The Greens at Logan Field - Dundalk, MD

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Customer Reviews

Lovely, without the bed bugs.

I read all of the reviews online about this place having bed bugs, but I noticed that the reviews were posted when the building was owned by another company. I've never had bed bugs, but I needed a place to stay and this seemed like a good deal.

So I decided to move in myself and try it out. I was told that my unit was clean and had new carpet and had been cleared of any bugs or pest or problems. I check out the unit myself and it looks beautiful! Like a brand new place that has never been lived in before.

I moved in with a brand new metal frame platform bed and a sealed memory foam mattress. No other furniture or anything else (my old house and belongings were destroyed in a flood). Just my bed and 5 pairs of new clothes that I purchased.

Within the 1st week I'm waking up with bite marks all over my back, my arms and legs. By week 2 and 3 I can see all of the flies in and outside of the building that people complain about. The people in the office say the exterminator is coming again, but this a shame that they can't do something as simple as keeping this place clean enough where there aren't bugs inside the place where you sleep.

The staff here is really nice when they're available. The woman in the front office is doing the job of 5 to 10 people. She's only one person and they ask a lot of her. The maintenance man will also go out his way to help with things that are outside of what he needs to do. The community itself is nice and quiet. The usual gossip for people my age.

So all in all this is a good environment, but yes they place is full of bed bugs and I will be moving out as soon as I can. No one should have to live in such conditions, no matter how old we are.

Still Getting Adjusted

I'am doing pretty well with my move to this community. It has been an adjust, but this is a nice facility.There is some room for improvement. However the staff is kind, and have been helpful when. It is still a work in progress for me in this community.

Have been here since they open. It is convenient to stores and transportation The only problem is that some of the residents act like baby's. It is a he said she said environment. If you talk to one person and I f a certain person sees you it is war. I found that if you keep to yourself everything I S great

Nightmare on Dundalk Avenue

Wish I could give minus rating. Horrible place. Bad management. They lie and make excuses. The response to some of the other reviews are bs. They sat on the bedbug problem for 2 months before anything done. By then too late. My mother was so badly bitten it was a shame. I moved her out and threw away her bed which was only a year old. All of her things are now in a self storage unit where they will stay for 6 months to be sure nothing is alive. All of her things were brand new when we moved her there. She has always been a neat freak and this really freaked her out. In talking with the poor residents that still live there EVERY apartment has bedbugs. There was always over run dumpsters and trash shuts and rats rats rats. PLEASE do NOT move your Mom or Dad in there. They don't deserve that.

Habitat America

Local Representative

What an awful experience you’ve had!

Did you know that bed bugs can live for years without a host? An environment like a storage unit is actually the perfect example of a place where they will continue to live. In fact, should you put affected furniture in a storage unit you will not only fail to eradicate the bed bugs within your mother’s furniture, and therefore bring the bed bugs to her next home, but the bed bugs may also travel to the belongings of other people that are storing items there.

Throwing away furniture is just awful. Thankfully, when our residents follow our treatment plans they never have to worry about having to throw away any of their belongings because this is not a part of our treatment process. One of the benefits at a community such as ours, is that when our residents cooperate with our treatment process we not only pay for the full treatment, we are able to offer assistance in treatment preparations. And best of all, the treatment is effective. We have won the battle over bed bugs with our process.

We hope you will reach out to us by telephone or in person, as we would never discuss any specific resident related matters in a public forum, such as this one, and we very much would like to answer any questions you may have, or resolve any misunderstandings that may have taken place.

shameful way to treat seniors

Promised everything - get nothing. More of a nursing home. Smells like one, looks like one, stained up carpet, dirty elevators, trash all over. Hall by trash rooms always stink, feel sorry for poor residents that live by them. If you speak to any of the residents 80% will tell you they don't like it and would move if they had the money. [removed] if you have a mother in law you can't stand perfect place for her. Habitat america has no idea how bad it is, they cannot manage when the office is always closed, even business people will tell you that. NO PLACE LIKE HOME FOR SURE and yes bedbugs everywhere

Habitat America

Local Representative

We are sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction of the community. We would like to invite you to our Informational Session with our pest control company on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Please do not hesitate to come and ask questions.

-The Management Staff at The Greens at Logan Field

Been here since building first opened. Office people were friendly and helpful at first but then they changed staff and management REALLY went down. The screening policy must have went down because the quality of people and their LONG TERM VISITORS have. The office is constantly closed but the people there are extremely rude and mean to the residents. They are more concerned about silly things and not the real problems like over run trash chutes that stink up the building and the BED BUGS and RATS. Seriously-ask anyone that lives here, we all know there are BED BUGS and RATS. The only thing we get from staff is stupid flyers everyday about nonsense-podiatrist coming/renters insurance agent coming/medicare representatives coming and on and on. Take care of the real problems!
The place promised everything and gives nothing. DO not move here, I've been looking for a place for the past month so the sooner I'm out the better. Don't let a loved one move here. Neighborhood is BAD management is bad, infestation is bad.

Habitat America

Local Representative

We are deeply saddened to learn that you are unhappy at Logan Field. The satisfaction of our residents is our first priority.

Please know that all residents must pass a background screening. If you are experiencing disturbances from neighbors, or guests, please notify the office so that we may take swift action.

Additionally, we have a rigorous pest control program in place for all common areas, as well as grounds, and we inspect and treat each apartment on a quarterly basis to stay on top of any issues that may not have been reported. We are also happy to schedule additional visits and/or treatments for any resident that has concerns of pests. Please visit the office to schedule a convenient time for you to have pest control visit, or you may place a written request in the rent drop box at any time, and we will contact you regarding the visit scheduled on your behalf.

We are very proud of the services we offer to our residents. Whether these are part of the multitude of social, educational, and supportive services, but also services such as pest control and addressing any and all concerns to ensure that each of our valued residents feels proud to call Logan Field “Home.”

Please contact the office so that we may schedule a time to meet to that we may address each of your concerns.

Great place to live

My mother is very happy at The Greens at Logan Field in Dundalk. Since she has trouble walking, the apartment is just the right size for her. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would recomend The Greens at Logan Field to everyone that is looking for a senior apartment for their self or a love one.

Habitat America

Local Representative

I appreciate you taking the time to reflect on your mother's living experiences here at the Greens at Logan Field. We are absolutely delighted to hear such a positive review. Your opinions, suggestions, and concerns are always welcomed. Thank you for sharing.

From the Community

The Greens at Logan Field offers charming affordable 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for seniors 62 and over! The community features exciting amenities, as well as a convenient location near shopping in Dundalk. Our residents enjoy numerous and diverse activities within the community including seasonal celebrations, arts and crafts, fitness, and more!

Features and Amenities
• Spacious Apartments
• Energy Star Appliances
• Community Room
• Sun Room
• Craft Room
• Lounge/TV Room
• Covered Outdoor Space
• On-site Administration
• Resident Services
• Adjacent to Neighborhood Shopping
• Energy Efficient Lighting & HVAC
• Washer/Dryer Hookups
• Onsite Laundry Room
• Wellness Office
• Rejuvenating Fitness Center
• Relaxing Library & Cyber Café