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Customer Reviews

Dad is getting the best care

Review For Seasons on Old Tezel- The Staff at this facility are the best- kind, caring and always friendly. With other experiences with home-health or assisted living staff we had rude, unhappy and apathetic staff. This is not the case at Seasons where all staff are great. The facility is always clean, my loved ones room is always clean, neat and smells fresh and the entire facility is clean and well cared for. Activities my love one enjoys are games, movies, sing-along and pet and music therapy as well as walks outside when weather permits. Food is homemade and the cooks are attentive to dietary and nutritional needs and provide plenty of healthy choices as well as snacks and special treats for special occasions like holidays and birthdays. Nurses, CNAs, and the Activity Director are all awesome and some of the best in the business. Laundry, beauty shop/barber and massages are offered and enjoyed as well as outing in facilities Luxury Van to the library and other locations in town. We strongly recommend the seasons on Old Tezel Road as your best choice for your loved one.

Alaska Dove finds Seasons the Best

Review for the Old Tezel Location: My wife is currently a resent st Seasons on Old Tezel Road in San Antonio Texas. Our family all live in Alaska but struggled to find quality care for my love one there and opted, after several bad experiences with other places, to move her close to family in Texas. Since her admission there she has done great, is talking more and when I vised this week my wife was loving to staff like they were her kids or family and was clean, well fed and loved. Her room was neat and clean and all staff are great. Lots of activities and games are offed my the activity guy and the nurses and aids are all the best. Food is home cooked and snacks are offered. All medical care has been great. She goes on walks, dances to music, does fitness and toga and art and is in great hands with the staff at Seasons' I recommend this and think it should be your #1 choice.

Daughter of Mom with advanced demetia

My did not participate in activities but received great care and services. Would recommend the facility to any one with memory illness.

great hospice care

This review is for the Tezel location. Our loved one MZ was a resident of this facility and passed away in their loving hospice care recently. Seasons on Tezel Rd. is the absolute best. All of the staff with this facility from care-givers, nurses, the activity coordinator, the cooks, to the Priest who comes weekly were all top notch and absolutely the best. The cared for our loved one like she was family, and always went the extra mile for our family every time we visited or called. The faculty is clean, modern and has the best accommodations. Rooms are well appointed and private and the living room is home-like. Food and snacks are all homemade and healthy. The facility offered daily activities, such as music, animal therapy, yoga, massage, art, bingo and other games, walks in the garden and trips in their luxury van accompanied by the professional and loving staff. All interactions with staff from the day we came to tour to mom's passing and beyond have been above and beyond great. This place is clearly #1 in the city and is highly recommended by our family and friends.

Nicest place we have volunteered at yet!

What a wonderful facility! Our group volunteered at The Seasons on Old Tezel over the holiday seasons. Of all the places we have served this is by far the cleanest, most home-like and was well staffed, with beautiful furnishings and we were greeted by friendly and caring staff who clearly are doing God's work with senior citizens in the city of San Antonio. There are daily activities, games, bingo, walks in the garden and special holiday events and outings in the community. This place is a 5 star plus facility and should be the #1 choice for anyone who needs this type of facility.

Seasons Tezel is the Best choice in San Antonio

Our loved on is a resident at The Seasons on Tezel Rd. When we visit the house is always clean, staff are friendly and residents are well cared for, well fed and regularly engaged in some sort of activity. Outing to see Christmas lights, go to the library, pumpkin patches, etc are offered regularly. Amenities include a garden and beautiful grounds, beauty and barber services for residents, and rooms are first class and not at all institutional. All staff are friendly, neat and professional and management to include the building manager, activity director and owner are top-notch and have private bathrooms and the day room is neat and organized well. They treat residents like family and truly show caring attitudes and are well trained seasoned professionals. This is the nicest place in town and far exceeded our expectations and is the first choice for a family member who needs this sort of facility.

The Seasons on Tezel the nicest in town

The Seasons on Old Tezel Road in San Antonio is the cleanest and nicest smelling senior assisted living facility I have visited. I came to help with a local medical supply delivery service and was given a tour and truly impressed with the activities offered to the residents, home-like feel of the place and friendly loving staff who clearly care for their residents like they would their own family. Meals are served in a dining room and a lovely garden and gazebo it out doors and there are daily games, crafts, walks and entertainment by local musical and other groups that keep the guests engaged and alert. Rooms are spacious and well furnished and more like apartments than hospital rooms like in other places. This is the nicest place and best choice if you need a place for your loved one to be at. Highly recommend .

mom is happy and well care for at Seasons on Tezel

Review Regarding Seasons Tezel location: I come every few days to visit my mother who lives at this memory care faculty. Mom loves the staff and enjoys the daily activities offered to include local community outing to the library, parks, holiday events and daily walks in the lovely garden. There are daily games and activities that help keep mom busy and her mind and body well to include massage therapy, yoga and fitness and musical entertainers and even pet therapy. Mom got to pet a Llama and the activity director was kind enough to send me some great photos of mom holding a rabbit on her lap like a kitten! This place is always clean and clients are never dirty and are well fed and groomed. The owner and all of the staff have been top notch and clearly care about their residents. This is a 5 star faculty with 5 star staff. Staff all deserve accolades and a raise or holiday bonus. Highly recommend if you need a memory care program for a love one or yourself.

Best memory care in San Antonio

I have a family member at Seasons on Tezel Road and have visited several times. The facility is always clean, neat, and residents are well fed, groomed and cared for. The quality of care far surpasses other facilities that I have been to over the years. Rooms are called apartments and are of excellent quality and design and offer top notch amenities. Residents have several options of activities to do and evidenced based methods for dementia such as music, art, games and animal assisted therapies are used as well as field trips monthly to libraries, parks, etc. Spiritual and religions needs are also met and special dietary needs are honored ( such as vegan, Kosher, halal and other dietary needs. This is a great faculty with great staff and is high recommended.

Seasons Tezel is the best!

Tezel location- my dad is a current resident and is clearly well taken care of. The staff at Seasons are caring and the place is always clean and residents are treated like family. Dad loved the outing to the local library this week and taking walks outside in the garden and enjoying the beautiful grounds. Keep up the great work!

Seasons is the best place for my wife- lots of activities and caring staff.

Tezel location- My wife transferred to Seasons a week ago from [removed]. Though I had no specific complaints about the previous memory care facility, I have already seen improvements in her mood and awareness. The activities have seemed like a lot of fun and there just seems to be an air of happiness and contentment in her not seen in some time. It has only been a week, but so far, Seasons seems to be a better environment form my wife. It also helps that I live close y and can spend a lot more time with her.

Best place for mom

My mother is a current resident at Seasons on Old Tezel Road in San Antonio TX. I am very happy with my mom's service. Seasons is a very clean facility. The food is excellent. The activities are well coordinated.

Best place seen yet

I am a High School Nursing assistant student who care to Seasons on Tezel on [date removed] with a group. I was very impressed with the staff, the faculty and the activities for residents. It is the BEST I have seen out of the 6 other facilitates I have been to. You are #1! Keep up the Great work !

Seasons on Old Tezel Memory Care is #1

My mother is a current resident at this facility. Support Groups monthly are a wonderful idea. This group provided a lot of good information and great advice. This group needs to be communicated to more families and friends. Activities are well rounded. Would like to see more activities for residents after the dinner meal.

Seasons Tezel is the best!

My wife is a resident at Seasons Tezel Memory Care. The facility and staff are excellent. The facility is home-like and always clean and all staff are friendly and helpful. The new activity coordinator [name removed] has gone above and beyond to learn all of our families names and my wife's preferences of music, games, etc. The food is of good quality and variety. For anyone needing this type of faculty for a loved one this is a 5 star place and is highly recommended.


The services were outstanding!! I cannot say enough about [name removed] and all her staff. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!
They were all very caring and compassionate. The very BEST!! I would certainly recommend Seasons to any family.
10 STARS!!

i love [name removed] and her staff!

After, looking at other facilities in San Antonio for our father, it was very clear to us that Seasons was the place for him. [name removed] & her staff take this incredible responsibility very seriously. Our dad was not just another patient. He was a living breathing soul! He had people who cared for him, and they treated him with the greatest respect , dignity, compassion and very attentive. Not just with him, but with all the residents at Seasons. There isn't another Home of its kind. They are unique and far above and ahead of competitors. It was worth it for my dad being cared for by [name removed] & her team at Seasons. They are the very BEST!!
Did I mention how " CLEAN" the facilities are??
WOW!! Immaculate!

The service were outstanding!! I cannot say enough about Mona and all her staff!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!!
They were all very caring and compassionate, The very best! I would certainly recommend Seasons to any family! 10 STARS!!
Thank You [name removed], and your staff also.

seasons is the BEST

My dad recently had a stay at Seasons. He was on hospice care and his needs became too great to meet at home, so we admitted him. While it was a trying time for my family, we couldn’t be more pleased with the care he, and all of us, received.

We had a family member with him round the clock. The staff saw this and, although furniture isn’t usually provided, found a recliner for us to make us more comfortable.

The staff was very attentive to his (and our) needs. If we called, they promptly came, providing morphine, Ensure, answers to questions, and changing and turning him as needed. But they also gave us privacy and respected us.

I asked the head nurse ([name removed]?) to have everyone call him [name removed] to maintain his dignity and respect. They all did.

When he passed, the nurses all knew just what to do and promptly dealt with the details for us.

I’m glad we found Seasons. They helped make the most difficult time a bit more pleasant. I would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you to everyone at Seasons!

Through this letter I want to express my most sincere thanks for the attention, love and care your whole staff at seasons have given to my wife [name removed]. I do not remember whether it was you [name removed] or you [name removed] who told us, [name removed] and I "once [name removed] is in our care you'll have nothing to worry about" that was 7 months ago. Even though I am no longer caregiver, on my part, it is hard; but when I see [name removed] how is she tries to play or interact with your employees, that makes me feel good. At times I have been tempted to tell our daughter " let's get Mom out of here, look the way she is now!" But I know she looks "normal" because of the way you treat her, the first class care she receives at Seasons. I don't want to say names, because I'm afraid I might leave someone out but every person at season's deserves our recognition and thanks for their professionalism. Unfortunately I have had "experience" regarding nursing homes and their workers. Ironically [name removed] at one time told me "when visiting your father at the nursing home don't go empty, treat the nurses and AIDS with respect, sometimes they are understaffed and mistreated from relatives or residence, take some donuts or candies, earn their trust and appreciate their work they do on your dad". 15 years later I am trying to do the same. Through those experiences I know that seasons is lucky, fortunate to have such very good workers, correction, they are not workers they are dedicated, compassionate, qualified, Real and True caring persons. I have learned to recognize a worker in the one whose job is it calling and seasons is full of the last one. If someone ask me about any assisted living facility without any doubt I will highly recommend Seasons all the way. Thank you for taking care of [name removed] and forgive me to be some kind of selfish, but I wish the same workers will take care of [name removed] for many many years. As you [name removed] or [name removed] said " once [name removed] is here you have nothing to worry about". Thank you.

Seasons is amazing!

The Seasons on Tezel is the finest Alzheimer's \dementia care facility i have ever experienced. My wife and i can not thank [name removed] and her team of professionals enough for their compassion and professionalism. We were always kept in the loop about any treatment option and we were kept up to date on any change either positive or negative. My aunt died on [date removed] after many years at the seasons. Dementia \Alzheimer's is cruel and relentless but we are so thankful that [name removed] was a resident at Seasons. [name removed] rescued [name removed] after she had been abandoned by another facility at a hospital and then immediately called me to ask if she could care for her. [name removed] is a gift to this world. Thanks again to all those professionals who worked so tirelessly to bring comfort to [name removed]. [name removed].

My brother likes it here

I'm glad we found this community for my brother. Although I thought it was more of a nursing home there is not a nurse 24hrs. The caregivers are nice and attentive.It is a beautiful place. He has a spacious room. The dining area is nice and the food is tasty. The grounds are well landscaped. He likes to watch movies with the group. I would recommend this place to my friends and family.

A review of The Seasons which is the facility we chose for our Dad.

The Seasons has been a wonderful and caring home for our 96 year old Dad since Nov 2015, and we continue to be totally pleased with the entire experience. Everything about this facility reflects love, respect, and compassion for the patients who reside there. From day one, the staff began to take care of all of Dad's needs, and are there immediately whenever he requires additional assistance or support. The meals are excellent and skillfully prepared by a cook assigned personally to his building ( there are two building on the property with 16 residents per building). Medication are professionally monitored by a nurse who makes sure his dose schedule is followed to the letter. If a doctor is required, the staff is right on top of making sure one is available. All in all, if you are looking for caring and professional place to place your loved one, The Seasons is the answer! Check it out!

Super impressed by [Removed], activities director at this facility. He keeps the patients active and happy and always has a smile on his face. As a Home Health therapist for 20 years, I have visited many facilities and it's wonderful to see [Removed] have fun with and care for his patients.

Off-putting exterior...

We toured this community when looking for my mom. The first thing we noticed was the exterior of the building. It reminded us of a prison, with a very small area out front and fences surrounding the premises. When we got inside it was very beautiful. The staff was very friendly as well. We did not choose The Seasons because the amount of space they offered was not enough.

Awesome Staff

My Mother was a resident for a year and a half. It wasn't easy putting my 90 year old mom who was a 5 time cancer survivor into assisted living. I found Seasons on the internet and set up a meeting with Mona [Removed] for a tour of the facility. Upon arrival I was immediately put at ease and found the facility like home rather than a facility. I can't say enough good words about her and her teams approach to handling residents. From the beginning I had no concerns about the care given. The Staff keeps you aware of any little situation that might be of concern. They also provide awesome activities that get everyone involved. If you are considering Season's, please visit and it will be your first step to peace of mind that your loved one will be cared for by Mona and her wonderful staff.

Simply the Best !!

A Godsend !! Had wanted my mom here since 2015 but there were no rooms available at the time !! Fate intervened and she is finally in a facility where she is cared for as if she were their own family. Everyone at Seasons, from Mona, Mari and the entire staff, is professional and compassionate. Her well being is their main concern and they note when she doesn't eat and work with her to coax her into eating when she is confused. The caregiver to patient ratio is the best I've ever seen or heard of. They are always having different activities and/or visitors who sing or bring in pets for the residents to interact with. It is a small "home-like" setting, not the cold antiseptic setting of other facilities. Highly recommended !! It's been a blessing for my mom and our family !!

The Community Is Very Good

I like the community and it has been good for my mom and I. The staff have been kind and helpful. They are good at managing my mom's behavior very well. Her first day moving in went very good. I am very happy with the home. My mom is doing some activities that are provided. I am please with the care that is here.

I have been impressed with the size of community and the staff themselves.

I have been impressed with the size of community and the staff themselves. We haven't had any complaints at all. We have been pleased with The Seasons.