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Customer Reviews

My mother and I toured this facility and found it very welcoming, clean, and homey. This facility is not large and sprawling, which gives it much more of a family atmosphere. It was among our top two assisted living choices. Unfortunately, my father's medical needs have since changed and assisted living is not an option for us at this time.

Lovely Staff!!

My father was in respite care for a few weeks and the staff definitely made him feel like he was at home. The owner would call everyday and inform me of everything that was going on with my father. It was extremely clean and the meals were good. I would definitely recommend this community for respite care for a loved one.

The Olive Home is definitely not a good choice for an alzheimer patient.

My family member has alzheimer. This place has no activities for it residents except for a tv. They don't have enough caregivers to tend to each client. They have fake friendliness. Since the isn't enough worker's some of the clients don't get enough attention. It's like a over crowded daycare. My family member has very few comforts from home and what he has there has been lost. How that happens I have no clue. They don't get to go outside unless accompanied by a worker. I has witness a worker mistreating a client. She yelled at her in front of the other clients and was verbally abucive. The worker explained that the client was a relative. No matter she shouldn't have mistreated her I front of everyone else. Another experience I had was I had asked 1 worker to give my family member a bath cause he wanted 1 and she jerked him up and said " come on I have 15 minutes til I get off work ". He couldn't move fast and rushed him thru a shower. I don't believe he even got to wash his hair. I called up there 1 afternoon to talk to my family member and while I was on a cordless phone waiting they had the phone on and I heard them trying to find him. Apparently he had wondered off somewhere and they didn't know where he was. It took a few minutes for them to find him. He don't get to stay up past 7. He gets meds than 30 minutes later he's asleep. He has lost lots of weight from walking up and down the hall. He has told me things too. Once a month a pediatrics comes to do their feet. His toenails were longer than some fingernails. Now he has some kind of dry skin. Sores. He's 70 yrs old and has been in perfect health except for alzheimer now he looks very unhealthy. They have 1 room w a tv and 5 recliners and 3 tables. No kind of activities to keep the people busy. He's been agitated and trying to pick a this skin. He's very coherent. He knows things and knows y he's there and maybe a little disoriented at times. When he's disoriented he needs help and there's no one to help him. If it was my choice he wouldn't be there. These clients are like little children. They need looking after and stimulation. I have emails from the alzheimer association about alzheimer and this place has none of the things to help care a person who has it.