The Villa At Mountain View - Dallas, TX

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Customer Reviews

Great Rehab!

My grandmother was in this facility for a few weeks and they have a really good Rehab team.

Everyone was very nice and professional and they seemed to care about my Granny.

The facility is older and from my understanding, it was renovated a few years ago. The building was nice and clean and had no odors.

My granny said the food was good and tasty.

I have no concerns with this place and I'm happy that my grandmother was able to get stronger and discharge to her home.

Cantex Continuing Care Network

Local Representative

Hello Kendra W., thank you; we appreciate your feedback!

Not Recommend

Terrible facility to take your loved one. Please be warned. From the negligence that was shown to our loved one, they have landed in the hospital. We made complaints more than once to the [Removed] and Administrator and they will tell you sorry that you "feel" that way, that it was your "perception" that we're not taking good care of your loved one. They don't take you seriously even with proof of the negligence. They will defend there good for nothing nurses that yell at you for asking questions, the ones who will not come to see your loved one for hours. They are the problem as well. Our loved is in the hospital because they would not listen to us about something as simple as treating a UTI. If you ring your bell, they come in and turn OFF the call light, and never come back atleast a good 30 minutes can pass by. I strongly discourage anyone to bring their loved one to their care. Do your research, be there and make your own decision of course but what we suffered was complete negligence, and we tried to voice our concern, only for it to be ignored. Lastly would not recommend you bringing a loved one with a trach! They are not skilled, they are not trained in caring for those special needs.

Good care

My grandfather requires 24 hour care, I guess you get kinda experienced after changing several homes. Its really kind of hard when you have roommates and youre on medicaid. its hard when youre a person and your used to certain things and your put into a home and have a roommate, then they change the roommate or the room changes after a couple of months. its not easy moving people because you never really know what your going to get. The villa is older so its not as nice as some other ones out there but the aids are friendly, the nurses are helpful and friendly and hes doing so much better here. I'm going to see if I can change his room because hes having roommate problems but the care is great.

From the Community

Quality care should not be the exception, it should be the rule. At The Villa at Mountain View, it is. When your family member is experiencing healthcare challenges, you want to know that they will receive quality care from competent professionals. Located in Dallas, the Villa is a 120-bed nursing and rehabilitation center with the mission of providing the best services possible. After conducting a thorough assessment, our team of qualified staff will address the needs of your loved one, whether short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, hospice services, or vacation care. Come tour The Villa at Mountain View and share your expectations. We want you to meet some of our qualified clinical team members and earn your confidence.

The Villa, where quality is the rule.