!!

A Nice Experience For My Mother in Law

It was a nice experience for my mother in law here at this community. It was a short stay, but it was a good one. It is a nice and clean community. The staff was kind and friendly. It was just a little to expensive for her budget, but it was a nice stay.

Cheerful Community, My Tour Went Well

My tour of this community was pretty nice. From what I was shown everything appeared to be nice and clean. The tour guide was helpful and friendly. She answered my questions and was very informative. I was very pleased with my tour.

The staff are nice, they talk to you and answer your questions!

Mom has lived at this community for about 2 months and so far things are going well. We have good communication with them. This is an older building but they have a new roof and they keep it clean. We are able to visit at anytime of the day or night. They offer a main dish and if you do not like it they have some alternative choices. This is a lockdown community.