Tapiola Village Apartments - Farmington Hills, MI

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Customer Reviews

Waitlist Long but Worth the Wait

I've been on the waitlist for over a year at both Tapiola and it's sister properly, and ha e yet to receive a phone call or letter advising me on where I stand. I visited the office several times and to no avail.

I rated some things lower only because i haven't experienced them. I am still waiting to get in.

Independent Living, community feeling

My mother lived at Tapiola Village. She had a one bedroom apt. just perfect for her to maintain on her own. Tapiola apartments are for independent seniors, unless you bring in additional help. The main building has locked access doors. I felt my mother was secure. There are community rooms, and very friendly, but not intrusive, neighbors. You could be as involved with others as you care to be. You are close enough in proximity to others to respond if there were an emergency. I noticed they had group trips to the market, and I believe they also had other group activities. Laundry machines are on site.
The management, Laura Fultz in particular, was caring and went the extra mile. I found them easily accessible and they responded quickly to requests. To put it truthfully, the management and other tenants treated me like family while I was there. They treated my mother the same. They were so kind and supportive. This is where you, or your parent, would want to be.

This facility is for totally independent seniors, unless they have a care giver. I love the privacy of my apartment. The private entrance, and the private laundry room is a plus. The maintenance service was good when I first came here, but due to retirement of personnel, it is now very poor. Management should be more in control of the maintenance person. The lawn service and snow removal company is very poor. The maintenance person that removes the snow from the door entrances does it when he feels like it. In order to make any appointments in the winter months, I try to make my appointments in the afternoon, so I can get out of my apartment on time. I have been here 5 years, and as long as I don't require any personal care, I will remain here. Feel very safe here.

Great place if you are totally indepe...

Great place if you are totally independent or have a live-in caregiver; so don't expect personal assistance from management. They provide transportation to the grocer twice a week. Farmington Hills provide transportation to other places. Love the personal entrances. Maintenance could be improved.

Just a little sad at the care here, or lack of I should say

This community is okay for somebody that can get along by themselves. Their are "cords" in each room of the apartment, but all that does is assure you that somebody will come in and phone 911, they are not allowed to touch or help your loved one, just have to wait for 911. So, with "Life Alert", you can actually afford to pay less for more in another apartment setting

Care Level Wasn't Right For Us

What it had going for it was it was basically across the street from where I live so I liked that because of the proximity. It would be convenient for me to visit and care for my mother. The problem was it was pretty much solely an apartment and we felt that she did need a little bit more care than they could provide.