Sycamore Place Alzheimer's Special Care Center - Memphis, TN

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Customer Reviews

Sycamore Place was a Godsend

This place has been a Godsend. They care about my Mom. My mom feels loved and cared for here. (She isn't yelled or fussed at like she was at her previous place...[removed]..they said she was aggressive, but come to find was because of how THEY were treating her there when we weren't around.) At Sycamore, they try not to say "no" to the residents....instead they distract or redirect them as needed. She has been at Sycamore for almost 5 months and we have been very pleased with her care. I just hate that we didn't move her here sooner.

She shares a room, which I thought might be a problem, but it has been just fine. Sycamore prefers them to be out in the community where they can be seen and have them interact with each other and the staff. The rooms are fully furnished, which is very nice. Also, Sycamore provides bed linens, towels & washcloths. (you can bring your own,if you prefer).

During the day, they are encouraged to participate in the activities. They can watch tv in the 2 different tv rooms/dens. There is comfortable seating all through the hallways where they can sit and talk to others or just sit and rest. When I'm there, I notice the residents participating in activities or talking to each other, walking the halls with others or by themselves, some are taking naps, some are watching tv. Staff is always around...interacting with, helping, talking to or just watching the residents as they go about their daily living. Also, they have 3 secured, beautiful outside places for them to enjoy.

The staff has been helpful and nice each time I visit Mom. (I visit 1-3 times a week.) The staff interacts with Mom when I'm there and they are very kind to her. There are those that I REALLY like and others that are ok. But so far there hasn't been anyone that I dislike or that I feel is treating Mom poorly. The caregivers have specific residents that they are responsible for throughout their shifts (Which is great! That means no one is forgotten about.) I don't know the specifics, but I know that they rotate to different residents different days so that they all get to know ALL of the residents.

Some activities: nails painted, games, exercise, crafts, singing, dancing, Bible study, outings to various places-for those who can go, cooking/baking, flower arranging

There is a hair salon in the community where they can have it cut, styled or permed regularly. They have 2 dining rooms. Not b/c there are too many residents...but b/c they want the residents to preserve their dignity. One of the dining rooms is for the residents who may need assistance in eating. They don't want those who need assistance to feel inadequate around those who don't. There are nurses on duty 24/7. The upper management take turns working weekend shifts, so there is management there 7 days a week. They can run labs and do x-rays on site. They have dental check ups available for those who want them.

After about 5 months, I am still pleased with the care and treatment my mom receives at Sycamore. I’m hoping that never changes.