The Village of River Oaks - Houston, TX

The Village of River Oaks - Houston, TX has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Nice facility but a little closed in. No views except nearby buildings.

Very safe, friendly, and accommodating

The staff is wonderful. When my mother first moved it, they were very understanding of her recently being widowed. They have wonderful activities, both at the residence and as outings. The dining area is very nice, and the portions are generous.

Nice property and nice staff.

Mom is Happy

I like this setup for independent living for mom because they have caregivers on site if the caregiver we have couldn't make it or something which is a nice backup. It is a pretty, nice , new building. The food is terrific. Since it is so new it's not full yet but soon maybe more residents will come. The staff is so nice and accommodating. They have a rooftop terrace that has potted plants and trees are coming soon. Mom's room is overlooking that.

This is a very nice new place but a bit pricey. I don't think it is the place for my Mom.

We Still Had to Search

Our main thing to find in a community was a large room that fits a king size bed and 3 meals a day all within a reasonable price. This is a brand new facility and very nice. It's in the city and my parents got nervous about the traffic. The room was smaller but they did offer 3 meals a day. Everybody was nice when having the tour. The staff were able to answer my question and we got a good view of the community. They were professional and overall it was a good tour.

Peace in our time

Our mother is happy. What more has to be said? She likes the apartment. She likes the meals. She likes the people. She likes the attitude.

After a long and thorough search, this not-easy-to-please lady is very satisfied. We can't say enough good things about the transition and the living.

Kudos to A Place For Mom, as well

Thank you!