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The Carrington, new facility on the North side.

The Carrington is a brand new facility that offers Assisted Living (@ 88 apartments), Memory Care (@ 25 rooms) and Independent Living (@ 250 apartments). They opened in May 2018 and are slowly, but surely, getting the units filled in. My in-laws are in the Assisted Living which only has about 1/4 of the apartments filled at this time, but new residents move in frequently. The staff is great and they work with the surrounding community for medical services, activities and more. The medical attention to residents is very personalized and they keep up with required services. Each resident is given an electronic fob for emergency as well as access to their apartment. The food is good, although the chef is working on satisfying all needs and still working on the menu. The apartments are gorgeous with wide spaces and room to comfortably move around. Each room has their own thermostat. The best is that the showers are lip on wall to step over. The other great service is that the town of Lincolnwood has worked with the Carrington to provide emergency services (ambulance) on premises 24/7 to take people to the hospital as needed the second something goes wrong. No waiting for emergency services! I highly recommend the Carrington. It is competitively priced with other facilities in Chicago and are very reasonable for the services they provide.

The Carrington at Lincolnwood - an urban and contemporary retirement community.

I'm in the independent living section, which is much better than expected! I've told others that the staff at the Carrington take their "nice" pills every day. The executive director is very available for any resident and does her best to make live fun, safe, and productive.

There are also assisted living and memory care areas that I am less familiar with.

What I didn't like about other retirement communities is that they tended to be dark, old fashioned, with narrow hallways, floral prints on the walls and overstuffed furniture in the common areas. The Carrington was described in their brochures as "urban" - and it is. Wide well-lit hallways, nice contemporary wall art and furniture (that doesn't sink down to the floor when you sit on it!) and lots of community space - living room areas on all floors, a bar, lunch room and open and bright dining area - libraries (at least two!), medical office with nurse on duty.

The food (everybody wants to know!) is very good, and many times excellent (filet mignon anyone?). There's a fish, veggie, and meat dish, salad, soup, and desert for all lunches and dinners. OTOH, maybe too good...

The apartments are mostly "right sized" - enough room if you downsized enough, but a bit short on storage space - unless you pay an extra amount for an extra 4ft cube of storage. There are studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments, some with balconies.

There is a "wellness center" including a very well equipped gym, swimming pool, and an experienced trainer. There are two art/craft rooms, one equipped with two brand new (lower end) sewing machines, two cutting tables with cutting mats; the other is equipped with tools and other materials that depend on current projects.

Another goodie that's coming some time in the following months - the town is locating an emergency response unit right in the Carrington buillding!

As with any brand new facility/community, there are some growing pains. The ones I've observed the most revolve around food service, but they are obviously working on that and I expect things to iron out soon. It's not for lack of trying (both wait staff and management); it seems to me to be a matter of process and training.

Sandy Pennington

Local Representative

We appreciate your taking time to provide your feedback. This feedback is encouraging as we work to provide an outstanding experience for our residents and guests every day. Thank you!

Carrington is fantastic

Wonder place. Beautiful well appointed common areas. Great activities and outings. Food is really good. Apartment is just right for me. Great service personnel

This was my favorite. I would love however to be downtown Evanston or close if possible

Sandy Pennington

Local Representative

Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to provide the best experience for our residents and guests each and every day. Thank you!

Sandy Pennington

Local Representative

We appreciate your taking time to provide your feedback. This feedback is encouraging as we work to provide an outstanding experience for our residents and guests every day.

The Perfect Place

I totally agree with the first review. The representative took her time to get to know my mom and the family. She was very warm and personable. The models shown were beautiful and perfect for my mother. We are signing.

[Removed] is an excellent sales rep - very personable. She spent 15 minutes finding out about my mother's history and interests before even talking about the Carrington. She spent a lot of time with us to make sure all our questions were answered.
Although The Carrington is still under construction and we were only able to see 2 model apartments, we were very impressed with the facility. My mother is almost ready to sign!