The Waters of Plymouth - Plymouth, MN

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Customer Reviews

Not pleased

We were there when it was new. The food was excellent. The front desk was always friendly. The help was good but as time went on the service declined!!! There were accidents that were NEVER reported. There was some nursing help that was good but the head nurses came and went and you could not get a hold of them. My husband fell, broke bones because no one answered his call. He had broken bones and I was not called nor was a doctor called. We were happy to leave!!!

Extremely Pleased

Everyone at this facility is friendly and genuinely care about the residents. She (my mother-in-law) couldn’t be more pleased with the care she has received. She feels safe and secure and that is a blessing.

My time at the Waters of Plymouth

I moved into Waters with the perfect apartment for my needs. After finding out my needs exceeded their help in the independent living community I was moved to the Enhanced Care area in the Marsh. I made many friends and enjoyed all the people I met including nurses, caregivers and staff. I was active in many areas and happy except my apartment location. I had one other person in the same area whom was invaded get my space. He would come into my room and stare at me when sleeping and in other areas I was not comfortable with. It was a lock down facility to protect all but I was not able to open the doors and relied on others for assistance. I was uncomfortable with this situation and moved to another place. I pray for my friends at the Waters and hope to see them again.
Thank you for your concern.

This is still a possibility. The services and corresponding prices are more of a "one size fits all" and not necessarily well matched for our needs.

Beautiful place but the bedrooms are small. They do not offer Sunday worship which is something my mother will want.


We moved our parents here in the fall of 2014 not long after it first opened. Looking back there have been signs on the priorities (profits!) of this facility; we just didn't see it. The first executive director, who we thought was great and put together a great staff, was fired because the occupancy wasn't growing fast enough to the owner's liking. We are now on our fifth executive director in just over three years. The most recent one, who was promoted from within and came with an accounting background, left to spend more time with the family. Her replacement comes with an MBA in healthcare. What is happening under his watch? They are doing away with the heavily used exercise room and converting the space into another apartment. Other spaces, such as the beauty department, are also being converted to apartments. I've long been concerned with the price of living at this location. I haven't complained as my philosophy has been - - you get what you pay for. Clearly that is no longer the case. We are now looking for a new home for them and plan to avoid the "profits before people" mentality that we see with The Waters of Plymouth.

Nice facility and staff

This was a very nice facility and the only reason why I did not pick this community for my Father is because of the location. It was just too far for me to travel to see him. I really liked the staff. They seemed very nice and they answered all of my questions clearly. I would recommend this community to other families.

Beautiful chapel but the rooms weren't nice

While I was touring this facility, they let me know right away they only had 1 room available at the time. The building itself was very nice and they were in the middle of remodeling. The few things I liked is they have a beautiful chapel and a nice screened in porch. However, the rooms weren’t nice looking and they didn’t have an in-room washer and dryer. I would recommend other families tour this community.

Nutritious and well balanced food

My wife is here. I chose them specifically after she broke her leg at a previous facility. The first 3 weekends were pretty bad as the weekend staff was a bit too demanding of her. But they’ve been letting her rest since I talked with them and things have been going okay since. The quality of the food here is a little better than a previous place that she was at and I think what they serve is well balanced and nutritious. The facility is in excellent condition cleanliness wise and they help her take a bath twice a week. Overall, this place has been better for her.

Options for care

We toured this community for my husband care, The staff are nice and the community seems to be maintained. The menu is appealing and they offer a list of activities. We would suggest that families tour this community for the options for a loved one.


For [Removed] [Removed]. Very sorry to read about what happen to your Mother. My Mom was one of the first to move in the Waters of Plymouth. Lived in Assisted Living and then moved over to Enhanced Care. She too had Parkinson's Disease. At first the facility was charming and served delicious meals. Not long before things changed. The kitchen service company changed multiple times and the food quality dropped. The nurses were fantastic, but most of the nurses assistants were average to poor. If Mom chose to eat in her room, many times the food was delivered late or not even delivered. As you know, Parkinson medication must be kept on schedule. At first they told us they had a window of 15 minutes, then the window became an hour. My brother and I monitored the best we could and really got after the staff when they were late with her meals and her meds. I blame many of the issues we experienced due to cultural differences, ignorance, inadequate staffing and inexperience with elderly and medical procedures. Mom passed away Oct 2015. I was told, at that time, the staff was starting Parkinson Awareness Training. Obviously they need more training. My Mother could be handful, but the head staff never called the police. Thankfully I got the call. Sometimes in the middle of the night. Something is very wrong with the trained staff if they thought their only option was to call the police. My Mother enjoyed overlooking the highway in both apartments she lived in. She loved to watch the cars/activity. It kept her mind busy and the hallucinations out of her head. They don't accept any government $$$. All payments are out of your pocket. Our monthly bill was over $9000.00 when Mom moved in to Enhanced Care section. The quality of the nursing staff did not justify the cost. I'm not rating this facility, but I would recommend this location if your parents don't require advanced medical care. Hope your Mother finds Peace of Mind in her new location.

Parkinson's? Don't Place Your Loved One Here

Choose The Waters if your parent(s) are compliant and agreeable, and always will be. We placed my mother, who has Parkinson's, there in mid November 2015. Three days later the nurse gave my mother her meds too late and soon my dear, 92-pound mom was upset, frightened and lashing out. The Waters called the police. The kind police officers were embarrassed when they arrived: what were they going to do--arrest her? Over the next week and a half, they called the police two more times. Horrible for my mom, my 80-year-old father and my family. In December 2015 we moved her to another similar facility. She has been there eight months. She is not always compliant, has once in a while gotten out of control, but NEVER have they called the police. The Waters does not understand Parkinsons.

good services

Haven't been there long enough to give a lot of feedback. So far the services are good.

My Parents stay stay at The Waters, but we frequently visit her there. The food is outstanding. The staff at the Waters are just absolutely marvelous. I feel very comfortable with my parents here.

Good place, new- need work on internal processes

I think we're in a good place. There are a lot of activities but my dad has Alzheimer so unless he's getting the extra care, they're not as encouraging for activities. They're new so it's good but I think the're need to work on internal things. Like getting back to me especially on the billing. I called them yesterday because I think I owe them money and they still haven't gotten back to me.

Highly recommend.

Staff memebers are great. Very helpful, friendly and caring. They made my fathers's move-in process very easy, providing me with the paper work and the information to complete it well in advance.
The facility is quite new and is very well kept. It is by far the cleanest facility I have assessed for my father's care.
My father is in a memory care, studio apartment. He tells me he enjoys the ample space he has, and that the food is consistanly very good. He enjoys the staff he interacts with each day and says "everyone here is very friendly."
A real "plus" for me is the option to have my father's doctor visits and lab work completed on site, and to have direct access to his daily care notes, Dr. visits, and lab results via the internet.
I would highly recommend people looking for a senior community to consider The Waters of Plymouth.

Nice for active seniors who have means to pay privately

We toured this facility for our parent. Very impressive tour. Very new construction and this means it appears very clean. The facility is 4 floors, and 2 large wings, with an amazing central staircase (also has an elevator). The dining hall seemed smaller than needed for the number of potential residents. There was no room that we liked, that was on the dining hall level (3rd floor), available at the time we toured. We did not want any of the rooms overlooking the north end McDonald's. The craft room appeared very nice and of possible interest to our parents. The exercise room--they would never use. Beauty salon--maybe. Our parents at mid-80's seemed to be much older than the current residents, which was concerning. Despite this, we would have loved to have them live here. However, upon checking the Agreement, and comparing our parents' medical needs, we discovered that the Menu of Services (especially the Medication management) would put the price extremely far out of our budget, and (as with all facilities) there are very likely to be price increases every year, both for rent, and Menu of Services. So we chose another situation.

Things have changed!

When my relatives entered The Waters of Plymouth three or four months ago, I couldn't have been more pleased, but the atmosphere has changed. With the change of administration, I have not had the same friendly feeling that I felt before. To date, I have yet to meet the new director, Michelle Land, nor Aaron Johnson, Manager of Community Relations. The former director, Joni, was visible virtually every day and greeted family members as often as she could. It was a huge disappointment to see such a great person leave this facility!! The rest of the staff who have been there for some time, are still as friendly as before. I'm not sure how Michelle and Aaron are going to improve upon this, but I'd like to see something changed.

Also, the parking situation needs to improve. Family members end up parking furthest from the building, while employees park in the circle drive. I've witnessed this first hand on several occasions and recognize employee cars. This continues to happen even after mentioning this to the front desk. The number of available spots are limited, especially around the dinner hour.

not a good experience

My mother was only there at The Waters of Plymouth for eight days, and during that time she had an unreported fall which I only discovered by seeing the bruises and having to inquire myself. After that we had to get her out of there.

I think that since they were a newer facility they did not have their nursing components in place very well. It was not a good experience.

The Waters is a beautiful place that does not resemble a typical assisted living place.

The Waters is a beautiful place that does not resemble a typical assisted living place. The colors are bright, and the staff is very friendly. The location is nice. They offer plenty of activities, and custom care support.

Review of The Waters of Plymouth Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Plymouth, MN

lovely but too many add-on services needed.

Review of The Waters of Plymouth Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Plymouth, MN

Beautiful well designed facility,staff that I met with was very sincere and personable. Price point was out of my budget.

I think it's going quite well.

I think it's going quite well. It's very clean and the staff is really friendly. They are smaller and quite homey. So far nothing pops out that's not right. We are very happy with them.

The Waters was beautiful!

The Waters was beautiful! This was in our top two. This was geared a little more towards independent living that the one we chose, and this only does two meal a day instead of three. This was just a little more upscale and fancy for my parents to feel comfortable. Really beautiful though.


I think it’s easy to integrate into – The adjustment is easy. The staff is just phenomenal – they just go out of their way to help people fit in. It’s brand new so from a cleanliness stand point – it’s really good. So far the food has been great.

The Waters of Plymouth

The facility looks beautiful, brand new and clean. Everyone we talked to was very nice. The rooms seemed to be good size. Activities sounded good. Had chosen to go there but Mom was beyond their capabilities. Views facing south were city/highway, but interesting. Views to the north and east were woodsy. No matter the room you could see both in common areas. Dining area seemed nice, not too big, very cozy. Liked the facility and staff. A little pricy but worth it.

so far of all the places, t...

so far of all the places, this one is my favorite. The whole theme of 'thrive' and healthy eating is so important in helping people feel good. Loved the bike and other exercise equipment. Layout of the place has a wonderful flow to it, and staff are so involved in every aspect. Loved it.

Overall I am very pleased...

My mother has only been there a short time. It’s a new building. The only thing that I have not been 100 sat with they haven’t been perfect with the management of the medications. The food has been great. The outside area is nice. Overall I am very pleased in comparison to other places I visited.