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Customer Reviews

Could no longer hold my peace

After reading the previous reviews I can no longer hold my opinion. The Hamptons has went downhill since it changed ownership in March of 2017. They also hired a new executive director around June or July of 2018 and that was the biggest mistake they could have made. The previous director was a charm. He cared about the residents, family members and staff. He worked on the floor, took call, came in on his off days and was always willing to go the extra mile in any situation. But the new director is awful. She has no concern or compassion for residents, staff or family members. She lets the staff work short instead of jumping in and helping out. They have had so much turnover in staff since she and civitas have came on board. They had people that had been there since 2008 before the building opened and they have all left since civitas and new executive director came aboard. They made no effort to keep these jewels on board. My family member was in memory care for a long period of time and we moved her out to another facility because of this. The only employee that knew anything about memory care and that showed love and compassion to residents, staff and family members is no longer there. She went above and beyond in her job and I can truly say she could have ran the building. She was a great leader. To my knowledge she put in a notice and they did not even try and keep her. Civitas until your company realizes who and what is the real problem in your facility you will continue to have turnover and residents moving out. Go back and take a look at some of your previous employees and see what an asset they were. It is so sad that what was once a great company is not crumbled down to the dirt.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

We strive for excellence in all we do, we are in the process of investigating your comment in depth. Please email us at [removed] so we can connect you with an executive leadership member.

I would not recommend the Hamptons.

I can honestly say the Hamptons used to be a great place. That is until Civitas Senior Living took over and hired the executive director [name removed] . She does not care about the residents or the employees. I have never seen such leadership in which the boss sits in the office and has no desire to interact with her staff, residents or family members. They are short staffed not just in memory care but assisted also. For example there was no med aide in memory care this past Saturday for at least 5 hours. So my question is did the residents receive their meds? When I have a concern I am always thrown off to the nurse.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

The Hamptons holds itself to a very high standard and seeks to provide exceptional care to its residents and peace of mind to their family members. We take concerns such as yours very seriously, and we promptly conduct a thorough investigation. If any concerns or complaints are substantiated, we take immediate action. Senior management would
like to discuss these matters with you in further detail if you are willing. Please respond to this post privately or email [removed], and a member of our senior leadership team will contact you as soon as possible.

Can not recommend

My mother was in memory care about six weeks moving from the assisted living. She was moved to get more supervision as she was falling regularly. She fell more in memory care than in assisted living.

Memory care is seriously short staffed. There is no one in charge of it except the executive director.

When I moved my mother the medication list did not match the medications I was given.

My mother had a reaction to medication and either I had to stay and calm her down until after midnight or she would have been taken to a behavioral health hospital. She has dementia and not mental health issues.

I cannot recommend this facility.

Ashley Alipoon

Local Representative

The Hamptons Assisted Living and Memory Care’s mission is to provide the absolute highest level of care to our residents, and we take the concerns you have expressed very seriously. Our staff is well-prepared for ensuring that our residents are properly cared for and nurtured each and every day. This includes ensuring that the community is properly staffed and that our residents receive the medications that they have been prescribed by their doctor. Prompt and clear communication with our residents and their family members is also essential. The Hamptons thoroughly investigates any concerns or complaints it receives and takes immediate action if any of those concerns are substantiated. We would like to discuss these matters with you directly if you are willing. Please respond to this post privately or email [removed], and an executive from our management team will contact you as soon as possible.